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  • pod1
    03-30 02:08 PM
    When they say May are they referring to May bulleting(coming in April) or the bulletin which is going to be released in May(which is June bulletin)?

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  • willwin
    09-16 10:15 AM

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  • satishtr
    10-01 03:17 PM

    How come there is pending cases in 2007, 2008 and 2009 for EB2 and EB3 India?

    From the PDF I see the following

    2007 after july fiasco - 559
    2008 - 178
    2009 - 9


    2007 after july fiasco - 466
    2008 - 88
    2009 - 5

    My understanding is that the visa bulletin were never open for priorty dates from Aug 2007 to till date....EVER..

    I may be missing something..

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  • desi3933
    08-23 04:35 PM


    Just send the loud message" UNLESS YOU DO SOMETHING, WE ARE GOING BACK."

    Send the message in different ways. And ofcors good to meet personally.


    Try that and see what happens. :D :D

    Nobody cares if you stay here or go back.


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  • asanghi
    07-13 03:57 PM
    Anybody knows how to start a free wiki. I can volunteer to put all this information on a wiki that can be updated by anybody. This way we will have an up to date and searchable database on facts & fiction about legal immigrants. This may come handy as a reference while talking to reporters or press.

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  • kaisersose
    03-26 03:48 PM
    A new technique reqruiters are using is
    "Hey, I am OK with EAD, it is just this particular client of mine who is not and I tried to educate this client but they do not listen. I tried placing another guy on EAD at this client but they rejected because of EAD and I placed so many people on EAD in other clients. So I hear you. Good luck with other jobs."

    I still think it is some notorous reqruiters who apply the EAD filter. They do not want to deal with a lot of resumes and they want to apply that filter.

    If someone askes we can say we have GCs and then if that takes us through the process, they cannot raise a problem at the I-9 stage as that would violate labor law.

    And usually people who initially ask and filter are different from people who collect I-9 information, so that may actually work.


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  • apnair2002
    01-21 10:35 PM
    This is the Chuck Hagel Bill that was put forth 10/25. No further action has been taken since.

    Specter's bill will prolly include some sections of this bill.

    01/21/2006: Republican National Committee Resolution: Support Legal Immigration & Guest Worker Program, Oppose Legalization

    Report indicates that the Republican National Committee voted on 01/20/2006 to back the Bush's call for a guest-worker program, and adopted a resolution that calls for continued "legal immigration," criticizes illegal immigration and endorses a "new work program for foreign workers," but states there should be "no amnesty for those persons presently in the United States illegally." Read on.
    There are several Comprehensive Immigration Reform bills pending in the Senate. The Senate is expected to return to the Hill next month and the specific agenda for the debate of these conflicting bills have yet to be announced by Sen. Bill Frist. He previously announced that these bills would be tabled for the debate in February. Please stay tuned to this website for the upcoming comprehensive immigration reform debates in the Hill. These bills are expected to bring a reform in the employment-based immigration increasing the employment-based immigrant visa numbers substantially. There are no strong opposition to this part of the comprehensive immigration reform.

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  • desi3933
    06-18 11:43 AM
    No - I am not suggesting that!!

    Good to know that.

    What I am suggesting is that the right time to take this up is when a recession is not in full swing. Between 2004 (when this law was enacted) and 2007 was a great time to pick this battle. Maybe another year down the line would also be a great time to pick it. Picking up this particular battle right now would probably make YOUR and MY lives much more difficult in the medium term.

    I disagree. By not reporting the fraud at workplace, it puts rest of workforce not at level playing field.

    Like you and the OP - I am a selfish individual. I will pick up only those fights which are in my interest. I believe that this particular fight is a lose-lose proposition in the current climate. I am disputing your (and OPs) belief that this will be beneficial for you/me/rest of us.

    Lets take the example of the same Goldman Sachs manager. Tomorrow ICE comes to him and says you need to get rid of these 50 guys under you. What will he do? He cant increase the budget in the current environment. So he probably will hire a couple of GC holders/Citizens and replaces the whole division (with 50 GC/Citizens besides the 50 'violators') with an offshore team.

    You are right. If you are not impacted by fraud, one will be least interested in reporting the fraud. Only when you get impacted, the fraud appears real and serious.

    To give you example, There are only 3 people on H-1B at my workplace and none on L1 visa status, so no one cares here about this issue.

    BTW - I am a US citizen of Indian origin.

    Think about it!!

    Now is the time when everybody is thinking in terms of cost cutting. If you create costly disruptions now - then either the company becomes GM and lose out to overseas competitors or migrates the entire division out.

    Taking your example further, due to budget constraints, the manager will be more inclined to replace workers to L1 workers to save cost. Do you want this? This will impact people in short term.



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  • abhijitp
    07-31 04:46 PM
    You can withdraw an existing 485 application once you get Receipt No. Just write a letter to USCIS asking them to withdraw your 485 application stating the reason for withdrawl.
    If that's true, I hope they also accept the missing inital evidence, that is sent later, as long as the A# is provided.

