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Black Acura Mdx 2006

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  • abhijitp
    11-19 07:05 PM

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  • smisachu
    07-05 07:16 PM
    Type: "Get Well Soon"- with a big balloon
    From: 1-800-Flowers
    Only a very sick mind can play such games with our lives. We wish you all the best in predicting the next visa bulletin and pray to god to have mercy on your soul. Regards, A victim of July 2nd Visa scam!

    For July 10th.

    I wish we can somehow capture the delivery on film. The reaction will be worth the while. Also someone needs to tip off the media to be there.

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  • anilsal
    09-08 11:38 AM
    Whatever/whoever it is, it does work in stiring people up. Has me all worked up. Going to go put up flyers. Going to join thread contributing $ to help someone else attend the rally....

    Please relax. Thanks for your initiative to put up flyers. It would be nice if you could attend the DC rally in person. :)

    If you are unable, please do try to contribute such that someone else can attend the rally.

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  • dwhuser
    08-12 02:30 PM
    Thus, as curent processing times are at August 23, 2007, dwhuser case file is yet to be opened. Since file is not yet opened, no one yet knows his/her PD (it is nowhere other than on paper files). So the case waits - his/her PD may get current and pass.

    Why so? Because USCIS prime systems are not designed for huge volumes, or PD's so much in the waiting.

    That's exactly what I thought.....huh.....the wait still goes on.....

    Coming to the Infopass....I'll have to drive 5 hrs to go to the nearest office and a loss of pay leave for a couple of days. Not sure if it's worth the hastle :)


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  • fatjoe
    08-19 10:00 PM
    Take the info pass is the best way for your solution. Best of Luck dude.

    I know the best way is the 'infopass' but my question is that:, would it be better to go in Sep or can we go in August itself?

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  • ragz4u
    04-27 02:11 PM
    I have an idea which could be patented and work on it.
    I cannot do, because iam still on H1-B with labor pending.
    Also, i have doled out too much money multiple times for GC and still hanging.

    If you really want to contribute, please send in your story via email. Template is available in the first post.


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  • americandesi
    09-08 02:54 PM
    Isn�t it odd that the timing of your rally coincides with the introduction of the Strive act?
    Granted you scored a point when you were allowed to file for employment authorization this July. If your one rally worked, do you really think other rallies will work too? The world of politics is driven by numbers; you do not have enough numbers to get any lawmaker interested. So wake up Macacas, admit it, you all are bunch of losers.

    So far as the skills are concerned, you have been harping on the theme that you are highly skilled? If the definition of highly skilled is a mere undergrad degrees then 75% of Adult Americans are highly skilled. I bet not even 5% of you have PHDs and you call yourself highly skilled. Huhhh

    And this for the leadership of your organization: You are wasting your time. If you are so desperate to get green cards contact me. We will see what we can do� One thing I believe though is this country needs people with leadership skills and not so called "Highly Skilled". So I will be more than happy to work with you. I am sure you have my e-mail address. At the least, I can help make the process faster for you, if so called visa numbers are available.

    Can you let us know how you bought your scrawny a** into US?

    I assume that you are an Italian. You people are a bunch of refugees who were let into US on humanitarian grounds way back in 1930�s and you people thanked the country back by unleashing notorious mobs like Al Capone. Just ask your grandfather about their past and he will tell you the filthy lives they endured in NY slums.

    We came into this country in a more dignified and respectable way than you. We competed among the 65,000 H1B�s and were welcomed to work in the land of opportunities. Neither did we cling to refugee boats to enter US nor did we survive on meal tickets for a living. While we were shaping the Silicon Valley, you people were shaping the valley of drugs, smuggling, kidnapping, extortion and prostitution. All that you people can do is to eat, reproduce and talk trash.

    Talking about numbers, there�s a difference between 10,000 pigs and one lion. And the fact is that the population of lions is always less than pigs.

    Now that you know the difference between high skilled workers and trash pickers, get the f*** out of here.

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  • kdprasad
    08-14 01:33 PM
    Note: Checks got cashed after 2 days of Receipts.

