Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • eb3retro
    08-16 03:39 PM
    Because you guys are not as clever as EB2s.

    easy there pray...people can get offended by your statement. Not a good statement for your first post.

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  • supers789
    03-12 01:15 AM
    is it really out
    Visa Bulletin (

    this doesnt tell that yet
    As far as dates for India goes, its out. Bulletin on USCIS website will have details for all other countries as well which doesn't matter much to us...

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  • bobbydalal
    08-21 04:32 PM
    luvchoclates ,
    Hi first of all hats off to u for what u doing for someone whom u r even not related. All i can say is its really hard for someof these pepole to b in ur shoes n do half not more of what u have done. All i can say is i know of a real top notch lawyer and who has got green card done for most of my employees and is really good at what she does. U can either email me at and ill give u her # and put in a word to her for u and go frm there.
    all the best

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  • abhijitp
    07-25 05:25 PM
    If you see the letter and spirit of clause in the said notification, an employment letter is not required and adjudicator has to send RFE if he feels required. File with latest paystubs. If RFE sent to you , then again file latest paystub to show that you was in employment with that employer from the date of filing 485 petition and for at least another 6-7 months further to that date.
    Having looked at older posts (here or other threads) by Pappu and others, I think although adjudicator will usually send an RFE there is no guarantee it won't be outright rejected. Secondly, in which application form/ press release etc is ANYTHING AT ALL mentioned about paystubs? On the other hand, the I-485 applocation form instructions clearly say the employment letter is required.


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  • senthil1
    02-19 12:28 AM
    What do you wish? You need gc the moment you enter the country? If anyone who stays 5 years get green card.That is excellent if legal or illegal immigrant. This is apart from 140K regular quota. This will reduce backlog substantially.

    If you are lazy enough to contact your representative and Obama, you should not complain for not getting your voice heard. Each and every email matter. Also contact Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee [D, TX-18] on her website. contact all. It wont take 5 minutes.

    Dear (Congressman/woman, Pres. Obama):

    Recently an immigration bill was presented in the congress. The HR 264 is embarrassing for legal immigrants.

    1) People who are illegal here for more than 5 years will get green card/path to citizenship but people who are legally here for 4 years and 11 months gets nothing.

    2) HR 264 says "continuous presence of 5 years". Of course illegal immigrants can't leave the country and they will fulfill this requirement, but legal immigrants can leave country so might have left country for even 3 or 4 months in last 5-6 years to visit home country or any other reason including business. Although brief discontinuity is said to be okay but what if some legal immigrant leave country to be his/her parents for 2 months in last 5 years? So, this continuous presence rule is tailor cut to include illegal immigrants and exclude legal immigrants.

    Is this what law abiding get when they follow rules? I request you to make sure that legal immigrants are ahead of illegals in every way. An illegal should not be awarded for being in US for 5 years while a legal, law abiding, tax paying legal immigrant is offered nothing for being in US for 3 or 4 years.

    Kind regards
    (Your name)

    Now click on the links above and copy paste this stuff there. IT IS IMPORTANT....

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  • Green.Tech
    03-05 05:16 PM
    There should have been one more option -

    5. I will be buying a house now since I am on H-1B, and also have a pending I-485 and approved EAD

    There may be many like me who would vote for the above. But I guess this would probably be detrimental to what this poll is trying to achieve?

    That is exactly what I mentioned in one of my previous posts in this thread...but it conveniently got ignored :)


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  • oliTwist
    01-17 03:06 PM
    Sometime back I had read this book Inscrutable Americans by Anurag Mathur ( which is kind of hilarious story of someone like us duriing late 90s. I guess now your (many of our story) would worth another book :)!!

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  • NKR
    10-15 03:23 PM
    Most immigrants and potential immigrants are within Top 20% of US population.

    Can you tell us from where you got that information?.


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  • ars01
    07-24 11:14 AM
    I agree with jcmenon. We want to push for filing of Adjustment of Status or I-485 application to get EAD, Advance parole, etc. We are not asking to be given that status. The law says the status will only be given if the numbers are available. I think that is exactly what we are trying for in SKIL BILL as well. I think it is worth pursuing this option directly with USCIS.

