Saturday, July 2, 2011

New Mitsubishi Lancer 2011

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  • nogc12
    07-17 08:49 PM
    Now we have got the attention of the law makers time to push for more change.

    Great JOB IV!!

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  • texanguy
    08-21 05:18 PM
    one more thing...

    How come a DOS memo lands on a USCIS officer's desk. It has to be a USCIS memo.

    This is totally fake...

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  • anilsal
    09-08 12:17 AM
    look at the filth that is bestowed upon you from everyone -

    ur employer treats u like shit, people here don't want u here, government don't want to listen to u. disgusting. why do u even exist?

    Wonder why your database is still under construction? Not enough skilled people around to do the so called construction? Maybe temporary workers?

    The same logic applies to every business in the US that is trying to rely on temporary workers to meet the demands of a global economy.

    Stop the following - this is my country, that is your country, this is our job, that is your job. Think of a global economy.

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  • coolmanasip
    08-22 02:09 PM
    It is great that people are having some laughing moments this friday afternoon!!....I said, by US definition - I will be republican.....!! It was a joke dudes.....good that everyone is having a light moment worrying about me!:D


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  • reedandbamboo
    09-13 11:36 PM
    1) Since the letter refers to "we" (the legal immigrants), should we be individually signing the letter?

    2) Are we going to provide our mailing address as well as email IN THE EVENT that there will be a response to our questions?

    3) What happens if there is no response?

    4) In the letter, I said action must be taken in the remaining 15 days .. BUT HOW CAN ANYTHING BE DONE AS THE STANDARD RESPONSE IS "the annual quota is exhausted" ??? i.e., there are no more visas to allocate!!

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  • iambest
    07-06 06:35 PM
    Order Number: FNM1319810

    Order Date: Friday 07/06/2007
    Delivery On: Tuesday 07/10/2007
    Delivery To: Emilio Gonzalez
    WASHINGTON, DC 20314-0001

    BTW, use this link to get 25% off


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  • a_yaja
    05-07 08:15 AM
    Yes - your application will be up for lottery as mail delivered on non-working day will be considered as mail delivered on first business day after non-working day.

    Good Luck!

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  • ujjwal_p
    12-04 03:25 AM
    Hi all:

    Thanks for all your advice and understanding. I could not post earlier as we were busy following up the case with the authorities. I have two lawyers on board and a wonderful, unexpected, child abuse NGO person helping us deal with the situation. Most importantly, the baby is in perfect condition after having everything scanned and reviewed with two pediatricians�.it is possible, as one person helping us mentioned that the rough handling may appear exaggerated on the video bcos low resolution cameras sometimes exaggerate slower movements into sudden and forceful movements (I don�t fully understand)- which is also ok w/ me as my child having been safe is more imp to the minimum she will be deported and barred from entry, or likely fully convicted and behind bars...from what I have heard till now, we will likely not be penalized as there are some protection and immunities in these cases for those who testify (and most certainly INS will never be involved)�and at most there may be some fines�
    ....and to some others who have misread a few things I mentioned: a/ the baby did not remain with the nanny for even a second after we suspected something fishy b/ we were not saving money with this nanny: 350$ (plus food, commute, and phone cards is above average here even for a legal worker. Also we selected her after observing her (and earlier another nanny) at home for 2 weeks with the baby while my mom-in-law was there and all of us had felt for some reason that she was the better one��..and to everybody with kids: no matter how much you trust your nanny, however well referenced they are- use a nannycam�.you may amazed at what you see�.there is something about having the whole house to yourself with an infant that makes some people crazy- so that their suppressed anger/envy and whatever else is hidden comes out on a poor speechless baby.

    Nice job man. I can understand this can be tricky given the immigration hoops that we have to jump through. But as the father of a toddler myself, I must tell you that you did absolutely the right thing. Its not fair, not to you and your wife, your kid nor to other little kids, for that person to have been freely roaming around. The people who inflict that kind of physical abuse on a little baby need to be taken care of without regard to other factors.


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  • eb3_nepa
    08-14 10:32 AM
    All those ppl who received receipts can you please give us 3 pieces of data

    1) Was there an LUD update on ur I-140 (Last Update Date on the website)
    2) What Service center did you guys file in?
    3) Do your recept numbers start from LIN or SRC?

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  • mjdup
    12-20 12:54 PM
    I had the first-hand opportunity to meet and see IV core members working for our cause. Really, it gives you the chill that thinking its the same GC everyone on this forum wants but the dedication with which they are approaching is amazing. There is no point talking about what we "could have done" after the congress session is over and god forbid, our bill doesn't pass through. 2008 is all about elections and the citizens, not too much of immigration will come to forefront, so please think.....

    Contributors> thanks for the contribution...

    Sideline onlookers> Till yesterday we had about 40.08% contribution and as of noon today we are only at 43.97%, contribution of 3.89% which amounts to around $2400 :) I bet we can do so much better after all we are so called "high skilled" immigrants....

    please step up and let's not make it a beg !