    I-140 Approved (NSC) 11/2006
    485 -- July 2nd 11:30a.m
    Receipt rcvd -- Aug 10th (Rcvd copy of receipts Aug 13th).
    LUD Not updated.

    I have seen some one else like me had the same process. Checks got cashed after 2 days of receipts.



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  • reedandbamboo
    09-13 01:29 AM
    I incorporated the points you made and the revisions are in fuchsia. Also make sure to change the designation as you make your way down the list of recipients (listed on page 6 of this thread):

    The Ombudsman

    September 10. 2008


    On behalf of the employment-based legal immigrant community in the United States of America, I am writing to highlight the ongoing egregious inefficiencies in the immigration “services” provided by the USCIS and the DOS. There have been numerous occasions when there have been erratic movements in the DOS published visa bulletin dates. This, as we understand it, is owing to USCIS under- or over-estimating the number of applicants available for adjustment of status. And in the rare instances when the date finally moves forward by a substantial window, USCIS tends to approve the more recent applications as opposed to the ones that were filed earlier. Let me explain with an example: in the July 2008 visa bulletin, the cut-off date for the India EB2 category was 01 April 2004. A month later, the cut-off date for Indian EB2 applicants abruptly moved forward two years and was set at 01 June 2006. Instead of approving applicants who applied in 2004 and 2005, USCIS approved applicants from 2006. Where is the justice in that??? Why bother publishing the cut-off date if approvals are to be randomly allocated???

    We understand we have to stand in line and wait our turn. Each applicant is assigned a priority date which chronologically determines his/her turn for approval. To further complicate matters, once the I-485 is filed, a crop of other dates are issued by the USCIS – a receipt date, a notice date and a processing date. USCIS then takes the liberty to throw random rules at us – “Case adjudication is based on receipt date” “No, we process applications based on notice date”, “Actually, it’s the processing date that determines which applications are adjusted.” !!!

    Please take a moment to consider how these conflicting statements and arbitrary decisions wreak havoc on our morale and psyches? No one, NOT even the USCIS, has a clue as to what exactly is happening in their processing centers. The USCIS has never been able to clearly state the exact number of applications languishing, excuse us, we meant pending, in their “service” centers! We, employment-based immigrants, are tax-paying, law-abiding, educated individuals contributing to America’s knowledge economy - yet we have been subjected to the worst aspects of the US employment-based immigration system. These include:

    1) Extended wait times at each step of the immigration process.
    2) Lack of transparency on the part of USCIS (re: priority date, receipt date, notice date).
    3) Lack of USCIS customer service – once applications are submitted to USCIS they disappear into a black hole. Barring a website where one can nominally check one’s case status (but which in reality remains static for months, even years!) there is no concept of updating an applicant on where his case stands. And this is despite the applicant paying immigration fees that often run into thousands of dollars over the years. We are simply expected to wait in a complete void of information, for however long it may take, until approval.
    4) Lost opportunities owing to the lack of job portability during the process (a time period spanning an average of five years, whereas an applicant from any country besides India gets his/her PR card in under two years).

    Another inconsistency, surfacing in August 2008, begs redressal – while I-485 applicants (albeit those from 2006 instead instead of earlier years) at the TSC were being approved in a steady stream, the NSC was almost completely inactive resulting in only a very few cases being approved prior to August 20th. After this date, the NSC appeared to completely hold off on all I-485 approvals while approvals continued at the TSC. Could somebody please account for this preferential treatment for I-485 applicants at the TSC versus those at the NSC? Furthermore, when complaint faxes were sent in to the NSC in protest, instead of issuing a formal statement to explain their approach, the NSC retaliated by issuing a bunch of RFEs. Is the USCIS trying to intimidate us so that we remain quiescent??

    While we are grateful for the opportunity to partake in the American dream, it is ironic that we arrive in America and find that our freedom is shackled – we are bound to our sponsoring employer from the start to the end of an extremely lengthy process. Although legal immigration reform is our ongoing aim, for now, we sincerely request you to investigate the process whereby the monthly visa bulletin is set and to ensure FIFO (first in, first out) adjustment so that those of us who have been waiting longer receive attention prior to those who have applied later. We want USCIS to be accountable to us, its paying customers.

