Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James got divorced

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James officially finalized their divorce.Last week, this couple filed papers under seal in Texas in order to finalize their divorce.Their five years marriage life has finished due to an amid reports of infidelity by James, confirms by PEOPLE.This Oscar-winning cute actress in April filed for divorce in Austin,where she lives.In the papers it was stated that,the main reason of divorce is,'clash of personalities'.Bullock's representative ensured it to PEOPLE that the divorce is now final,on Monday.An Austin-based family law attorney who is not connected with the case said that,'The settlement was most probably amicable because there was no quarrel in court or any filings.In Texas ,according to law,a spouse must be married for at least 10 years to qualify for support so,it seems that James won't be entitled to spousal support.This divorce has made the way very easy for Jesse James to finalize the adoption of her son Louis as a single mother.According to law,Jesse is now single and by law would have to wait 30 days before she can marry again.says,Weinman.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Megan Fox and Brian Austin green got married in Hawaii

Finally Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green made their marriage legal after two engagement.This cute and sexy couple got married in the Four Seasons Hotel resort while they were enjoying their vacation on the big island of Hawaii last weekend.informed by TMZ.COM.In November 2006,they initially engaged but they met each other in 2004.Unfortunately,in November 2006 they called off their engagement.At that situation a reliable source informed that it was their mutual decision.Despite their separation, this hot couple were spotted in may places several times and Megan Fox representative confirms to the PEOPLE that,again,they were getting engaged.Brian Austin Green said to PEOPLE that,their actual wedding would be very small and normal in 2009,just before they called off their engagement.

Landon Donovan pregnancy scandal

Landon Donovan team USA has just dropped out of the World Cup this weekend.But,now,Donovan is facing a serious personal problem.A British newspaper published a news in which it was told that a British woman is pregnant with Donovan's child. Last week ,the U.S. soccer star emphasized Landon emphasized that,' I and my wife actress Bianca Kajlich is separated but not divorced'.Last week he made a phone call to her wife Bianca Kajilch where they exchanged some romantic speech after the winning against Algeria.Concerning the pregnancy scandal Donovan admit that,' it might be true'.and if it is true then i am ready to take responsibility, and will provide the appropriate support'.Moreover,this is totally a private issue,that's why i would like to refrain form any further comment at this time,'said Donovan.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Finally a baby girl for Amy Adams

Amy Adams representative says PEOPLE exclusively that,'Amy Adams and Darren Legallo greeted their daughter Aviana Olea Legallo in Los Angeles.'Mother and Daughter are both fine and now at home',tells PEOPLE by ADAM representative.Both of them are healthy and happy.During the declaration of Adam's pregnancy the super hot actress Amy said that she and Legallo is planning to discover the sex of their baby on the way.Amy said that,'i think about keep waiting and i do not believe that,'that is really my personality'.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Shakira dating with Rafael Nadal!!!

Is there any serious chemistry between Shakira and Rafael Nadal ? From the Circumstantial evidence the answer may be 'YES'.Last week,in W Hotel in Barcelona hot singer Shakira and popular tennis star Rafael Nada had been found having a meal with great intimacy.A source tells PEOPLE of the video shoot ,'they were very flirty and they were very laughing'.'This pair was spotted very much intimate during the filming'.Last summer,Shakira's long lasting lover Antonio de la Rua, and Maria Francisca Perello, whose relationship with Nadal went to public'.However,Nadal's representative has declined the romantic relationship between them.On the other hand, Shakira's representative told that,they are nothing but a good friends.

Nicole Kidman now focusing on family

Hollywood queen and sexy actress Nichole Kidman has a long successful and celebrated career.Nichole even won the Oscar in her 2002's movie called 'The Hours'.But Kidman said that,'now i will give time to my family specially for my life partner Keith Urban and my lovely daughter Sunday Rose. According to the Associated Press, while on a tour to Hong Kong Nichole Kidman said that,'i and my singer husband, nowadays, always try not to spare more than three days separately'.From the date of birth of Sunday Rose,Nichole Kidman has been in family manner.a family friend said at the time that,Nichole has never been happier and smiling and healthier'.In her new home in Nashville,'she is trying to be a perfect wife for his life partner and a good mother for her cute daughter'.

