Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • pansworld
    07-13 02:59 PM
    And have fun!!!! :)

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  • sri1309
    01-10 10:40 AM
    Buddy Sri, thanks for mentioning GC premium processing, please check my following link/messages ("How about PP for GC"):

    (I got thrashed for suggesting it:()

    Keep doing it still, thou. Now the voting is closed. I wish we all logged in at the right time and voted 1000 each for the cause. We must help ourselves much before its too late.

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  • Marphad
    04-28 10:43 AM
    Understood. Now you want all H1 L1 B1 everything to be stopped. So lets vote only for EAD/AP/GC till you get your GC. After that US should stop GC also, right? (but ofcourse, naturalization still should remain open for a few more years).

    If one person can work for your job at $8/hr, and you are charging $100/hr, market would adjust itself to $8/hr (for a moment forget about who does this $8/hr, it can be a high-school kid, or anybody).The only reason why somebody blames that $8/hr kid for loosing his job is because he "thinks" he is "superior" to that kid. There are many situations where companies decide to retain "fresh college grads" and layoff "senior experienced" persons, to save money.

    Don't take me wrong, but I also think the L1 is mis-used a bit. But I personally think the mis-usage comes from other factors (like H1 unavailability, employer prefer L1 because employee cannot change to another employer in L1, other H1 restrictions) etc..

    I would not say there is a lot of misuse. In any law there will be some level of misuse / abuse. Because of current economic situation, this is just hyped.

    More, I think the angle to look at H1 / L1 misuse is wrong. If any misuse / abuse is happening, that is because of improper address to labor situation. If government believed that there is a shortage in labor market, they should allow a person to come on his own visa that is independant of employer. Let that person fill the labor shortage gap. Rather they made everything employer dependant, gave employers full change to misuse / abuse the H1 and L1 category and the real solution to the issue - work force is paying heavy price of idiotic visa policy.

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  • kavita
    12-30 11:26 AM is open for questions: round two.

    You can post a question and vote on others' questions.

    We may not lead in voting or number of questions, but still should do our best. Lets not give an impression to this transition team that EB immigrants are not suffering from backlogs or are not concerned enough.


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  • gcsomeday
    07-12 03:45 PM
    Here is something from my lawyer


    USCIS is no longer issuing rejection notices. The are now "holding" the applications. This means that if your priority date were to become current sometime soon, but your case was at USCIS, and they were not issuing receipt notices because your case was being held in the mail room, you would have no choice but to recreate your case, pay new fees, new medicals, photos, and file again.

    There is also an outside chance that USCIS could keep your filing fees, which would make you subject to paying them again with a new filing.


    This was part of the document we have to sign and send to the lawyer expressing our understanding that costs are involved.

    I think by holding applications USCIS is trying to reduce the number of people from filing in july. This armtwisting tactic will reduce unnecessary overload in their mailroom and reduce the number of people in the july filing class as far as any lawsuit is concerned. Maybe just another move to reduce losses or any complications if any lawsuit is successful at some time. The smaller the number of beneficiaries the smaller the headache.

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  • gc_bulgaria
    11-09 09:36 PM
    Using H1B makes one safe. but how many years we want to do the safe job. If I-485 gets denied do u have enough patiences to file another green card. One thing is believe is "We are here to make money, most of us are in our thirties and we have short time remaining to reach our goals. I think we all have one year EAD. wait for 6 months then go on job hopping, learn whatever you can, get into whatever you want. Start a business, do something.... Anything you do will help you in future. Sitting with H1B in pocket may take 4 years cream of your life.
    If you have the talent you can get great salaries anywhere in the world. Because of your talents and hard work you guys are here. World is not small.

    I will use EAD soon.
    If something goes wrong, I move to Europe!


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  • kubmilegaGC
    09-17 09:28 PM
    Thanks kubmilegaGC!

    I will call the senators immigration liaison tomorrow. Hopefully she will not tell me that they cannot do anything besides what they have done because that is what they told me in September last year when I got a standard response last year.

    Unfortunately nobody understands the pain and agony we are going through. For them, its just another day at the office, they couldnt care less. Nevertheless, I am going to try tomorrow.....hey, cant give up that easy.

    I will call CS again tomorrow, I dont mind being yelled at and I am gonna tell her this time that I have not opened a SR. Atleast, she will then transfer my call to a IO.

    Let's see what tomorrow has in store for me!!

    do you have SR opened for your wife?