    We request you to lend us your ear and address these issues so that we are not subjected to them in the future. Kindly note that there remain roughly 15 days until the October 2008 visa bulletin goes into affect. Once October arrives, the dates for Indian EB2 candidates retrogress to 2003. We believe you have the power to help a few more of us who have been waiting, seemingly endlessly, to get out of this immigration limbo.

    Thanking you,

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  • sam2006
    08-14 01:36 PM
    create a protfolio
    and add in the Receipt no
    you will see a column with LUD


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  • ACURA MDX, 2006 AUDI A3,

  • newbie2020
    02-26 09:52 AM
    Since AILA has also taken interest into a proposal like this Don't you think we should engage them in planning the next strategy.,0225-endelman.shtm

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  • royus77
    07-17 07:51 PM
    Congrats IV team... you've proved yourself today.
    :) :)
    However this is only the start... we have a lot of things to accomplish once we return from the celebrations :

    - recapture 200K+ unused EB visas
    - abolish per country limits on EB visas
    - Increase EB visa share by 50K (now that DV is gone)
    - 3 yr EADs and APs

    .... Any other bright ideas invited...

    abolish per country limits on EB visas will back fire us because of diversity issue. We should propose some thing where there is no controversy to reject and that's is recapture 200K visas and EAD/APO for 3 years


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  • vin13
    02-26 12:57 PM
    Since AILA has also taken interest into a proposal like this Don't you think we should engage them in planning the next strategy.,0225-endelman.shtm

    The link you have posted seems to talk about allowing to file for 485 even though the priority date may not be current.

    It would be difficult to combine both the proposals. The combination would mean that everyone would enjoy the benefits of being allowed to continue living and working in the country with no annual limit. Which basically means no control of immigrants.

    I am not in anyway opposing this. But we need to look at it based on how the decision makers are going to perceive it.

    I feel what is being proposed by 'realizeit' is realistic and will not hamper the annual limits. It would be good if someone has contacts with the AILA and can persue the matter as a coalition effort.

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  • asanghi
    07-17 07:11 PM
    i know we desis.. once our work is done .. we will not turn back to IV again...

    PLEASE do not do that..

    It is time to strengthen IV for next big fight.


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  • ItIsNotFunny
    03-06 03:29 PM
    I will do $20. This FIOA is vital to the transparency of the system and surfacing this information would provide valuable insights that will perhaps bring closure to VB guessing games/forward movement prediction.
    What's core team take on this ?

    Please vote

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  • qasleuth
    02-25 09:10 AM
    Please create a poll and also start a special funding drive. I am committing $ 200 for this effort.

    Hopefully desi3933 can come by and perform a reality check on this proposal.


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  • ragz4u
    04-12 09:50 AM
    IV members, we need your stories. We are going to make an all out effort to pass this on to senators/media folks to realize the urgency of the situation.

    Who's story we need?
    Your story about how you are affected by retrogression/back log etc. It could be as simple as 'I have a BS in Mathematics and am stuck in back log for 2 years and cannot fulfil my dreams professionally' to 'I have a PhD in Nuclear Science and US needs me coz there are only a handful of us!' Anything and everything works.

    We have literally recieved stories of stay at home moms (because of H4 they cannot work) to folks who have been interviewed by MIT! The whole spectrum helps.....please please send us your stories...we need all the weapons when we go face the senators on behalf of IV

    Why we need your stories?

    Media folks
    Sometimes we get approached by journalists who need a story the very next day. They are looking for specific subjects for the story though.