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  • bheemi
    07-02 07:03 AM
    i can say only one thing..IV willl not be able to do anythingin this regard.USCIS can do anything whatever the way hat want to do.


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  • leoindiano
    02-18 08:25 PM
    I dont think it will be passed. They included so many things initially. After discussion they will drop the thing one after another.

    There are two sections related to us.

    If this bill passed then it will create one grand huge backlog for all countries and for all category of immigration. WHY?? Because for Title V they will ask for proof and then again finger printing for FBI check and I dont know home many paper work. If they simply increase the GC #s it will work for us. We already have completed the paper work and standing in Q.


    this is such a waste if it passes. I am sure there will be another application like (I-420). Another Q you will have to stand in and wait...wait...wait...

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  • perm2gc
    01-10 09:24 PM


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  • Novice
    07-15 12:31 PM
    I have an AP and my Priority date is current. What will happend to my AP when my 485 is approved and I am out of country?

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  • aroranuj
    12-11 07:01 PM
    Here is my receipt number... NRC2008063637

    Lets hope all our efforts help...


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  • Zil
    09-28 03:20 AM
    I have 2 European co-workers. They both told me, "The only way we will go back to Europe is when we die".

    Which European countries are they from? Their opinion can be relevant in this context if they are from a rich EU country, but less convincing if they are from Albania, for example.

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  • tikka
    07-03 10:49 PM tin


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  • rongha_2000
    11-14 05:17 PM
    Does this vote gives us an overview of how the PDs might be spread out all over? From this poll, it looks like there are not many applications from Jan 2005 onwards as compared to prior to Jan 2005.

    Once that back log is cleared, things wont be as bad for the rest? What do you think?

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  • nozerd
    12-27 06:46 PM
    That is what they are afraid off. They want you to go to your home country and not sneak into their country.
    Many ppl go through European airports during transit and then ask for Political asyslum. Many Tamil Tigers did that so did sardars during khalistan times.

    if i'm travelling TO India and transiting through paris/london
    and I have an Indian passport, WHY should I need to show a US Visa to avoid a transit visa? Does this make any sense? I'm not going to the US?????

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  • gkdgopi
    07-18 09:43 PM
    I don't think any July 2 cases are rejected,
    They are still processing June end filers and would not have reached July 2nd cases even today, My understanding is that even in case of rejection, they enter the name in the system for tracking purposes.
    Also when i called them on July 3rd they said all application received from July 2nd are on hold.

    So don't worry guys!! :)

    my 2 cents

    12-18 09:12 AM
    Just need a place to vent and share my frustration with this system.
    I came to US 12 years ago for undergrad. Got a good job with a fortune 500 company, been with the same company for 8 years. Did my Masters and MBA part time.

    Company filed paper work for GC under EB3 in 2002, but the system was too slow and I decided to take a new role. Had to re-file another appication since i took a new role, but this time in EB2 in '04. 4 years have passed and both applications have only cleared labor.
    Not sure when this wait will end. I do hope that this wait and patience is worth it for all of us.

    I do hope we see some miracle in 2007.
    Welcome to the club.
    everyone is in the same boat. Pls try to get more people like us in this organization. Together we can all make the miracle happen in 2007

    04-06 07:41 PM
    Unless the person affected comes forward and tells what happened this will be considered as rumor. It can be posted in forums. I think no action can be taken by IV or anyone if affected person does not come forward .

    Sure I will give the link..

    I know its not fake..because I have 3 people on our floor who came from a visit..who saw these kind of things happening right in front of them (and my friends were GCs so I guess they themselves were left alone).

    Now coming to point of posting their experiences themselves..especially in a situation where they were not allowed to enter US, I dont think they have any incentive left to post and seek help from fellow IV..once they are out they are out..

    Nothing can bring them back unless they file a new petition and go for stamping..

    I can imagine how much pain they might be going through, touchwood if I was to be one ofthem, I dont see myself posting my experience for 3 months or so..

    its a different case where someone is inside US and they face a problem, yeah..why not they post straight away, but this is a different territory..we can only expect them to post, its not going to happen or may be rare case.

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