Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • drona
    07-06 09:03 PM
    I hope there are others out there like you, we might have already reached a century!

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  • milind70
    07-20 10:44 PM

    What I need to do now? My I-94 has wrong expiration date (I entered in US on 03/07/2007 and I got I-94 with expiration date as 01/10/2007). My attorney told me that it can be explained later. So, I've already file my 485 with a bad I-94.

    Please let me know if anything can be done or still I can do something to correct this issue.

    I have answered this for you in another thread

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  • qasleuth
    02-27 09:16 AM
    Here is the dilemma.... The Idea is great...It can change our lives But if we sit on the idea for long it will rot So DO WE TAKE ACTION or LET US WAIT FOR CORE TO COME UP WITH SOLUTION. I would suggest we form a small committee or group of people who can brainstorm and come up with possible course of actions and then present the idea to core.

    This is similar to House->Judiciary committee -> Immigration sub Committee

    idea is to analyze the situation and come up with the best solution rather than waiting for
    CORE to act on.

    Sounds like a plan. Newbie2020, does your earlier offer for a bridge still stand ? If yes, whoever is interested in attending the initial bridge call, send me a PM with your contact number and name and we will take it from there.

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  • gimme_GC2006
    08-28 03:49 PM
    ok..looks like my Luck still didnt go to Dogs yet :D

    By pure luck and fluke, I was able to get an Infopass appt for Sep 11

    There was only one appt available for the entire month of sep 08 at Tampa office.

    Hopefully I will know something concrete on EB-2 visa drainage system.LOL :)


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  • +ve
    05-16 10:04 AM
    Wanted to find out about the visa options for my wife�she will be coming to the US on an H4 visa�can a company hire her on an L1 or any other kind of visa or does she have to wait for an H1B until the next year quota opens up�She has an MBA Finance degree from Mumbai university & currently working with a multinational bank as a credit analyst�Kindly Respond.

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  • redds777
    06-09 12:34 PM
    Hi Guys

    I would like to point out a few things about the recent Lobby day we from IV did on June 6th and 7th in Washington DC.

    I am a proud participant and I am glad I did take part in it. This was my first time and I am ready to this again when needed. Initially I was skeptical about this drive like a lot of you . But after I saw the commitment and dedication of our senior members , I am encouraged and I am glad I went there to DC and I was surprised how positive was the response I got from the offices of senators and congressmen and congresswomen. There were a lot of IV members who traveled from all across the country although there were a few states from where members could not make it to DC. Thanks to all of those who attended this event and those who attended know how much positive feeling we had on those 3 days.

    In my opinion we were successful in bringing the attention of various congressmen/congresswomen and senators to the issue of employment based green card backlogs. A lot of the senators offices were already aware of what IV is doing and in some cases when we said we are from IV, They started telling why we were there and they were very supportive of our cause.

    Some of them had no idea what we were talking about. They think that there is no such thing as backlog in green cards for high skilled immigrants from some countries like India and china and Philippines etc.. We had to educate them and explain the entire green card process steps to their legal aides but towards the end they understood our issue and were supportive of our cause.

    Actually a lot of the staffers of senators and congressmen attended the Reception on capital hill on Tuesday. That also underscores the support we have there. To translate the support into more concrete legislative support in our favor, We need to organize more and increase number of members attending these events in future to have a more solid impact on them.

    I want to bring up one point very clearly. Guys there is no one in Washington DC offices talking about the difficulties we are facing other than IV organization members . We need to lobby the lawmakers much much before any legislation is drafted and taken up for debate in congress. If we think we will rise up and make some noise when the bill is tabled, we are wrong. By then we will be very very late in the game. The deals would have already be done in congress and our issues will not be addressed at all. ( that is just how business is done in Washington . If you snooze you loose) We need to rise up and take a more active role in IV by
    1. Contacting senators and congressmen in our districts and explain to them the issues we are facing , IV Can help you by providing the documentation required and any other help needed in talking to the representatives. ( you will be surprised by their support and positive response to our issues when you meet them )
    2. Register and take part in the IV state chapters meetings and discussions
    3. Donate what ever we can ( 10 , 20 , 30$ etc..) to our cause in IV . If we can not help ourselves, no one can help us .(keep in mind in DC We would need money to take up any advocacy efforts ).
    4. Participate in the lobby drives and other such events to raise awareness about our problems. Numbers really matter in DC . just posting the issues on forums will not help us although it may serve as a consolation by venting out on forums . this will not take us anywhere

    Guys please talk to your friends who are in the limbo in EB GC process and get them to actively be involved for our cause. We all will be benefited by the results from the efforts we put in. We all have day jobs at the same time we need to sacrifice some time and resources to the larger cause.
    Hope I have inspired my fellow members who are sitting on fence to actively get involved in IV and support our cause.