    T I am not a core member, but I trust these guys, they have been working hard putting in their own hard-earned money for travelling, and carrying out IV work. At this point, IV really needs two things, more members and more FUNDS . IV needs you to contribute, even if it is $20


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  • sugaur
    12-05 06:21 PM
    If it were for some of the antiimmigrant folks, my friend you (sugaur) wouldn't be here a day longer. you would be "out" in a wink from this country. so dont consider yourself too supportive of anti-immigration. Even citizens are favoring resolving the ilegal immigration crisis by granting some legality to those who are here ilegally. Dont support ilegal immigration but atleast dont bash those who show support to resolving this crisis. you and me are mere temporary visitors here. please remember that your country is not this. you are here seeking prosperity and so are they. this country has a way of dealing with them and us and neither has been satisfactory so far. So my friend why side with one and sound righteous? Sympathy is universal and is shown even to the person going to be hanged. If ilegal immigration was such a big crime then why are the united states citizens debating about granting green cards to 11 million of these people here????? these people are neighbours and have been dependent on each other since ever.let us not meddle in their affairs. they assimilate better into the american culture than us.

    1. I am not anti immigration, I am anti illegal immigration. You may not see a difference between the two but I assure you there is one. And no one can make me leave 'in a wink". Why? Because I am not illegal.
    2. You are wrong in beliveing that majority of Americans want some amnesty for illegals. They dont, although some policticians have clearly made political calculations and believe that the demography of illegal immigrants will favour them in the polls.
    3. You may believe that you are a temporary visitor here. This is home for me.
    4. I just side with what I believe is right. That may sound being righteous to you.
    5. Your sympathy is misguided again when directed towards condemend criminals. It should be directed towards there victims. I am curious, will you have sympathy for Kasab if he is hanged?

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  • seekerofpeace
    08-26 03:46 PM
    You are right.....even if EB2 PD becomes current and it takes 3 years for TSC dates to move forward to our ND dates....we are not going to have approval before then. So my earlier logic that being current on the basis of PD is meaningless unless you have ND which is current.

    You rightly said that there are thousands of applicants with ND prior to you and they will be handled prior to your case............unfortunate but that is true.....and ofcourse preadjudication is a myth as usual...



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  • svn
    04-24 08:26 PM
    Dear friends, as I read all of your stories, I cannot help but relate it to mine. Even as I write this though, I am in the middle of a dilemma - I am being offered a promotion to a Director position and I cannot decide whether to accept it or not.

    I have been in the US for over eight years on an H1 and have been working for a Fortune 20 firm as a Manager for the last four. My company applied for my Labor Cert back in Dec 2002 and while it cleared State in May 2003, the application was stuck in Federal processing for more than a year. Just as it seemed like they were getting to applications that had been transferred in during May 2003, the BEC took over and I literally felt like the rug had been pulled from under my feet! It's been almost two years since then, but I have seen no progress at all - zero, nada, zilch!

    Meanwhile, I have been working hard at my company sorting my way through leadership changes, reorgs and changes in vision and strategy. While all of my colleagues and friends were applying to new positions and getting promoted, I lay low. Four years in the same job - I can tell you that is a looooong time! It isn't just that work starts to become a drag but also life itself seems to be in limbo and the frustration of the wait starts to spill over into personal life.

    I got married two years ago and my wife, bless her heart, has been making a valiant effort to keep busy and pursue other interests, since she is on H-4. However, I know she can't wait to start working.

    As all of you know, it takes a lot to succeed in the US economy and be recognized, but I have worked hard. Not only have I paid taxes for 8 years, but I also feel like I have paid my dues. I have an MBA from a top b-school and skills that are in demand. I cannot help but wonder, whether we are meant to waste our lives away?? You start feeling like a second-class human. I know I can always go back to my home country but I have invested a lot of my life here. We need justice!

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  • sugaur
    12-07 12:07 AM
    I think it all boils down to this scenerio
    you have a seriously injured uninvited person in your front lawn about to die. what are you gonna do ?
    Some people would want that 'problem' to go away and some would want to help the person. Our actions make what we are ..
    BTW if anyone is interested, child birth generates 9 dols (measure of pain) of pain and at 10 dols a person dies. 9 dols is maximum pain a human being can suffer.

    Take your pick.

