Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • Macaca
    07-18 06:37 AM

    This URL does not work. What is the date of this newscast!

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  • GC08
    07-09 09:22 PM
    why do you keep parroting the pro USCIS, pro -antiimmigrant line all the time?
    there are times when your realism makes sense, then there are others when it's plain silly.
    this was not a mistake. this was not an accident.
    civil servants do not show up on weekends by accidents. and they do not do 6 mnths of work in 15 days by mistake.
    it was intentional, directed and planned.
    you can believe whatever motives you want and you can sympathize with uscis till kingdom come. but pleaaasee don't tell me it was a random event, some act of god that is our destiny or such crap. please!

    I wish USCIS could stand out and answer those questions... do whatever they can to clarify those "rumors". :confused:

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  • pponakan
    01-07 05:37 PM
    i am asking you guys in this thread...
    who support this idea and was here since 1998 or atleast from 2000
    (Pls note you shd have started your GC process on or before 2000. Then you know the things.
    If you came in 1998 and started GC just 1 or 2 years back..You may not be knowing the reality.)
    pls come forward...

    I am not questioning or discouraging your intentions/enthu/aggressiveness...

    I am asking not to waste the energy on useless things.
    Pls concentrate on GC related things which will benefit everybody.

    People laugh for the resolutions you suggested , if they can be proposed to any legislative member.

    Been here since 1998. Filed labor in 01 but was revoked due to tech downturn. Filed again in 05. Fortunately my GC was approved last Aug.

    I think the final goal for most folks is citizenship.. including some of those who dont want to stay here permanently. Waiting 15 - 20 years for citizenship makes no sense.. if they are thinking of giving it to illegals in 10 years, whats wrong in asking?

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  • ganguteli
    06-09 11:51 PM

    Please refer this document and it will answer your doubt. To be specific L1B resources cannot be deployed in client premises on projects managed and controlled by client (known consulting assignments in technology world). This is just part of the violation. Second... L1B resources cannot be used for general technical skills (java/.net/oracle/production support etc) BUT can only be used for their speciality skills (while processing the L1 visa outsourcing companies shows some internal tools to prove this point). Hope this cleared your doubt, I am pretty sure that now you will be able to find a lot of violations in using L1B resources. L1B resource usage is so common that most of us who are aware of immigrations statuses even doesnt know about this .. forget others including our clients and their managers.

    Thank you losers guild member.


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  • cutehemu
    11-14 02:45 PM
    just mailed them ...thanx

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  • sri1309
    09-14 08:57 PM
    You are putting in great efforts. Thank you very much for the same. Highly appreciated.
    Unless the baby cries and asks for food, mother does not feed the baby. Similarly congress will provide relief only if we ask for it.


    Thanks, Can you or somebody please send me the addresses where I can send these posters. I rememver seeing in one of the posts a big list, but it may take time to search all. I have yet to write 20 more posters. In the middle of it,


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  • jayleno
    11-06 10:58 AM
    Untill that happens, if you dont mind, PM me your e-mail address and I will be more than happy to e-mail you the docs.
    Anyone who are not able to download the documents can do the same.

    Can you please post the document it self, so that I can download it, as I cannot access google documents from my work place and hope others are also facing this issue, can you please post the documents on the main page so that we can download it from this site rather than going to google documents.
    Can any of super moderators do it please.

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  • seeking_GC
    10-02 12:41 AM
    service center is Nebraska.
    Infact my 485 got denied in August 2009 and in september 2009 filed MTR,which got approved on 22 sep 2009 and today we got 485 approval emails.
    Hi pro,
    could you please check your PM?


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  • smitha
    07-09 08:55 PM
    If I hadn't already spent $34 on sending flowers to USCIS, I would have definitely sent a "bon voyage" bouquet to you.

    To anyone still thinking about sending flowers, do this woman a favor, and send her flowers instead!

    Please don't make fun out of it. Whatever I thought, I conveyed. Please understand and evaluate whether this is really a fact or a joke.

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  • yabadaba
    06-29 07:29 PM
    my lawyer said the same thing about a revised bulletin...looks like its pretty close to being a sure thing now.