    Just got back to from DC and back to work. In a nutshell, it was amazing to relive the 2007 experience and reconnect with the dedicated IV members and Core team.

    More updates coming..


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  • gc_aspirant_prasad
    09-07 11:50 PM
    Guys : dont waste time replying to this guy's comments. Spend time convincing your friends to make it to DC. If you cannot go personally, sponsor someone.
    If you have Universities in your area, check with the local students if they want to go.
    Try your level best to get maximum attendance at the rally.

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  • belmontboy
    04-15 09:18 PM
    Ok lets say that F1 is changed to a dual intent visa (Which i doubt will ever happen)
    But lets say it happens then shouldn't they go to the end of the line
    Is that not the same logic used by EB2 against EB3 Porters ?

    What ever your logic the fact is currently F1 is NOT and immigrant intent visa and hence there is fraud currently. Now what happens in future is not deterministic but what is happening now is plain to see

    You should complain about this to USCIS


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  • ragz4u
    04-20 12:12 PM
    Thanks Ragz4u. We shud try and publish info like this on the website in an "Recent Updates/Activity" section. That section will give not only what IV is doing currently but also what the impact is. Now i dont know if that will have adverse consequences, but if it wont then we shud publish more such info on the site. This will convince the fence sitters to contribute and participate more actively. We have the forums on the extreme right, above or below that we shud have a "Live/Recent Updates/Activity" or a link updated as frequently as possible. There was a saying that "IV never sleeps". I think it is time that the people visiting IV and it's forums know that and know what all is going on.

    Does that sound like a good idea, or is it going to have adverse effects?

    Our admin is out for personal reasons and we are all really swamped. Will pass on your idea anyways. Thanks

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  • jitnair
    08-21 04:29 PM
    We have been fooled so many times in the past with the predictions of the visa allocation being over etc. I would take this with a grain of salt.

    Whenever someone starts the thread with a line "A friendly IO told me blah blah blah" response is *YAWN*

    Hard to believe as the very same DOS moved EB2 dates "Forward" for September bulletin. So make be some fake.

    Anyone had a chance to talk to NSC today? Did they have anything to say?


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  • PlainSpeak
    04-15 11:19 AM
    Yes, I support excluding dependents from quota.

    If you look at IV's agenda, most of the items benefit EB as a whole. The idea is to reduce number of people being part of quota. If you think in these terms, you should not have any problem in supporting "Exclusion of STEM grads" from regular quota.

    I support legal porting of EB3 to EB2 even though its detrimental to my own case. So I am not selfish like you call me :)

    As for your stand on MS F1 visa, you remind me of "rkay". He too makes nonsensical statements like you. If there was an violation of law, USCIS would have known it and plugged the loophole. If you have found some "loophole" that USCIS doesnot know, let them know.

    Please see my reply to alien007 for my rebuttal

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  • jetflyer
    04-15 08:46 PM
    View Post
    While they a burden to US for 2 years and add nothing to the economy during the same 2, years a H1B contributes to the economy in form of taxes (SS, medicare State and Federal Tax)

    Can you refute that ?????

    Your turn ...........

    PlainSpeak...F1 are not burden to US, they pay big college fees for the education.

    You know who is real burden, thats H4 visa holders like you. who have nothing to do. they just sit home eat and fight.

    you are a classic example of burden to the society.. you are spending all the time here and fighting with everyone.

    if anyone starts talking about anything, you just come and start fighting.



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  • addsf345
    05-11 04:37 PM
    You have become a citizen. What is your vested interest in pursuing this divisive discussion ?

    Stay away from IV. We don't need your inputs here.


    number30 is likely an anti-immigrant. Please ban him.

