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  • RDB
    11-20 02:41 PM
    I am sure you have already tried this, but is renting it out not a good option? Even if you rent it out for half the price than your current monthly mortgage amount and if you get a salary hike of approx that much difference, won't it be better? For e.g., let's say you are paying $2000 monthly mortgage payment and you rent it out for $1000, the difference is $12000 per year (out of your pocket) - would this be approx. equal to the amount of salary increase you are getting if you get a new job?

    Thanks for the feedback so far from people on this group.
    Answering to the question about making bad decision and having a good job..well it is not my bad decision that has brought down the whole market but the banks and stupid people who took loan and didnt knew the consequences of ARM loans and then started filing for foreclosure.. because of those foreclosures the property rates have went down and i cannot get what i paid for the house.
    if this whole mess was not there then anyone can find a good job and sell his house, if not profit then atleast with no loss..

    i hope u got my point..

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  • mohican
    01-13 04:31 PM
    I read the ombudsman update...

    Have been trying to upload the file, but get an error even though it is within the specified size.

    I wanted to see if others got the same denial notice...

    mine explicitly states "There is no appeal for this decision" that standard or unique to my case

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  • rcr_bulk
    08-25 05:01 PM
    Vonage was just responding to the competition.

    Lingo has a world plan which included unlimited calling to 30 countries( India not included)
    India calls were just 2 cents per minute. I switched to Lingo from Vonage 2 months back. Sensing this mass exodus, vonage came up with an even more aggressive plan.

    Competition is good !
    How is your experience with Lingo customer service. Last year, I tried to switch to Lingo and the lady at customer service is very rude. She is so tired to answer questions and asked me to get all from website. I stopped switching to them.

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  • walking_dude
    10-31 03:49 PM
    It's possible that USCIS may issue a NOID instead of straight denial, when I-140 is withdrawn by the employer, if they have AC21 letter in the file. (It's a possibility, not 100% guarantee.)

    With a RFE/NOID you can continue to work while getting the issue resolved. Not so with the denial. You can't work till the issue is reloved, and you need to file MTR (costlier than a RFE). So it's basically a matter of risk-reduction though it always doesn't produce the expected results.

    I am sorry if I am bit late on this forum. Why even inform USCIS when you use AC21? There is no rule stating that you have to inform them , so why do it?


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  • coolduggar
    09-10 04:21 AM

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  • cnachu2
    11-03 09:34 AM
    I sent letters to all including VSC. Can u please request to send letters to VSC also. Sicne there are some petetions yet at VSC, ofcourse mine is also at VSC.


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  • americandesi
    03-26 02:53 PM
    I was thinking exactly like you until she educated me on this yesterday.

    The problem with the EAD is you are invoking AC21. There are several possible problems here including

    1. Complying with AC21 requirements of job code, 180 days after 485 RD, etc.

    2. Invoking AC21 without 140 approval. This is not against the law, but is risky in case of a 140 RFE.

    There are more reasons, but these ought to provide enough clarity on the problem. It is in the employer's interest to ensure that the candidate does not have any such issues; issues which will lead to termination of employment. The Recruiter cannot check DOL job codes and USCIS documents. That is the job of Legal which means $$$.

    So if the hiring manager does not have a budget for these extra costs or if he has an equally good candidate who is a GC holder or a citizen, it is easier to go with him or her.

    Agreed. But EAD doesn’t apply to EB based immigrants alone. There are hundreds of thousands of family based immigrants who use EAD until their status gets adjusted and I-140/AC21/180 days etc. are not applicable to them. Same applies to the spouses of EB applicants. In such cases it’s a waste of time/money for the company to consult with the legal department.

    I believe it’s the responsibility of the EAD holder to communicate what he expects from the new employer (like AC21) after which the company could decide whether to go with the legal department or not. Just assuming that all EAD cases fall under I-140/AC21/180 days etc. is plain ignorance.

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  • fatjoe
    10-27 09:50 AM
    Congrats again cali.
    I could understand how much anxious and desparate you were. I guess you were the only one to try numerous ways to stand up for your right. I greatly appreciate your perseverence. Update us, when you get your card on hand.


