Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • skarthy
    11-27 04:41 PM
    Hi ,
    My wife is in this situation where she would like to travel to Canada to see her sister.
    We applied for 485 and have got out EAD( did not apply for AP, thinking of appying now.)
    She has a H1B stamping from her old employer's H1, valid till 2009. She moved to a new company and the H1 there is pending.

    Can she travel to Canada and comeback showing her old stamping ?

    Are we abandoning the current H1 if we go out while its pending ?

    She just wants to see her sister and they wont let them visit either. :(

    Thanks a bunch for your time.

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  • seebi
    10-16 03:55 PM
    Anybody else from Philly, Harrisburg etc. who are interested in this meeting, kindly PM your contact info. Thanks.

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  • fromnaija
    09-09 10:18 AM
    If you are in the process of applying for H1 through another employer, you may be safe. As with everything USCIS, H1 revocation takes couple of months before it is approved. So in the interim you may get your new H1 approved before the previous employer's revocation sails through.

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  • fittan
    03-20 12:40 PM
    No problem. AC21 doesn't care about location change and some salary change won't raise any red flag. Since your title and job duties are the same, you're all set.


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  • wc_user
    07-30 02:18 PM

    I took an infopass appt for EAD pending more than 90 days. Both my EAD and my wife's EAD is pending for more than 90 days. Should I take 2 different appointments or can we both go in the same appointment.


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  • justin150377
    06-28 10:03 PM


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  • ramaonline
    07-29 12:21 PM
    You can post the request on
    Indian Blood Donors (

    Also contact their volunteers:
    Other Blood Helplines (

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  • sbmallik
    05-15 04:09 PM
    What the denial notice says? Your options are to file a new H-1B ... in the meantime please appeal the case immediately as this will buy time.

    Regarding other options, you can either re-enter US on B-1 or visit a consulate and get H-4 stamped.


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  • gc_kaavaali
    07-09 12:45 PM
    thank you very much for all your replies.

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  • milind70
    08-25 09:34 AM

    I have lost one of the old H4 I797 originals of my spouse. What is the process for getting a duplicate of it. I saw somewhere that I824 needs to be applied. But not sure of below doubts.

    1. Who should apply I824? employer or individuals ( in this case myself)?
    2. If employer need to apply, should it be current employer?
    3. how long does it generally take?
    4. Is it ok if I dont know the approval number as I dont have a copy of the I797.
    5. What other documents are required?

    Please help


    AFAIK old H4 797 is not important. My wife we did not have a 797 when we came here initially, also we had also lost her old H4 797 (but we had photo copies).Her 485 was approved without any RFE


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  • snathan
    02-28 11:35 PM
    For tax purposes you are resident of state where you reside. For best opinion you can check with the international students center at your school. It is not illegal to attend classes online if your school allows you the option. Again for best advise contact international center they are supposed to guide you to keep your status legal.

    What about TVU case?

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  • beautifulMind
    07-26 09:56 AM
    labor is indeed more than 1 year old. Are you completely sure about this rule since having an approved 140 gives you a 3 year extemsion


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  • immi2006
    01-05 10:02 AM

    Without much emphasis - will this not add weight atleast to show what the Tech companies have the power ? The founders are immigrants

    Link # 0
    San Jose Mercury News (CA) January 4, 2007 Section: Front


    Sudhakar Muddu left everything familiar in his homeland of India in 1990 to attend Yale University on a post-graduate scholarship. He later worked for IBM and Silicon Graphics.

    Link # 1
    California Can Thank Google For Budget Windfall
    (AP) SACRAMENTO Someday, this era may simply be known as The Google Years.
    California, whose budget revenue slides up and down like a yo-yo with changes in capital gains and stock options, is once again counting on outsized income tax filings from a handful of tech executives to help balance its budget. For this wave, California can largely thank Google Inc.
    After cashing in more than 9 million shares valued at $3.7 billion last year, 16 Google insiders will owe the Golden State as much as $380 million in taxes -- enough to cover the salaries of more than 3,000 state workers. - And countless other employees in Silicon Valley,

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  • ImmiUser
    11-30 05:17 PM

    I am a Doctor and working on EAD. I have a dependent EAD through my husband and PD is June 2002 EB3. As I am eligible to file under EB2, therfore just wanted to know if it is feasible to start my own GC processing under EB2 while working on EAD which was filed under EB3 category ? If its feasible to file another GC then would like to get further clarifications on below few points

    1) Would I be able to port my old priority dates (June-2002) or do I have to file altogether a new application ?

    2) Could there be any intruption to my current EAD or to my husband's EAD by filing a new GC application ?

    3) If I won't be able to port old EB3 priority dates, is it still adviseable to file new GC application under EB2 ?


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  • rameshvaid
    04-03 09:05 PM
    I also mailed the letter but no response from anyone.


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  • EkAurAaya
    11-12 04:23 PM

    Generally, adjustment of status applicants must obtain Advance Parole (Form I -131, Application for
    Travel Document) from USCIS prior to leaving the United States or else their applications are
    deemed abandoned. H-1 and L-1 nonimmigrants (and their H-4 or L-2 dependents) are now exempt
    from this requirement. Previously, they were required to present a receipt for their adjustment
    application at the time of readmission to the United States following foreign travel. This final rule
    eliminates the unnecessary burden of presenting this receipt since the application information in the
    receipt is in USCIS databases available to immigration inspectors and adjudicators.


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  • lotsofspace
    12-31 01:32 PM
    Now that it is 180 days Since Jul 2nd and some of us are thinking about AC21. Some are invoking AC21 and sending the documentation as soon as they change jobs and others are thinking of not informing the CIS (AFAIK Informing CIS is not mandatory as per AC21).

    A friend of mine changed jobs 3 times after filing I485 never informing the CIS and got his GC without any RFE. He has the luxury of the lawyer who originally filed the I485 work with him and the company never revoked I140(because they laid him off). Another friend sent the documentation about invocation of AC21 and got RFE.

    It is expressed in other related threads to start a poll so that we can have an idea of trends in AC21 usage.

    This is a simple poll.


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  • wandmaker
    05-28 10:52 AM
    Can I renew my EAD even after it s expired?

    YES, as long as your I-485 is pending

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  • martinvisalaw
    07-03 12:39 PM
    The clear language of the regulation says that you must be in valid H status when leaving in order to return in that status. Unfortunately, this doesn't apply to your wife.

    09-05 10:09 PM
    I am writing here for the first time.
    My checks got encashed only for EAD/AP.
    I filed concurrently I140/485 and PD is 2006.
    Can some one tell if this is normal?

    This is thread for I-485 status check with USCIS customer service !!!

    04-15 12:01 PM
    Graduated from college last year, finally found a job that I really like. Currently on OPT. Just curious to know how long will it take for employer to apply for labor and I-140.

    I know most of you are thinking - "are you mad, esp with current gc situation? " the thing is I like it here. My relatives and friends are here. I am hoping that with so many people stuck in the gc process, somebody has to fix it soon - and I (& other newcomers) will benefit from better immigration policy.

    can any one let me know how long the initial stages take currently?

    the answer lies in your id. :D

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