    I completely agree, I am suspicious about true intentions of Number30.

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  • FraudGultee
    04-17 09:07 AM
    not a bad idea... but mind you they will be more for undocumented workers


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  • kondur_007
    08-21 07:05 PM
    I don't realize why should anyone blame cableching...??

    It seems to me that he just shared the information that he got and the way he understood. Would anyone else have done it any differently?

    I dont think it really matters whether they have used up all visas now vs at the end of sept. Because, there were "X" number of visas to be given out and so "X" number of applicants would be chosen randomly (USCIS Lottery style..:p) and that happend...

    If at all, this is a good news, that they actually finished this lottery process and so nothing will go to waste...(It would be too bad if california Lotto comes out with a winner number ticket that does not belong to anyone!!!)

    And, we will never know whether this news is true or it is a misunderstanding on the part of cableching or the IO lady. (I personally dont think either of them are lying...but it could be a misunderstanding, especially with regard to category EB3 vs EB2). Regardless whether it is ture or a misunderstanding, we will see approvals coming through over next several months. (Just like what happened in June 07). So it is quilte likely that many of the waiting people would get their GCs if their names is picked up in the lottery!! So good luck to all...

    I also believe that such memo WILL need to be sent out to all USCIS local offices as they do process some applications in some cases (with interviews etc...) and they do need to know if all the numbers are exhausted.

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  • 485Mbe4001
    08-21 06:23 PM
    You know it might just mean that that the annual quota for I/C is over but the overflow is not a part of any quota. So EB 2 I/C should still see approvals...IMHO dont worry about the memo.

    As per one of the patrons on another thread an IO showed him a memo recieved by USCIS suggesting that all Visa numbers for EB2 India/China were exhausted


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  • GCStatus
    09-18 12:11 AM
    madhuvj or GCStatus,

    Thanks for your suggestion. But the problem is its not that simple. Here is why. If the same individual create multiple IDs on IV and post using multiple IDs, one for posting derogatory comments and others that are not derogatory, we can keep mum to a point, but then it just gets too frustrating. Like in this case, madhuvj and GCStatus is the same person posting from the same machine but posting as if you are two different individuals. Hence my posts. Please stop this and email/pm us your phone number and we will start the transition process. We are sure you will do a better job than us.

    You see, just like everyone else, we also have limited number of hours in a day. We can either spend our time looking at who is using multiple forum ids to post similar messages creating a false impression for other forum visitor, like the one projected in 'if i can be blunt' thread, or we can spend our time doing better things. Your actions are not helping anyone including yourself. Hope you understand.

    Holy cow - you got to be kidding man - This is getting hilarious. Show me proof its from same machine and same IP.

    I am sorry, i expected better from an admin. " If i can be blunt" is a genuine thread. Not a waste of time.

    Seriously, i lost all the respect after you keep making statements after statements without even backing up one of them.

    Amazingly you are still rude and i am not.

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  • paskal
    12-19 09:14 PM
    I'll second that...especially the mini celebration part :-)

    go for it iv members, let's get to 50% asap

    let us surprise ourselves with what we can do when the collective will is there!

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  • sush
    07-17 07:52 PM
    First and foremost, a Big THANK YOU to all the IV core team who along side their full time jobs were working behind the scenes in getting this done and having to go through the hecklers and naysayers.

    A big thank you to Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren in helping pass all the pain and outrage of legal immigrants to the people incharge and making them listen.

    Also last but not the least, every active member of IV who participated in the flower campaign, in San Jose rally and in actively informing media on IV projects to showcase legal immigration issues. And for keeping saner heads in the insane times.


    07-17 08:06 PM
    I thank all new contributors, I think the efforts from members in the last 2 weeks are truly inspiring.

    If you haven't done already, please consider contributing and donating some money to IV. It is entirely run from our donations (and the shortfall made up by the core team).

    Talk is cheap guys, put your money where your mouth is so we can continue fighting for us all! The battle is won, the war is far from over


    I cannot thank IV more. I just contributed $100.00 thru' Google checkout.

    Every member,

    Make sure you add a donation to IV as part of 485 filing expenses, and it'll be worth a lot more than you can imagine.

    07-17 06:58 PM
    Thanks a lot.
    You guys are great. I am very happy today.

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