Saturday, July 2, 2011

Nissan Qashqai White 2010

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  • GCNirvana007
    08-18 09:21 AM
    Just an observation - There always seem to be a gap of 2 months between Receipt date and Notice date.

    So for July 2nd filers, there notice date would be September 2007. But they all got GC last yr when they made it current till 2006 PD. However processing times arent Sept 2007 even now which makes me believe its the receipt date?

    What do you guys think.


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  • PlainSpeak
    04-16 11:49 AM
    For sanity's sake, you win dear! i give up

    Well you never had any arguments points in the first place. All you had is a misplaced sense on self superiority.

    But please don't run away from an argument try some logic for a change

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  • innervoice
    09-09 06:18 AM
    Can someone please tell me

    a) Court order is required for name change or not, if yes then how to get it.
    b) How can we get an Affidavit from India, while we are here in US.


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  • iptel
    04-21 10:27 PM
    I am VoIP Engineer I use to work in a branch office in different state from where I filed my labor. My company forced me to move to head office which in different state even though I explained them my situation they just refuse to listen. I moved to different state as I had no option. Now my labor is in jepordy. More over I was reluctant to move out of the state where I was before due to my personal choice so I posted my resume on monster expressing my job location in the state where I was working. I was overwhelmed to receive the response from top notch telecom companies and went through series of interviews. All the companies I interviewed with were ready to hire me with higher salary than my current company even the cost of living is lower in the state. The biggest obstacle came when they learned that I dont have GC and they asked me to contact as soon as I have one.
    I am frustrated as hell feel like lets go back to India or other country but then when I look to other folks with GC and their lifestyle I think may be it is worth to taste the bitter moment today for sweeter tomorrow but question is how long ?:(
    All I wanted to express we are not cheap labor as many anti-immigrant groups claim. Like me I know most of us have skills that are in high demand which will benefit many American Corporates and in turn will benefit America. Retrogression Backlogs and unnecessary formalities is creating a "loose loose" situation.


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  • Max
    08-14 09:49 AM
    Got receipt# yesterday.
    Application Received:NSC July2, 1025AM J.BARRETT
    I-140: EB3 Jan 2006

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  • ras
    05-10 10:56 PM
    I just want to generate enough internet chatter so that the issue of substitute labor will come on CIS radar. I know for sure that a huge fraud was perpetrated during July 07 fiasco by some unscrupulous consulting companies who sold pre-approvevd labors like frozen pizzas. Just heat and eat.

    And I also know for sure that IV has gained enough publicity that CIS folks might be tempted to check it now and then. May be they will take notice of this thread and start investigation of all the subst labors.

    I surely am pissed as hell on somebody who came to this country in 2007, and got his/her GC by paying money for some 1999 pre approved labor. I will fight on.

    Before creating further rifts first fill in your profile and then blabber...


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  • needGCcool
    08-14 02:15 PM
    Congrats. Did you get the receipt or did your attorney first get the receipt or you both got at the same time?

    Fedex-d by law firm on 6/29.
    Package delivered on 7/2 (no idea about the time)
    Notice received 8/13

    Receipt Date : 7/2
    Notice Date: 8/6

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  • srini1976
    07-17 09:36 PM
    This is fantastic! Continue with the great work.:)


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  • jonty_11
    08-21 05:26 PM
    another surprises here though..thats how USCIS works...expect a "U" for EB2 in the Oct bulletin...We were almost there...but then its a lottery

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  • paskal
    12-20 11:07 AM
    great guy i agree. it possible to send out one mass e mail as an update about:

    1. the two campaigns, adda amember and contribute, with links
    2. chapter organizations and
    3. update on upcoming session

    this may get more people to log in and underline the urgency in this quiet time.

    those reading this: if you are still waiting..please contribute and please help with adding members.


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  • seahawks
    09-08 11:03 AM

    Sorry but do not want to be a damper... But this thread does not give me the right feeling. I have been a member of IV i think from dec 2005 and contributed quite a few hundered dollars and just like this organization as a simplistic, good non-profit orgnization with good intentions....

    But in this thread we see a taunt... which is more like we will not have numbers in DC and then some triades...

    So far whenever such type of hate comments are posted, I have noticed that the IV core/ Super moderators either close the threads or blacklist the user....

    But in this case we see periodically (i think a couple of times) that super moderators are only making comments that we need to prove numbers so join the rally....

    Sorry to say this but i feel either this stage managed ( the triades) or super moderators/ IV core are taking advantage of this thread.... Both I feel are inappropriate....

    If I am wrong in what i have stated - My apologies to Supermoderators / IV Core.... But If I am right then I think personally it is a sad day since it lowered the image of IV in front of a great admirer.