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  • trueguy
    12-17 02:31 AM
    Guys, Plz vote


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  • prashanthg
    03-13 11:13 AM
    There are people from EB3 with PDs in late 2001 and 2002 and 2003 who were not able to file I-485 due to the delay at BEC. These numbers excludes them I wonder how many EB3-I applications that would be!

    I am one of those unlucky few...

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  • pappu
    02-06 02:26 PM
    Logiclife, I am sorry you are wrong.You don't need to post hour by hour update, but the update you posted today on Aman's meetings , help people to understand what really IV is doing and are necessary atleast once a fortnight.I am sure you are working in a corporate world and drive projects.The first rule on driving a big project is status meetings once every week.This helps all the stakeholders.
    Pls attend our 'meetings' in order to get more information on what we are doing. Join your state chapter and actively participate in those 'meetings'. We called for volunteers last week for the media drive and only 12 members out of thousands of members that saw that message responded. We want to encourage members to actively help us rather than wait for update from us. Each one of us can create an update for the community. Meet your lawmakers and update us. A handful of people cannot do much. It is the collective effort of this organization that will help us get success.


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  • sashidhar_gundimeda
    07-15 12:36 AM
    I just signed the petition.

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  • vxb2004
    04-27 09:21 PM
    Nice compilation!


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  • americandesi
    09-12 01:30 PM
    Your attoney should be able to defend your case based on you salary more than PW.

    The GC process is for future employement, your bosses ability to pay exists since he has paid you more salary than PW.

    Your employer may be making loss every year, but he is paying you more than PW. Now your salary in itself is an expense for employer, so the fact that he is paying you may be making his financials look a little weak in term of profit loss.

    Look at other threads on RFE issues, and talk to your lawyer.
    I think you are fine.

    When it comes to "employment of beneficiary" in proving ability to pay, the employer should prove that he had paid the proffered wage from the time PD is established continuing until the beneficiary obtains permanent residence.

    It doesn�t matter if he�s getting paid the proffered wage now. The employer should prove the same from the time PD is established.

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  • aspiration
    06-13 10:34 AM
    As of now there are more than 8000 views for this thread. If we just take that each of us might have visited this thread 50 times.. .That would still take us to 180 odd unique visitors...

    and if you look the survey..JUST 90 Calls so far.. Why there is a disconnect here/??? because we postpone and don't do our part...

    If efforts fails, it is only ourselves to blame.. Platform is set and try to atleast help by sparing 10 mins of your day... Take this matter to your heart and

    JUST DO IT>>>>


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  • StuckInTheMuck
    08-25 12:06 PM
    I haven't yet used the SBI-NY remittance service (registered only last week), but I do not need to open account with them. Instead, I can send money home (only to an existing SBI India account) directly from my credit card, using a specific remittance form. I find this arrangement convenient, but mailing the form for each such transaction adds to delay. I find your suggestion better instead, and also probably quicker.

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  • tinamatthew
    07-18 03:29 PM
    When I applied for my wife who was on L2, it took 14 days.

    That is one of the fastest EADs I've heard? Pretty good


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  • amits
    03-10 06:16 PM
    It may be pending i140 from India data.

    I just checked USCIS Processing Times Information pages.

    - I140's are processed only at Nebraska and Texas; Not in Vermont and California.
    - Vermont and California process EB based 485 applications. (So if the data is for 485 then there should have been columns for Vermont, California service center.)
    - The table provided in the letter says "Pending EB applications from India".. in my communications with my attorney, the term "EB (visa) Application" was mostly referred to filing of i140 in EB category.

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  • lonedesi
    02-06 12:18 AM
    I completely agree with Logiclife and the goals IV has setforth to solve our problems. There is only so much one can achieve with limited resources under which IV operates.
    We need to have a set of priorities and work on that one step at time. Though I have not been to DC, I can understand what IV is going through to get us some relief. The least I can do is contribute for our cause and thats what I am doing right now.
    I wish people had some common sense and better understanding of the bigger picture(& issues) before they get involved in finger pointing and asking for more.
    Everyone, please be patient and support IV whole heartedly and financially so that we can atleast attempt to fix the broken immigration system. Though I am VERY optimistic that we will achieve our goals in the near future, but I would not regret even once, if we failed. It is better to try and fail than not give it a shot at all.

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  • sweet23guyin
    01-17 01:05 AM
    Came across this

    Any one comment on these kind of plan?

    Thanks always.

    11-19 12:09 PM

    Thanks for the suggested "Addendum". A para on it, included in the letter (edited)


    06-10 10:39 AM
    Call.. nothing to loose to call..

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