David Cook : my brother was a great guy

David Cook come to to know about the death of his brother Adam just an hour before to take part in the Race for Hope in Washington D.C.The Idol champion says,' that despite the shocking news i never think about withdraw it rather than i was interested to take participation in tribute to his dead brother'.David Cook wrote down on his My Space celebrity page that, 'my brother always tried that nobody get any affect from his illness'.'That was obvious in the incident he never wanted his illness to take part in my experience on IDOL.Cook pronounced the news of his brother Adam's death on Sunday at the event.The 5k race has given the benefit the National Brain Tumor Society and Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rihana is fine after rib injury

Rihana is feeling well after getting admitted into hospital on Monday night incident.Rihana was taken to a private clinic after performing a concert in Zurich in Switzerland.Rihana had an injured rib and went to hospital in order to make sure that nothing whether it is serious or nor.Fortunately,nothing is serious her representative tells the PEOPLE.According to Rihana's representative, she is thinking of continuing her tour to Europe including a concert in Lyon in France.

What gives Lady Gaga confidence

Lady Gaga tell the July issue of Rolling Stone that,'when i get up early in the morning, i don't feel secure like any other girl of 24 years of age'.After that Lady Gaga says to herself, 'Bitch, you're Lady Gaga, you wake up and walk the walk today.

'As a matter of fact,the pop star watch no situation so serious which would require her to shed her larger-than-life persona.Lady Gaga says that,'If I were
to ever was injured onstage and my fans were screaming and shouting outside by telling that to come out or waiting for me to come out, I'd come out as Gaga'.

Lady Gaga follow another pop icon for her inspiration that is Michale Jackson who never forgot that he was a superstar even though when he was seriously injured when Jackson's hair caught fire.

"Michael Jackson was badly burned, in spite of that he lifted that glittered glove so high so that his excited fans could see him, because he was a legend',Lady Gaga says.That's exactly what i do.I never drink water onstage in front of fans, because I want them to focus on the fantasy of the music."

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Kim Kardashian has got a new boy friend!!

After being separated from soccer star Reggie Bush just before this year,kim Kardashian totally focused on her career and she was not in a hurry to find a new lover again.Finally,love found her.After temporarily being connected to Portuguese superstar and football player Cristiano Rinaldo now,Kardashian started going out with another hot and popular football player, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin.A source of the couple said to the PEOPLE that,a few months ago they meet at a restaurant in Los Angeles,where they exchanged their number and have been talking for some while."They've had some dates and it's going really cool."The source says that,'While the couple are officially dating,Miles Austin is not quite her boyfriend,"Kim Kardashian,thinks Miles Austin is really a good guy. He's really sweet to Kim. … Autin thinks Kim is his dream girl." Kim had been trying to lead a single life before she meet Austin.However the sources said ,'they are just really linked'.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Twitter Crown is now for Britney Spears

Twitter king Ashton Kutcher time is up.Now,there is a new queen for Twitter that is Briney Spears.Britney Spears has more followers than the actor Ashton Kutcher.Once this famous actor defeated the CNN by having more then 1 million followers.Britney Spears has now 4,955,768 followers whereas Kutcher has only 4,944,221 followers. WOW!! #1 on Twitter,Britney Spears expressed her feelings on twitter like this way.On the other hand,actor Ashton Kutcher did give any comment on his twitter for losing his crown in twitter.

Monday, June 21, 2010

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Back street Boys shocked the new kids fans

Boy band Backstreet Boys surprised the New Kids on the Block concert saturday night at New York's Radio City Music Hall .Nick Carter told the screaming and excited crowd that,"You got two for the price of one tonight''.As the audience started to sing 'I want it that way' subsequently the curtain was lifted and revealed the back street boys who gave the finishing of this song.A gracious Littrell said,"I am grateful to back street boys right there",'We have been back street boys fans for a long time'.After performing their song 'shape of my heart' back street boys left the stage.At that time some fan screamed by telling that 'Bring them Back'.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Casey Affleck In The Killer Inside Me - Wallpapers


Casey Affleck, Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, Simon Baker, Bill Pullman, Ned Beatty, Tom Bower, Elias Koteas, Liam Aiken

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Megan Fox re engagement

Megan Fox engaged for the second time but Megan Fox told that there is no variation in the second time.Megan told to the PEOPLE about fiance Brian Austin Green at the premiere of Megan brand new film 'Jonah Hex' in Hollywood that ,We're just even more dedicated to each other than we always have been'.American actress and model Megan Fox also told that, 'she is more in love with Brian Austin now than she was in the starting." In their six-year relationship of this couple,many shocking incident happened which can be included their engagement in 2006 that was later canceled.On reply to their engagement cancellation issue Megan fox Said that,'It's really not a re-engagement, It's just the very same engagement and for some cause currently it's a news story'.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Charlotte Church lost her mind

A report has claimed expressed that, Charlotte Church's family members and friends are worried about Charlotte Church because Charlotte Church has lost too much weight after her separation from fiancé Gavin Henson.