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  • Robert Kumar
    03-29 05:33 PM
    Based on your calculations , Experts, please let us know what to expect, if 12000 GC are released for EB2. Where will the cutoff come and stop..
    Can you please post that link that shows how many are waiting year-wise.

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  • vicsthedude
    09-24 11:10 PM
    My turn to share the most anticipated emai. I got it today.


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  • mallu
    10-17 10:42 PM

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  • amitjoey
    07-11 02:03 AM


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  • gsvisu
    07-11 12:44 PM
    I just spoke with Xiyun Yang from Washington Post and conveyed thanks for covering a detailed article. She expressed that there is attention being drawn by many quarters including political for "Skilled LEGAL Immigrants".

    Also we need to emphasize & communicate is the "increased fees" (almost doubled in many cases) for all USCIS services effective end of this month (July 30). Is this the penalty to be legal ?

    The rallys and campaigns should emphasize this important detail too. This is huge money and not fair to the amount of service that is being currently provided.



    What are your comments guys ?

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  • goel_ar
    03-29 10:46 AM
    I wish it should be current or atleast near to current.

    i wish i could grant your wish.


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  • pappu
    11-22 07:52 PM
    Aliens and Nationality - 8 USC Section 1571

    Sec. 1571. Purposes

    (a) Purposes
    The purposes of this subchapter are to -
    (1) provide the Immigration and Naturalization Service with the
    mechanisms it needs to eliminate the current backlog in the
    processing of immigration benefit applications within 1 year
    after October 17, 2000, and to maintain the elimination of the
    backlog in future years; and
    (2) provide for regular congressional oversight of the
    performance of the Immigration and Naturalization Service in
    eliminating the backlog and processing delays in immigration
    benefits adjudications.
    (b) Policy
    It is the sense of Congress that the processing of an immigration
    benefit application should be completed not later than 180 days
    after the initial filing of the application, except that a petition
    for a nonimmigrant visa under section 1184(c) of this title should
    be processed not later than 30 days after the filing of the

    also see

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  • ramus
    06-29 05:02 PM

    Don't USCIS clearly say that they expect more application to receive because of july visa bulltin?

    Now what suddenly happened that they decided to change dates..


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  • smisachu
    01-02 02:20 AM
    I have an appointment at Kolkata on the 11th. Scheduled to fly back to US on the 26th. Considering Martin Luther king Jr day it will be 9 working days. After seeing the PIMS delays, I am seriously considering return back on AP. Cannot take the risk of delaying the flight as I dont have vacations to hang around and wait for PP.

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  • vg1778
    10-01 02:17 PM
    Called USCIS...same reply ...check after one week.

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  • babu123
    03-29 02:40 PM
    My priority Date is EB2 May 2006. I will be current if the dates got moved.
    I will be out of the country for the entire month of May.
    Please let me know if it is acceptable to be out of the country during 485 approval.
    Also please let me know what I need to do at the port of entry.

    06-21 09:32 AM
    I have the exact same questions. Could some one please answer these.

    1. On application form I-765, Question No 11.Have you ever file for EAD?

    I have mentioned it as "Yes" (I have applied for my OPT)

    2. On application form I-765, Question No 11. Date(s)? Which dates to be used, please specify ?

    (EAD notice)

    3. On application form I-485, page2, part 3, What is Nonimmigrant visa number? Is it the RED number (8 digit) on visa or the control number(14 digit)

    4. On application form G-325A, Biographical information. Applicatan's residence last five years. List present address first. I have specified address for three years and six lines are filled and I could not show the last five years, so how should I show last five years of my residence on the form (should I attach a paper with the remaining address, please specify)

    5. On application form G-325A, Biographical information. Applicant: Be sure to put your name and Alien Registration Number in the box outlined by heavy border below.

    Should I write in English or in my native language and what should I write for Alien Registration Number.

    Any suggestions and inputs on the above questions should help.


    06-15 02:02 PM
    We are in US for past 7 years in H1B. Since the priority dates are current now we are ready to file I485.

    3 years back my wife's status went out of status for 7-8 months when my employer renewed the visa's they forgot to do H4 and we didn't noticed it.As soon as we found it our attorneys did the Amended H1 and got her H4 status back to current.Since then her status is current..will there be any issue because of that when we apply 1485,EAD for her.

    Please let me know ...



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