    Guys, we are all educated here and I believe have a higher IQ than your average Joe. So why dont you see that this is not about helping a fellow human being in need. Everyone should do that. The sheriffs dept took her to the hospital to ensure that in case there is any complication, things could be take care of. Why? Because its the law and the majority in this country respect the law. No one, even illegals, can be denied emergent care. This would not happen if she were in Mexico or India. No free medical care there, and no one gives a shit about the rights of prisoners there. So what happens next? This woman, WHO HAS NO BUSINESS BEING IN THIS COUNTRY, goes to her advocacy group who arrange to have an article in the news that tries to portray this as if the sheriff forced her to deliver in a prison. This is all to garner sympathy for the illegal immigrant. We should know better and see through their guile. The illegal lobby is the main reason why there is no chance for meaningful reform for legal immigrants to be passed. They insist on linking us to them.
    If every one decides to choose for themselves which law they will obey and which they will ignore, society can not exist. And as I pointed out in my previous post, this woman has a history of repeated violations of the law and is NOT a victim that this biased article tries to portray her as.
    And your theory about child birth leading to near death like pain is absolutely baseless. Pain is a subjective phenomenon and what is expireinced as a 9/10 by some hysterical yuppy, will be a 0 to others. Childbirth is a NATURAL phenomenon. Ask your grandma and she will tell you how every one delivered without epidurals and caeserians at her time.


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  • insbaby
    11-11 05:36 PM
    I wonder where does people come up with such detailed info from. federal felony, lose your property , wow!!!! Even big corps hiring illegals getting away with just fines. Law Enforcement do not worry about the immigration status of the person. I know 2 incidents where my friends got in to car accidents with illegals . the other parties had no license, No id and No insurance. In both cases the cops weren't even bothered about their immigration status even though it was clear that they are illegals. cops gave ticket in some pseudo name they gave and they got away with no trace left.

    Yes. Thats a little strong vocabulary. But he is not completely incorrect.

    When cops caught illegals, what you have mentioned is correct. The situation is very different when they see a legal, non-immigrant commiting a very small violation. You will see a more strong vocabulary from them which you could not get meaning in any dictionary. Of course, you can get out of this, but not by yourself, but after paying a lot to a lawyer.

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  • freedom2007
    03-24 07:50 AM
    Im going to India on vacation for 2 months. I could not get my passport corrected in US as I need to travel to India in a week.
    What is the procedure in India for getting this corrected ? Would i need the Newspaper clipping from Local US newspaper here..? I was not sure of this. Please help me.


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  • r_mistry
    07-22 10:41 AM
    Hello Everybody,

    This is my story,

    1 - Came to US on B2 (visit visa) in October, 1999. My legal stay way valid till April, 2000
    2- Found an employer and in March, 2000 filed for H1B/extension of stay. Lawyer at the time told me that since we filed H1 i don't need to file any other extension of stay
    3- August, 2000 received approval notice of my H1 but approval notice mentioned start date of October, 2000 rather than March, 2000 as requested in the petition and approval notice did not have the I-94 card attached with it meaning they did not change my status. Appealed the decision and got some feedback from USCIS that they will look into this. Started working for the company in October, 2000. In January, 2001 Company received another notification from USCIS but I was never provided the copy so not sure what was the decision and was told all is fine but never provided the final approval notice. When i checked case status back in January 2001 it said case approved and approval notice sent. However when I check online case status now I see following,

    Current Status: Cable sent to American Consulate or port of entry notifying them of approval.
    On September 7, 2001, the appropriate American Consulate or port of entry was notified of the approval of this case. Please contact them directly if you need more information.

    4 - In 2002 transferred my H1 to new company and got the approval with new I-94 card without any issues.

    5- In 2004 transferred my H1 to another company without any issues and I�m with that company since then. They filed my labor, I-140 which has been approved and now ready to file I-485. Lawyer of this company wants to attach the approval notice of my first H1 from 2000 with I-94 card attached to it showing proof of my change of status which i don't have. I have approval notice without I-94 card from 2000.

    6- I also left the country in 2006 and went to Canada for two weeks and then came back in the same month without any issues.

    Current lawyer is fling I-485 without my first approval notice from 2000. Do you think this would cause issues or generate RFE for I-485? I heard that once you leave the country and re-enter legally all previous status issues if any are put to rest, I left the country in July 2006 and re-enter in the same month?

    Please provide your input on my case...many thanks!!!

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  • rameshraju11
    12-05 02:36 AM
    Hello Ronhira,

    If some orphan or homeless break your front door and enter into your house, would you allow him to stay with your family on Humanity basis ?

    Why first of all INTENTIONALLY she entered other's territory ?


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  • santb1975
    11-27 11:24 PM
    Thank you. That makes it $1181 so far

    Just sent in $50 to thru paypal.

    02-02 09:16 PM
    Is there a USCIS URL/publication that explains the following? Thanks.

    These should be USCIS rules like IRS rules. Everyone should be entitled to see them like IRS rules.

    If you have 140K visas, how many go to
    EB2 ROW, EB2 India, EB2 China, EB2 phillipines
    EB3 ROW, EB3 Indian, EB3 China, EB3 Phillipines?

    What happens with EB1 has unused visas? How do they flow?
    What happens with EB2 has unused visas? Where do they go?

    07-06 03:31 PM
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