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  • pcs
    06-18 08:16 AM
    Do I have to fill it for my 2 kids ??


    Did not file this form since I prepared all the forms personally. I believe this is only needed if a lawyer files for you.


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  • bazuka6
    03-09 11:00 PM
    5 years in US legally and paid taxes: get a Greencard.
    10 years ,,,..,, Citizenship.

    I do not get a benefit in this directy, but the queue will be reduced

    Lets go for it .. LETS DO SOMETHING... what are we waiting for...???????

    Make sure you preserve your Social Security statement and IRS tax transcript. If you have a house - the HUD statement

    Then meet meet with your senator and make the case. 10 years legally in the US - no longer want to be treated like an alien

    IV must include this in campaign

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  • srinivas_o
    10-10 10:32 PM
    I am july 2nd filer, got my receipt numbers by calling USCIS. My data was entered in their system on Oct 5th. I called them today and the Immigration Official gave them. I also filed for my wife, but still her information is not yet there in the system. My application went to NSC, signed by R.Mickels at 9:01 AM, but transferred to TSC as my receipt number starts with SRC.

    Good Luck to everybody else who yet to receive the receipts...


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  • storm
    08-13 07:09 PM

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  • gpawar
    01-15 04:02 AM
    Went for first interview on 4th Jan. Got confirmation email today 15th Jan 2008. Got this email about an hour back.
    Your H/L administrative visa processing is complete. You DO NOT need to schedule another appointment or return to the consulate.
    Please drop the following documents off at one of the VFS locations listed below.
    1. Yellow pending letter
    2. Passport
    3. Envelope provided by the consulate (yellow, blue or green color)
    4. Print out of this e-mail

    Good luck to all those who are still awaiting confirmation. There is no use calling the VFS people, as they have no information. But it helps to know from other candidates on the time frame. So other people who have got the email, please post your experiences here for the benefit of all.

    Best of Luck and you will get the email soon!
    Geeta Pawar.


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  • kaisersose
    03-25 03:06 PM
    What the employers are doing seems illegal. Govt issues us this card for a lot of money, and now we can't use it for work?

    I agree. I was wondering why legal needs to be consulted for EADs.

    But then this company is fully aware of of EADs and AC21 requirements. I think legal gets involved to ensure job codes are matching, etc., which would make sense. The applicant may not have completed 180 days, may be applying for a different job code, etc. They do invest a lot of money on an employee during the first year and they obviously do not want to end up losing that investment due to immigration issues, something they can avoid.

    But this is something I was not aware of until today. The good thing is most employers are receptive to EADs which is good.

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  • vshar
    04-08 10:22 PM
    Hello ajaysuri, Nil, saralayaar, trueguy and all those who support this idea,

    I just happened to look at this thread and I give my 100% support to this idea.

    I will mail the letter mentioned at page 10.

    Please let me know what else I can do.

    I think IV core has gone on long vacation or they already got their GCs.



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  • augustus
    06-29 05:13 PM
    I have got email from my lawyer too regarding the change in bulletin coming MONDAY. I am worried for my life again. Is this all worth it? Title of her mail is I-485 could be rejected in July. I am done with this damn life. I can't take it anymore.

    I really feel like crying now. Sitting on h-4 for 4 years and now I see a ray of hope and that is squashed too. I don't think this is fair. This is just not fair. Why the hell in the first place they have to make it current? I feel bad for all of us.

    How many hours, how much money, how much effort, feelings, aspirations, hope. so much was built on that one news and the days from then on. and today it is NOTHING. I am sick and tired of this life.

    Who is there to listen to us? NOBODY. Who will straighten this mess for us? NOBODY. We support each other and today we again have just one another to fall through this.

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  • sen_raju
    07-10 12:42 PM
    I just spoke to Victor Manuel Ramos from Orlando Sentinel in detail. He is going to cover it in tomorrow's edition.
    You can contact him at 407-420-6186 or by email at and give your part of the story.

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  • senthil1
    06-29 05:10 PM
    If rumors are true there is no point in sending I485 application if State dept announces that Visa is not available on July 2nd Morning. If confusion or rumor is cleared then Lawyers can send the application. That stand may be correct. But what if State Dept announces on Wednesday. Then those who are filed on Monday and Tuesday will get EAD and AP. I hope these rumors will not become true

    You can sue this firm, if they have really suspended the work on I-485.
    How can they react to rumours?

    08-09 06:50 PM
    I called today to help a friend who has been stuck in namecheck status for almost a year and a half and spoke to an immigration officer who calmly explained to me that the name check isn't done only nationally but also "internationally" meaning, not only do they do a background check on you in the US, they also look you up in your country of origin. In all my time reading about this I have never heard her version before, so I had assumed the namecheck was only done at the national level. No wonder it's taking so long, with the FBI waiting for a response from those countries. :(

    06-29 06:14 PM
    Who said US is very differnet from India..:D

    In india they only backtrack on Petrol price hikes, but here.....

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