    IV does not stoop this level of staging and creating animosity. As always believe in IV and its efforts. Everyone is focussed in the rally and making it a success, there is so much behind the scenes stuff that needs to be done, IV core does not have the time to manage threads is all I would say at this time. Lets all be smart enough to ignore nay sayers. I am not a moderator, nor a core member, but I trust IV in their efforts and support and it will not change. Doubt creates confusion, let no doubt be in your mind!

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  • Mahatma
    07-10 02:53 PM
    Senthil has articulated legal basis of current system. However, many members feel agrieved by current situation. My displeasure with current law was based on my perception about principles of natural justice and a dogma that one measure (current provisions) should not negatively impact other's basic rights for happiness, equality, nondiscrimination etc. Courts could take a look at how much damage or injury is possible or actually already resulting (stalled careers, family separation, life on hold, creativity-innovation halted) in current system. Atleast it will open up healthy debate and rational measures to address genuine problems.

    Could anybody clarify as to whether counting of family members towards annual quota is mandated by congress or it is an administrative provision.

    Bill Clinton did a wonderful fix by signing AC21 which corrected many shortfalls of immigration law.

    I am personally not impacted by backlog. However, I am feeling bad enough for the failure of current sysem that overlooks human tragedies. 180-day name check fix is a commendable step by USCIS (brought about by healthy debate and do not look at this as court-imposed). As in the scientific world, peer review and criticism is taken seriously in this country. By law suit, we are trying to create peer review or honest analysis about this impasse. No body wins but the truth and humanity.

    If there is any way to open up annual quota (recapture, family members exempt from annual limit or any measure I am not aware of), automatically everybody could benefit. It may be also possible for EB3 to interfile or refile for EB2 and take advantage of old priority date and shorten the wait. There is no magic wand! We could help our administrators, law makers, law protectors and law upholders to make appropriate corrections. Hence, scientific and rational dialogue through fair and just means should be our focus.

    Let us highlight our difficulties in a logical way. Go about living normal life but stand up for something you believe in.

    Honestly, Ineed to do some research on EB3 situation and see if there is something more meaningful to share with IVians.


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  • cloud 9
    05-11 03:40 PM
    Put suggestion on Immigration Secretary's website to move back substituted labors according to substitution dates (I-140 filing)

    Hi ps3539 (Mr Genius)-->

    What should be done to people who already got their GC or Citizenship using substitute labor? Should they be kicked out of the USA?

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    09-07 11:59 PM
    good work Sherman_tribiani, i am watching this group of "highly skilled job stealer” for sometime. they merely talk and do nothing. most of them r scared to do anything. they r scared of u & me. they r not scared when they steal our jobs and we will scare the hell out these ba$tard$ to make them do in their pants before we kick them out. gheen told me about this group and he also said that not to waste my time on these job stealers as they r weak and incapable of doing anything, other than stealing our jobs and outsourcing.


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  • swamy
    11-25 01:57 PM
    !@#$%^&*(())- thats 'bump' in Michiganese - I mean waht we yell when we hit one

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  • paskal
    09-08 05:54 PM
    you have had your say.
    you have your answers
    we will now do what we have to.


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  • maddipati1
    07-17 09:31 PM
    I Bow. Well Done Iv Team.

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  • chanduv23
    08-21 04:21 PM
    Originally Posted by cableching
    I had a Fingerprint appointment for my EAD today at ASC, after the fingerptints, I went to the IO to ask about my Namecheck status, she's very nice lady, though I didn't have an Infopass appointment for any enquiry, she did offer to help. She showed me DOS Memo she just received about no more visas for India/China EB2 for this fiscal year. She did infoact show us the memo.

    She did check mine and my wife's Name Check. Luckily our name check is cleared and she told we have to just wait for the visa numbers.

    Infopass and FP are done at 2 different places. if the document is an internal memo - then the IO will NOT show it to us.

    Lets not go by this unless it is from a credible source

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    09-08 12:10 AM
    Could do our jobs why would the employers be willing to sponsor our GREEN CARDS and spend '000s of dollars to keep us :confused:


    look at the filth that is bestowed upon you from everyone -

    ur employer treats u like shit, people here don't want u here, government don't want to listen to u. disgusting. why do u even exist?

    11-17 12:12 AM
    I'm a US citizen and a friend of drona's. Just wanted to support her, and everyone else here.

    Contributed $100
    Google Order #708392475371348

    12-20 11:29 AM
    I am sorry to note that very few people have responded challange of 30k and 60K before Dec 31. Are we going to win battle with few members?

    Absolutely correct, we need more members and we need everybody to contribute atleast $20. Guys come on $20.

    1 comment: