Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • satyasaich
    08-11 10:01 PM
    what makes you think that EB3 are just graduates only? i worked in top 3 telecom company with 8 years experience before joining that company as full time employee in 2000 Jan. they started by GC process in JAn 2001.
    but they have a company policy that all will be filed as EB3 no matter what. i have my colleagues who have masters from US, but still EB3. what do you say ?

    what pisses me off is today i have more than 15 years of experience in IT , (yes Information technology only) and still in the line with EB3.
    I'm happy that atleast EB2 is moving but at the same time there must be a balance for EB3 as well. that's all my point

    (NOte: i was playing by rule so far and no regrets for that)

    because they spent those 2 years getting additional academic qualifications such as masters etc., you should have listened to your parents when they told you to study well.. didnt you play cricket then ?

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  • anurakt
    12-20 08:40 AM
    Looks like this campaign is loosing the steam..... My $500 have been waiting for two days now..... We started with 33% capital and not even at 50% ...this forum cannnot even run for 17%..... forget the next 50% we need to cover by 31st December.... Looks like I saved some money.

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  • jalaj
    05-27 11:49 AM
    If she works for a hospital which can do a H1B for her then 'Yes', but if she wabts to start up of her own, she can not petition for herself. I haven't seen any hospitals having dentists on their payrolls. Mostly it is the ER staff like cardiologists, anestheologists, surgeons.
    hi thanks.but dentist visa is usually sponsered by companies(eg. western dental centers) or small dental centers who put dentist on their payroll,like they have a setup where 5-6 dentist work. i cant start up on my own as i dont have gc so has to be can i still get under H1B masters quota

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  • sri1309
    04-10 02:17 PM
    I have applied for H1 this year and my OPT is valid for next 29 months.
    I am working for A with OPT. Now when B has filed my H1B and if it gets approved in Oct 2008, will I be able to continue to work for A for some more time using my OPT status. I dont have immediate plans to work for B on H1 B and I would probably join them in May 2009, .
    Will H1 B approval from a DIFFERENT company have any effect on MY OPT status. I know sometimes people get 2 H1bs from two companies.

    Thanks a lot in advance,


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  • needhelp!
    11-20 09:46 AM
    thanks swamy & wantgc23

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  • seekerofpeace
    08-26 07:21 PM
    Strange really strange....I am sure RD/ND had not move back and forth so those who applied in late 2007 or 2008....did get approved even though their RD/ND was not current....What nonsense is this...

    Now the other thing to worry is FP notice...mine is beyond 15 months and I am sure many are in the same the wait is longer.....FP and then again NC/BC.....what the &*#$

    This is insane....on one hand USCIS is saying it will be decades b4 ppl on EB2 and EB3 (I) will get approved and so ppl will just keep on doing biometrics /apply EAD/AP so added revenue model for USCIS



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  • amitjoey
    12-19 03:38 PM
    We have reached 40%. To reach 50% we need $6000 more. If more people can contribute, we can reach this in no time.

    The core and a lot of serious members have already contributed.

    There are 2 mind sets of people on this forum:
    1) I have contributed $500+ , I do not need to contribute $20 more, In anycase what is my
    $20 going to do?.
    2) I have never contributed, but I am ashamed of making my first contribution of only $20.
    (Although that is what I am comfortable doing at this time.)

    Both the above mindsets are wrong because If we have 7000+ members, out of which say 1000 have already contributed, that leaves us with 6000 members. If 6000 members contribute $1 each, we are at $ 6000 - 50% met.
    Now all are not going to do it.
    So you see $20 is still a good amount to start.

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  • golgappas
    11-13 03:24 PM
    Hi all:

    Thanks for all your advice and understanding. I could not post earlier as we were busy following up the case with the authorities. I have two lawyers on board and a wonderful, unexpected, child abuse NGO person helping us deal with the situation. Most importantly, the baby is in perfect condition after having everything scanned and reviewed with two pediatricians�.it is possible, as one person helping us mentioned that the rough handling may appear exaggerated on the video bcos low resolution cameras sometimes exaggerate slower movements into sudden and forceful movements (I don�t fully understand)- which is also ok w/ me as my child having been safe is more imp to the minimum she will be deported and barred from entry, or likely fully convicted and behind bars...from what I have heard till now, we will likely not be penalized as there are some protection and immunities in these cases for those who testify (and most certainly INS will never be involved)�and at most there may be some fines�
    ....and to some others who have misread a few things I mentioned: a/ the baby did not remain with the nanny for even a second after we suspected something fishy b/ we were not saving money with this nanny: 350$ (plus food, commute, and phone cards is above average here even for a legal worker. Also we selected her after observing her (and earlier another nanny) at home for 2 weeks with the baby while my mom-in-law was there and all of us had felt for some reason that she was the better one��..and to everybody with kids: no matter how much you trust your nanny, however well referenced they are- use a nannycam�.you may amazed at what you see�.there is something about having the whole house to yourself with an infant that makes some people crazy- so that their suppressed anger/envy and whatever else is hidden comes out on a poor speechless baby.

    I rarely post but I have a 9 month old baby and was really upset to hear this. I am so glad you decided to report this and commend you for it. I hpe everything works out and this awful woman can never work near children again. And if I ever consider hiring a nanny I will be sure to get a nannycam


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  • amsgc
    08-21 07:30 PM
    Thanks for your response earlier.
    I don't think you are lying, but it is possible that you may have misunderstood something. Anyway, we will know what's going on in a few weeks.
    Take it easy now.

    I really don't understand why people think I am lying????
    When I read the memo, I was more worried about my name check and whether she would check the status of it than about this, as anyhow my dates are not current. After showing the memo, she did offer to check the status.

    With all the experience our guys have with USCIS officers and staff, it's hard to belive an IO would be that helpful? But, she's and even the staff at this office is not as bad as others have experienced.

    I was even telling my wife about the behaviour and how staff at other offices behave.

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  • pappu
    09-18 12:05 AM
    You joined just one month ago and started accusing IV because they did not reply to your PM. We get several PMs, emails, phone calls everyday. We try to attend as many as possible. However we also have our jobs and life. Not every IV core member comes to the forum to post messages. There are several things we do for this cause that is not forum management work.

    If we had an office with a customer service department, we could answer everyone. If people want good customer service from IV, are they willing to provide help through their spouse who does not work and stay at home? In the last 2.5 we have posted several times, but only a handful of members offered help through their spouses to volunteer for IV. After initial start, almost all disappeared within 15 days because there was no money and appreciation by members in this volunteer effort. They preferred to find own jobs and make money. So tell me if you are willing to help out in managing our customer service 24/7?

    This is for everyone:

    Stop accusing IV if your greencard is not coming soon enough. As Admin2 said, we try to reply to people and help them. However in the last 2.5 years, we never had a single IV member calling us to thank us for helping them. This year everyone is able to file for a 2 year EAD. It was possible because of our effort during the admin fix campaign early this year. So many members are today enjoying the 2 year EAD and do not have to worry about renewing it every year. We have not heard a single member thanking us for it. While we are not here to ask for thank you notes, it is discouraging to hear members coming every week and opening threads accusing IV leadership just because visa bulletin was not in their favor. 2 months ago, some of these members were ignoring IV action item requests and only thinking about own cases and engaging in eb2 vs eb3 on the threads. Put yourself in our shoes and try to do what we are trying to do. Take out that many number of hours everyday for IV as we do. Go on your own expense to DC and meet lawmakers. Get threats from anti-immigrants and still continue to work on this effort without fear.

    There is a thread for high five campaign. How many of us have really contributed a mere 5 dollar for it? The community of more than 30 thousand has failed to raise even 5K in more than 2 months and yet we want to see results. 5K is not even enough to file one greencard case and you want to lobby with it and fight with anti-immigrants who spend millions opposing us? Where is IV membership now when we need them? Is the IV membership ready to take the blame for its failure?

    Today everyone is talking about sending clocks, letters or even has the courage to send emails to USCIS. 2.5 years ago people were scared to do any of this. Nobody was talking about employer problems or lawyer problems and willing to name them on forums. There was no action item. There was no awareness. But today we have changed all that. This is IV's biggest achievement.

    So before you start pointing fingers at IV, pose a question to yourself. Have you done enough for this cause? We need threads to translate into action and results. Your contribution for IV should not be how many threads and posts you have created but what you have done for the community.

    As we have always said, join your state chapters and if your chapter is not active, make it active. Be a leader. Use your energy to lead the effort and travel to DC and meet lawmaker offices. Meet lawmakers in your area. Make phone calls, write letters. But don't just create threads with ideas. We need people to work on those ideas.

    Remember each one of us is responsible for IV's success and failure and IV is everyone.


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  • santb1975
    11-29 11:33 AM

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  • gauravsh
    08-12 05:44 PM
    Everybody's case is different, when it comes to how they feel being a in a foreign country and hanging by a thread to get a stable status and stable life. You seem to have gotten a stable job which probably means you are better than most of the people who are working as contractors. But what matters is being on Visa, are you able to enjoy your life here? Will getting a GC help you have a better life or will you continue to lead the same life?

    I think if you believe getting a GC will help you lead a better life you should stay here - since your i140 is cleared its another 4-5 yrs wait max. On the other hand if your job here is unstable and you think you will have a better life back home, then you should move. Bangalore is a great city as long as you have a comfortable job and good pay.

    Thanks man. My decision was mainly based on the waiting period. Within 4-5 years I can get ultimate post based on my experiance at india but here I have to be in same role.
    Also I am trying to start my own IT training firm there so with gods on my side in 4-5 years that company can grow to a mid size firm.


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  • jsb
    08-18 11:12 AM
    When did you get your GC?

    I had to be persistent with my complaint with the Ombudsman. Finally I got it later in the year. When I sent my complaint in, sometime in July 08, I thought I was among the few who were left out. But this thread suggests that there are a lot who were bypassed when they gave GC's to PD's in 2005 and 2006 last year.

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  • drak70
    11-12 12:15 PM
    Hello guys,
    On the very first day with the camera, we came home and saw the recorded video to find that she is violently hitting the baby on two separate occasions.

    She is of course not going to stay with the baby alone anymore
    Hi I think you need to go to the cops for this reason

    1) You have evidence of child abuse(video of the nanny severally beating a child in state of new Jersey)

    "Approximately 18 States and Puerto Rico require all citizens to report suspected abuse or neglect, regardless of profession."

    Ref: Mandatory Reporters of Child Abuse and Neglect
    Child Welfare Information Gateway

    2) IMHO even bears responsibility of duty to warn.You have evidence that child is still being kep under care of namny who may abuse a

    Immigration and CHild abuse are different matter but they are both prosecuted by the same US attorneys. going after you for hiring an illegal alien" ie. prosecuting parents of child abuse may not be in their best interest either


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  • PlainSpeak
    04-15 09:26 PM
    You should complain about this to USCIS

    I think some one already has talked to Grassely about it

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  • shukla77
    09-14 01:32 PM
    can we have a poll as part of this thread? simple poll with the options "Yes" if sending the letter and "No" if not. We want to make sure that there is significant participation from IV members in order to see some results..

    Good luck.


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  • manand24
    07-17 08:27 PM
    Thank you IV, Thank you IV Core.

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  • tinamatthew
    07-17 06:49 PM

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  • geniousatwork
    08-13 02:52 PM

    06-15 09:36 AM
    This was the first time I participated in the event - I had no idea of what to expect and what can be achieved. I can honestly say that meeting all the people who attended the advocacy days showed me the dedication this group has and also realized that there was so much more to initiating laws and passing laws and how futile our arguments are on the forums regarding different categories in EB.

    In the meetings that I attended either the staff knew little about our problems (green card backlogs and legal immigration) or they knew of our problems and told us about the vast hurdles in the political environment that keeps popping up and derailing immigration reform. However, at no time the issue of EB1, EB2, or EB3 ever came up!! At the end of Monday, most of us met to share our experiences and as far as I can remember none of them mentioned it either. There was a lot of discussion on what the staffers wanted to know about IV and the solutions it was proposing. We were met with both understanding as well as skepticism - and I believe our job is to have more discussion with them and to make them see our point of view.

    Obviously we cannot be in DC to do this all the time, but I believe that we need to continue to keep in touch with these staffers as well as make repeated visits to the local district offices too. Two observations, many of the staffers wanted to know if we were from the district or the state that their offices represented - and even though IV tried to match this, we just lacked members from certain area, so fellow IVians, I request larger and wider participation in such efforts. Secondly, I have met with both my Rep as well as one of my Senators office locally, and when I mentioned it to the staffer in DC, she was very happy and was more receptive.

    I want to take this opportunity to Thank IV for opening my eyes to a world that I live in but never cared to understand. The road ahead for us immigrants is hard and long, but now I have started to pave the road with IV leadership. The question is will it be just few working hard and long? Or can we hope for better with 40,000 members?

    04-19 03:29 PM
    Sometimes we get approached by journalists who need a story the very next day. They are looking for specific subjects for the story though.

    An example is say the Investors Business Daily (a financial daily). A reporter might come to us and ask us if we have anyone from the Finance sector who is suffering due to retrogression and is willing to speak up about it. They might also add that we need only Eb1/Eb2 category folks.

    When this happens, we are in a mad scramble to find folks who fit this criteria so that we do not lose this chance.

    Another example might be of a Medical Journal looking for doctors stuck due to retrogression.

    We are constantly getting requests like this but cannot capitalize on it because we do not have enough stories already available to fit the criteria.

    So please send in your stories. It need not be earth shattering at all (most of us are mere mortals). You never know when a reporter is specifically looking for a story similar to yours and you might just tilt the balance in favor of skilled immigrants.

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