Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • Dipzo
    05-19 04:14 PM

    I got a dream job offer and I have not yet applied for OPT. I have not graduated from school and that's why I applied for CPT.
    I just want to know can I work on CPT till my OPT arrives? Also would it be of concern to my employer that I am working on CPT as long as I am eligible to work legally full time? Is that something I should intimate my employer about before joining?
    I would appreciate if someone can reply really soon.

    Thanks a lot.

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  • raj3078
    05-09 01:18 PM
    And we might be in the final edited version (very good chance) for a few minutes
    Great news

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  • smuggymba
    05-12 09:38 PM
    I am in the same boat, so can we use PD and I-140 from employer A even through my employment and H1B are not with Employer for a few months?

    not sure if I understand your question correctly.

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  • Blog Feeds
    07-27 03:40 PM
    It has become quite a hassle to obtain a California state driver's license or state identification card ("ID") when you are a non-immigrant such as in F, M, or J status (students, students in vocational schools, cultural exchange students). Recently Immigration Customs and Enforcement issued a fact sheet on applying for a driver's license or ID card for non immigrants in F, M or J status. ( The fact sheet is helpful as it provides basic information on how to apply for a driver's license or ID card. It is not state specific but it does list all of the websites for all of the Department of Motor Vehicle offices in the United States.

    The steps in applying for a driver's license or ID card in California are listed on the California Department of Motor Vehicles website ( You must do the following in this order:

    Obtain a Social Security number
    Complete a Driver License or Identification Card Application
    Present an acceptable birth date/legal presence document
    Pay the application fee
    In order to obtain a Social Security number, you must go to a local Social Security office. You may find out more about the process on the Social Security Administration's website ( For those in F, M, and J status, you will find additional guidance by reviewing Social Security's electronic fact sheet, "Social Security numbers for non-citizens. ("

    The fact sheet issued by ICE is useful because it provides an email address to use in case the DMV does not issue the driver's license or identification card. It has been difficult in the past to get the immigration authorities to communicate with the DMV about a person's immigration status. In the fact sheet, ICE promises a one-to-two day turn around once they receive a request for information as to why a student's ID or driver's license was not issued. This is great news as students have suffered a great deal of frustration in the past waiting for the agencies to communicate with one another.

    More... (


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  • sioux
    11-30 10:36 AM
    the examiner should look to the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) code and/or Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code, assigned to the I-140 and/or labor certification and compare this with the DOT or SOC code that is appropriate for the new position. Thus, although not stated, this argument and analysis should accompany the request for approval under AC21 portability.

    Until recently I had not even tried to look for other opportunities, but I suddenly find myself with a position (another company). I am not familiar with the rules of AC21. The new position is in management and is most likely in a different SOC code. Have any of you had issues with a move? Is it required to inform the USCIS of the move - I have heard that there is no need to inform? Please help.

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  • neeidd
    08-31 06:15 PM


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  • Mr. Brown
    12-10 03:37 PM
    Does anyone know what 202(a)(5) is and why doesn't it apply to EB3?



    Based on current indications of demand, the best case scenarios for cut-off dates which will be reached by the end of FY-2010 are as follows:

    Employment Second:
    China: July through October 2005
    India: February through early March 2005

    If Section 202(a)(5)were to apply:
    China and India: October through December 2005

    Employment Third:

    Worldwide: April through August 2005
    China: June through September 2003
    India: January through February 2002
    Mexico: January through June 2004
    Philippines: April through August 2005

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  • minimalist
    08-03 02:30 PM
    Generally attorneys charge a retainer fee. What that means is they are willing to represent you regarding any issues with a case. Some services are covered with retainer fee and they may charge additional fee based on any extra work. For Example AC21 Retainer fee is around 750/- where they submit a G28. Then for any RFE they generally charge in the range of 250$.


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  • sodh
    07-27 06:58 PM
    This is I am assuming you have given USCIS your NJ address, every Lawyer has to have License in the State he practices, if your CA Lawyer has a License to practice in NJ you can always call him to represent you. If this helps.
    The work around would be hire a local Lawyer and let your CA lawyer brief your case to him I know it will be expensive, but it will help you in long run.

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  • milind70
    10-02 01:09 PM
    I applied fro SSN replacement card like 2 weeks back. I havent recieved the card as yet, so i called SSN the lady on the phone said that two weeks will up tomm and should wait till the end of the week ,if i dont recieve the card by then i should check again. Any one else expereicned such a thing, i am getting worried since it is over weeks . I applied on Sept 17 ,called SSN on Sept 30 .


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  • justice4all
    02-04 11:23 AM
    Thanks validIV for your reply.. I spoke to couple of attorneys regarding that.. one said its illegal and dont want to talk about it, other said that's the only option for my wife to go to job since she doesn't have an EAD.
    Lawyers reading this thread can throw some light..


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  • nonimmi
    06-15 03:47 PM

    This was a GREAT week for all of us. Past three days have changed our discussion topics and we're now more concerned about doctor appointments and certificates. That is a good thing to talk about indeed. But lets not forget this battle goes on and we all need to be together in this journey. No one knows where one will be stuck!! So please continue working with IV agenda and contribute in anyways possible.

    New members, please contribute considering the help you're getting from this IV forum. Remember IV needs money to support all of us. We're using so much IV resource and its our duty that we must suport IV.

    Thanks IV.


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  • ns521
    01-09 03:41 PM
    Receipting update is just a reference.
    My applications reached NSC 6 months ago on July 9th.
    I have no receipts and checks were not cashed.
    As per IO's my name is not in the system.

    Check this thread (

    Good luck!

    Did you contact them?What did they say?Did you receive any EAD or AP because some people receive those even before getting receipt numbers???

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  • bsnf
    02-18 08:51 PM
    ...if you do not have a valid-unexpired stamped US visa.

    Thanks for the quick reply.
    I do not have a stamped visa. Only AP - I cannot fly via Canada then.

    Thanks again, appreciate it.


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  • lonemetro
    08-15 03:51 PM
    Thanks much for your reply, BumbleBee.

    There will be a great chance that my parent company will close down my current company after I'm transferred to them. I don't think my current employee will withdraw my I-140 case in the future. Hopefully that I-140 will go thru so I can use its PD for my future PERM/I-140 application.

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  • inskrish
    07-23 12:24 AM
    Just curious. Is there anything special with the date "07/18/08"?:)


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  • krishmunn
    08-10 08:54 AM
    First, there is nothing called "sponsoring a visitor visa". You cannot sponsor . Every visitor need to qualify on his/her own.
    If you mean sending an invite letter and copy of your H1 to show they are visiting you , it is fine.

    If you mean sending I-134 -- Affidavit of Support -- the Affidavit has no legal value. If the visitors do not have enough liquid cash, they can say that you will fund the trip (and you can send your bank statements to prove). Anybody else (like your siblings in home country) can also fund the trip. If they have cash, best is to show that as source of their trip.

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  • augustus
    06-17 07:00 PM
    Dear All,

    Can you please let me know if the sealed medical report will be given to you by the doctor? or will it be mailed by the doctor to lawyer?

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  • aguy
    07-26 08:40 PM
    so, would you say just waiting for the RFE instead of sending in the exam result with a cover letter. i am afraid that it may get lost. on the other hand, if they delay the RFE by over 6 months, we will have to do the medical exam again. what would you suggest?

    03-25 02:45 PM
    hey guys they are also asking for itenary details. so does that mean i need to book my ticket before that? can i not get my visa and then book my tix?

    11-05 01:58 PM
    nothing yet

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