Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • Honda
    05-04 10:26 PM
    mine belongs to NSC..I read in another thread that the FP will expire every 15 months and that may be the reason why most of the July filers are getting FP notice again...

    That is not reason.

    Here is my situation.

    In 2007 august i gave first time fingerprints.

    In 2008 august i gave second time fingerprints.

    Now i got another fingerprint. My service center is also NSC. There is some thing going on, i dont know why they are sending multiple fingerprints.

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  • gzpain
    01-31 10:41 AM

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  • smartboy75
    09-17 02:33 PM
    Thats all he does !

    One more Amendement by Mr King....after the vote

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  • chicago60607
    09-17 12:10 PM
    Voting on the amendment is going on (HR6020)


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  • sayantan76
    05-23 10:18 PM
    one of the reasons we have not succeeded is precisely because folks want to use their own "intellect" and not do what "IV" needs when it really needs you.
    we do all of the above and more. if you like something more than the other that's perfectly fine and dandy. but if we can't collect a critical mass for an action, we lose effectiveness and shoot ourselves in the foot.
    in a group this large you simply have to help the commom action and agenda for success. each opinion is important but at the end of the day the common action must be done by all, as far as possible.
    paskal - i actually agree with your basic premise.....once the larger body agrees on a basic vision and strategic plan - the tactical manuevers to achieve the vision in line with strategy should be left to leaders.......

    but this principle generally works in two scenarios - either when the leader (or lead group) is appointed by a higher authority (like employees following the lead of a CEO appointed by board of directors which in turn has been "elected" by shareholders) or when the leader has been directly or indirectly elected by the constituents.......

    Let me give an entrepreneur starts a company with a great idea.....grows it and nurtures it with great love and passion......dedicates his whole life to the idea and the venture.......then the entrepreneur needs a larger canvas and more money to grow the vision further.......he takes the company public or gets private equity funding or raises the new owners/ stakeholders decide they need to change the management and decide to elect a person of their own choice........suddenly a rank outsider replaces the entrepreneur as CEO........the new CEO now has the legitimacy and owners' backing to dictate how the company should function.....

    I welcome red dots but take a moment to absorb what I am saying and whether the principle is wrong......

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  • gc_peshwa
    04-14 12:22 PM
    Lets keep this going...great effort by IV!


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  • fromnaija
    09-29 01:45 PM
    You get that description text box if you register as a Representative instead of as a Customer.

    My apologies :eek:
    I wish they could add one text box next to each petition and add my own description.

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  • AJT
    07-14 08:34 PM


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  • red200
    01-17 12:01 PM
    What if they start screening EAD or GC guys and decide applications on the fact that at one point of time one has not maintained this rule and start denying.
    I dont think one would get any lead time to figure this out. if they(USCIS) decide to do so, Example is where the H1's were turned back at newark airport(Did they get any lead time. i dont think so)
    So the better thing is to understand first what the exact implications of this memo are and act now peace fully. atleast call ,send emails or some thing similar .

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  • hypersphere
    03-09 11:09 AM
    We absolutely must make all forums accseible to registered members only and,
    - Non paying members will see a pop-up screen reminding them that they must contribute.
    - Pop ups reappear every so many minutes to discourgae (or encourage) non paying idle members
    - Maintaining registarion requires logging in every x days

    I enforce upon me a rule that every time I open my mouth here, I will contribute 20$ beginign with this mail.


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  • sriramkalyan
    12-01 05:59 PM
    Here is a idea :

    To start any New Thread , we should check whether post is from monthly recurring payer, if so he gets to start new thread else for each new thread charge $1.

    Similarly ...Non paying member/Paying member posts has to be identified with specific tags.

    We got to do this change ASAP ..This will be a small change to Code..

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  • shankar_thanu
    07-18 05:27 PM
    I saw some postings saying that USCIS can assume the name check is done and is OK if FBI does not get back in 6 months and thats how they managed to approve all those cases in June, is this correct?


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  • srikondoji
    10-10 10:48 PM
    The only difference between the historic data (1930/1960/1990) and 2008 is that, we are in globalized economy now. The crash you are seeing now is much much different than what anybody has seen before.

    Crude prices are crashing because the demand growth projections Goldman sachs had was based on availability of which is not the case now. So, demand for crude is lower and hence oil prices are crashing. Look at GM and ford. They are going down too, because auto sales are doomed for next 2 years.

    The problem why Gold will go up is multifold.
    China, OPEC countries have huge dollar reserves and hence would like to diversify their dollars. The run up in Gold is just because China and few Oil exporting countries were buying Gold. Gold still has more room to rise. I am talking about physical gold and not the paper gold (GLD ticker symbol).

    United States has to print dollars to meet the present crisis. At the same time, it has support those currency papers with Gold. Without Gold backing, dollar value will be crushed.
    I am goldsmith and i do know the history of Gold going back to decades. I also read several books to top it all.
    See the value of Gold after making inflation adjustments. Don't just look at the per ounce value in dollar terms.