    An example is say the Investors Business Daily (a financial daily). A reporter might come to us and ask us if we have anyone from the Finance sector who is suffering due to retrogression and is willing to speak up about it. They might also add that we need only Eb1/Eb2 category folks.
    When this happens, we are in a mad scramble to find folks who fit this criteria so that we do not lose this chance.
    Another example might be of a Medical Journal looking for doctors stuck due to retrogression.
    We are constantly getting requests like this but cannot capitalize on it because we do not have enough stories already available to fit the criteria.
    So please send in your stories. It need not be earth shattering at all (most of us are mere mortals). You never know when a reporter is specifically looking for a story similar to yours and you might just tilt the balance in favor of skilled immigrants.

    We promise we will not reveal your story to media if you do not want to.
    Though there is no harm to reveal one's name in media as can be evidenced by the folks featured in the Roll Call article, Philly Inquirer and News Observer.

    At the same time we understand that you might have reasons to remain out of media and we will fully respect that.

    Even during the recess, we were talking to the staff of a ton of senators. Most of the time the senators' staff are interested only if someone from 'their constituency' is also affected. We always say we have a ton of folks from each state, but nothing works like a real example.

    For example, when we speak to say Senator Kennedy, it helps us to present the story of folks affected by retrogression and living in say Boston, MA. That way, the staff has some incentive to look into this and get hooked immediately.

    When we initially started meeting senators, their staff would ask QGA 'Immigration Voice, who or what is that?'

    Lately when we go to meet them, most of the staff have already visited our website multiple times, know about us because of phone calls and faxes by members and ofcourse the articles that have been published....on top of this when we provide stories of members from their constituency, 50% of our work is already achieved....the liason team and QGA take over from there.

    Please send us your stories by sending an email to ,,,, using the following template

    Subject: Story of <Name here>

    Body of email
    Name -

    ID on Immigration Voice -

    Telephone Number -

    Current stage of Green Card -

    Category of GC (EB1/EB2/Eb3 etc) -

    Job Title in Brief -

    Complete Address -

    Brief Story of how Retrogression/Backlog/Delays is affecting your life -

    How US will benefit if you remain here (competitiveness angle) -

    Are you willing to reveal your info to media?

    Are you willing to reveal your info to senators

    Please note that if you are NOT willing to reveal your info, we would use your story but make sure that it cannot be tracked back to you. As in we will not name your company/address anywhere

    Please help us spread awareness....

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  • bigboy007
    05-10 11:06 PM
    Since the dates went back ppl wake up and say now I want to shoot this bird, not knowingly how many cases are there... A simple question to you, (I know the point this thread is raising is going no where becoz for years many ppl discussed this and at the last USCIS deciced to stop this forever which is indeed a good move).

    Will all the ppl who came after ppl stuck in BEC (Labor) will go back the line ? will they relinquish ... A simple answer "NO" So why are we debating on items that doesnt exist?

    IV for now has only one goal "recapture". There is no way USCIS can go back and change the dates who ever used Subs( I am not talking about FRAUD- FRAUD shouldnt exist period) as per law the dates should be ported.

    The intent of a subst labor was to save the company time and money for obtaining another labor for the same position in case the original beneficiary drops out. Remember, labor was a company petition, not employee petition. The companies still would have wanted it even if it does not retain its original PD.

    The basic thrust behind the idea of changing the rules of PD allocation for subst cases is to push forward PD to july 07 level. Most of the subst happened in that month. we are not asking subst labor folks to quit the queue, just asking them to move behind.

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  • 485Mbe4001
    07-10 07:43 PM
    it is the uncertainty and the the inability to take long term decisions which are a problem (most issues are well documented) besides i might love my job but in todays environment a company's reciprocation could be fickle and can easily change with a downturn:p.

    anyways my pet peeve is that people come here with brillant ideas and when the time comes to do something most of the backers melt away. Some are active for a short period of time and then give up, some read the forums and feel that its a waste. I say this because we meet people, these days most immigrats know about IV.

    Just for curiosity: If you love your job and content with your current position, then what is the problem in waiting?

    08-13 02:36 PM
    Dear friends and fellow members at ImmigrationVoice,

    Finally got the email today, Aug 13, 2009, from USCIS indicating that the card production has been ordered for me. No word yet about my wife's GC. Case still pending.



    03-06 03:41 PM
    I am in for $25

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