As the Daily Star published that, the singer's close
ones have been inspiring her to eat more after pointing out that she looks thinner since the split.It is thought that the 24-year-old is feeling disappoint over the divorce and has been looking comfort from her family in current days.

A strong source said the newspaper: "Cha
rlotte is trying very hard to keep things as ordinary as possible for the sake of the kids, but has told her mum Maria that she feels low all the time.

Church and Henson finished up their five year's marriage relationship last month.This coupled had declared their engagement just six weeks earlier.

Pamela Anderson fall for Electrician

There is a saying that water and oil never mix with each other.However,it may not be true for Pamela Anderson.Pamela Anderson never mind to take a dip with new surfer boyfriend Jamie Padgett who is an electrician in profession.

42 years Pamela Anderson's wearing bikini was point
ed out at the beach in Malibu with her new electrician boyfriend.The met with each other a few months ago at a trailer park . Trailer park is the place where Pamela Anderson is staying and her new lover has done some electric work in Pamela's house.

Hayes MacArthur showed the way to Ali Larter

From my childhood,' i always dreamt to have an honest and cooperative boyfriend',Ali Larter said. When Ali Larter was 15 years old, all she wanted was to look for a guy to whom Ali Larter was going to marry.

My heart has been broken several time by the words of the people and by the conduct of the other people and due to loads of p
ressure because i gave lot of pressure on my heart,said Ali Larter.Hayes MacArthur directed me the right way and i think he is the best guy for me as a a life partner said Ali Larter.

In popular Cosmopolitan February's issue cover story Ali Larter has been given the title of fun fearless female of the year.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Miley Cyrus prefer to speak up

Popular show Hannah Montana is on the finishing line of Miley Cyrus.Miley Cyrus is totally ready to prepare to let her own personality take center stage. A racy music video that made a big controversy by this 17 year old girl can be listed.

During an interview with Good Morning America Miley Cyrus told that ,'Believe in yourself and you have to be who you are to the

full’. Moreover Miley Cyrus told that,'I would like to speak up about everything and that's what i want to give to my girl fans’. Actually, Cyru

s declares that her upcoming album Can't Be Tamed showcases the actual Miley Cyrus. "This record is the first album where it's only me," Miley C

yrus told.Miley Cyrus confess that becoming a celebrity is always tough, because there's so much stuff you've got to get through".

Regarding the Perez Hilton Paparazzi Photo Scandal superstar Miley Cyrus said, ‘there are some peopel those who are always negative minded and we have to avoid them all the time’. Being friends with Bret Michaels is always helpful, Miley Cyrus expressed.

They performed together on Good Morning America a duet of "Every Rose Has Its Thorn which is listed on Miley Cyrus new album. "Our families have been friends for a while," says Michaels. "Miley a super musician and she's one of those people who can rock for sure' Michaels added.

Michaels was a big musical influence on Cyrus as a child. "My life's first ever concert was a toxin concert," Miley says. "That was an amazing night. I was probably around 8 and my mom hauled me and my brother as well".

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Joel Madden and Nicole Richie in Happy Ocean !!

When Joel Madden and Nichole Richie did their engagement,from that time a rumor started about their wedding plan.However,Joel Madden now ensured it that Joel Madden and Nicole Richie are not getting married in June-to people.Joel Madden told it to PEOPLE in Manhattan at the Pampers "Dads on Diaper Duty" party.

Joel Madden told that, Joel Madden will go for a tour in USA and

Europe throughout the summer.Moreover Joel Madden told that,' we are not in a hurry for getting married rather we are focusing on raising our family'.Madden told that his son Sparrow is now 9 and becoming a little person and he is on the edge of talking'.He has another son called Harlow who is just 2 years of age.

Joel has given all the credit for his son's good behavior to Nichole Richie due to Nichole amazing

On the other hand, Joel
Madden said tha
t Nichole always hack my twitter account and write down stupid things which really make me discomfort.Joel laughed after telling that.Nevertheless,' I love her a lot' said Joel Madden.