    Unless you look at money supply (m3), you will not be able to get a grip on Gold value.
    Google on term 'brenton woods' and do some reading.

    The only way Gold can be crushed is if
    a) United States sells all its Gold holdings.
    b) If some gold miner miraculously says that they found a mine with billions of ounces of gold and which can profitably extracted.

    There is one theory floating around. United States may sell some of its gold reserves to make up for $700 Billions. However, there are buyers out there who would love to take that Gold. China's biggest headache right now is, what to do with their Dollars.

    United States long term bonds are going to yield nothing and will be worthless.

    We can go on this forever and fill these pages.

    Look at 1930/1960/1990 history you would understand why it make sense buy US bonds during stressed time because yield will go down and price will shoot up

    Eventually they will get out when they find there is no purchasing power on other side of globe. learn How gold crashed from $840 -$170 between 1981- 1990 and why gold price was stable between 1991-2001.

    Gold price would not shoot up when most of the developed countries banks are in trouble like 1989-1992

    I would not suggest more than 5% of your net worth in gold, but you should know your appetite

    China has to lend more of its reserve to western economies otherwise its own export will be in peril, so they would not invest in gold...

    Learn relationship between crude and gold, crude would go back to$50/barrel , so Arab govts would have not money to buy gold...

    Russians were stronger in 1970's and US crushed them to no where ,800 banks failed in 1990 and Japanese were stronger than today's Chinese economy but US smashed in 5 years

    If you understand how US crushed you would not laugh you would be happy that you are in best part of earth

    Moreover I am not saying I am right on everything , I am just writing what I feel , time has to judge our predictions.

    Do you know why economists are not best paid executives than scientist?

    You would understand laughing and bet would not make sense on capital markets.

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  • sri1309
    12-12 06:35 AM
    Please keep doing it.. I sent 5 times already. Ask your spouse, friends all, to do thier part.
    Highlight the important points


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  • Maverick1
    11-14 12:02 PM
    I don't give a damn who he is, or how strong he is. All I care is me and my family might get mugged by the poison he's spewing, and how to stop him in his tracks. That's enough of a motivation to do my best to stop him.

    That's why I say it - You are the victim. You should care.

    Did I make myself clear!

    So you made the problem statement which every one around here knows. What are your action items for poor souls like me who do not know how to take on, a person with successful TV show , using a placard and a megaphone ? What would be your solution ?

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  • anandrajesh
    04-11 02:30 PM
    Sending in another contribution of $100.
    Way to go IV. Good luck.


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  • sundarpn
    01-05 05:08 PM
    Looking at the above, for most folks it has been 10 business days.

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  • kubmilegaGC
    09-14 11:25 PM
    where is the poll at?

    We were approved on 9/2.
    Had opened an SR on 8/25 and had sent an email to TSC streamline on 9/1

    Poll is NOW live - if you have used "OTHER MEANS" let us know by writing on this thread. Thanks so much!

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  • ThinkTwice
    07-19 06:29 PM
    I will pledge and once decided about how this is going to be done I will pay.

    Thanks Husker !

    We are getting started out as a new thread towards this administrative costs.

    03-20 04:36 PM
    count me in to fight..

    03-30 08:39 PM
    good to see you going to homeground but hate to see you go at this stage though.

    We have many helpers here on this forum. I still suggest you to find another H1B holder, start h1b transfer and it will take 2-3 months to get the approval or denial, you have some time to find a job here. At least make money that you have spent for getting H1B.
    If you work here for 6 months, you will at least get what you have paid.

    I know you have made up your mind strongly, but just asking you to think over it again.

    And if you decide to stay back and try for 2-3 months, Please let me know. I will share your email id with all recruiters and see how it goes. I will try my best, and sure there are many other helping hands here.

    And as far as your employer matters, I say SCREW that B***, M***F***. Many of us, including me, do want to do but unable to do that either because we are at some stage of GC or some financial reason or frankly saying.. are little coward to go through that process and investigation. Only way I see is help one another.

    I ask you to think over again and ping me if you decide to stay back and try before calling it off. Nope, you are not a looser, not the one afraid to fight, but this is frustating process and this is how it works here. Some good people come together, form IV like non-profit organization and fight for us but still number is very low and people like me come on this forum when in trouble (And then stays here for long :) and believe me IV has helped a lot.
    Not only fighting for GC cause but also to boost your morale, make you confident and provide with all the good advise that they have learnt from experience.

    What ever will be your next step buddy, All the BEST and there is a bright, very bright future awaiting you.


    Yes i do have the entire H1B application in originals with LCA and offer letter from employer

    Yes friend i have decided to go back , and i am not looking anymore i will rather have this energy saved for myself finding jobs in my homeground again

    However does anyone have the first hand experience of reporting to DOL, please share your experience too with the kind of paperwork that should aid your application.

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