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  • jo3350
    04-17 09:03 PM
    Yes this is true. last year i my wife's EAD was dealyed after 90 days so i walked into a USCICS centre and they said they no more issue INTERIM EAD's.

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  • willwin
    09-16 09:39 AM
    In my opinion, as they are running with these immigration related bills despite the tight schedule and limited time they have on their hands before they go on recess (for election), the chances (to pass these bills) have to be decently high. Otherwise, I doubt if they would put so much time and effort if they know for sure this would fail.

    However, as Pappu pointed out, the success relies a lot on we guys calling everyone on the list to seek their support and counter numberusa or similar groups' attempt to shoot these bills down.

    So, lets call - PLEASE.


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  • hazishak
    09-16 11:31 AM

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  • feedfront
    09-14 12:06 PM

    Any one received any RFE recently on been current on the month of Sep. please share iit. I got my status update with RFE :(


    I've been current since July, 2010 and got RFE on Sept 10, 2010. I don't have letter with me as yet to know about RFE.

    Before REF, I waited for few weeks then tried followings:
    1) Took infopass : Officer sent email to expedite.
    2) Wrote to Senator: got reply they would get reply in 60-90 days
    3) Sent an email via attorney to TSC: got automated response.

    Then I got RFE after about 2-3 weeks of these attempts.


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  • needhelp!
    01-22 12:15 PM
    Saralayar, if you create a new thread with main topic as action to Vote on, it may get more attention, and IV members can also send that link to their GC holder friends.

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  • l1fraud
    06-08 08:30 PM
    Hi Guys,

    I am pretty new to the forum (as a member), I have been browsing the same for quite some time and found it a good source of information regarding immigration related activities. Right now I am getting removed from my project as one of the top 3 Indian outsourcing firm is dumping their L1 resources at my client site and replacing all the citizens, GCs, EADs, H1 etc. These resources are used in projects managed and controlled by my client (most of them are consulting assignments) and these resources are used on java/.net/oracle projects, these two are violations of L1 visa restrictions set by USCIS, I want to know how and where to complain against this violation and we have all evidence to prove the same (project documents, time sheets, work assignments etc). Please let me know exactly and to which agencies we should complain.

    Thanks in Advance,



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  • jayleno
    11-07 07:55 PM
    I just got a response back from TSC. They attached my letter, the envolope I sent the letter in and a response.

    The response is a standard one...."Thank you for your recent enquiry to the NCSC...blah blah...blah". No mention of AC-21, 140 etc. I dont know what to make of it. Same for my wife's letter.

    Well...atleast we know it reached them :).

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  • aau
    08-07 04:11 PM
    I have the same question as I think, it is not possible. How can you re-apply for the same job you are in currently, in EB2?

    Yes you can -when you were eligible for the EB2 filing at the time of filing for EB3!

    Why would someone do that u ask? Please call my employer and ask him this question. The answer is - so that you are stuck with him for few more years.

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  • alterego
    03-26 05:08 AM
    I am not aware of anything that says that you need to bring this up initially in your job search. I personally wouldn't put it in my CV.
    Apply for a job, as you would if you had a green card (keeping within the AC21 parameters.) If the question of visa sponsorship comes up then you can say you do not need it. I am not sure why people bring this up with their prospective employers. If you have employment authorisation, you have it, it is not employer specific, it is not site specific, it is quite broad in its scope. The employer
    has to complete the I-9 like for anyone else. Any issues would be with the USCIS at the time of adjudication and that would be if AC21 rules are broken.

    I think that sometimes we project our own fears onto employers and make issues when none exist. I've seen the same sort of doubts expressed about AP travel.
    Folks need to grow more confident generally. For many their immigrant petitions 140s have been approved and their 485s have been pending for quite a while. They give you these interim benefits for a reason, so you can use them!

    09-20 03:15 PM
    I just email senator Evan Bayh, Congressmen Dan burton and USCIS complaint dept.
    Thanks for all your help

    01-08 04:21 PM
    Got email back, my company will send on their letter head.

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