Tuesday, June 28, 2011

60s hairstyle

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  • Circus123
    06-28 06:51 PM
    Can someone advise on this please ?

    It is kinda urgent :)

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  • anonimo
    05-05 10:00 PM
    Hello, I apologyze for not giving my name away first of all, secondly I need to know what my options are if my father and mother who are permanent residents in the USA can file an I-130 for me? They obtained their legal status thru the department of labor but at the time they were approved I was already 21 years of age (the whole process started in 2000and lasted for 5 years or so); one lawyer told me that I cannot do anything since I was over 21 but I just have been in a different lawyer who told me that yes I can adjust my status thank to a grandfather law that can help me to achieve my goal in working legally in this country. I am an unmarried daughter and 27 years of age at this time.

    I just don't want to spend those $5,500 can this lawyer is asking me for his services, I appreciate very much your replies and my family will too

    Again, thank you

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  • sg2409
    08-27 10:17 AM
    It seems that the TSC is processing the applications in the alphabetical order of the state. The info is based on some chinese forum. I am not sure how true the info is.

    Are there any one from New York/New Jersey who have already got the receipt numbers? I have filed from NY and no info yet on our I-485. BTW, I am a july 2nd filer.

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  • cantonsale10@gmail.com
    09-29 09:01 PM

    My priority date is August 2004 EB-3-India.
    In USCIS Website, my 485 case status and Ead status got updated dated september 4 2010.

    What does this mean by anyway with respect to mygreencard process.Plz help.



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  • clif
    10-07 07:13 PM
    I am EB2-India and my priority date (End-April 2006) is current since the beginning of September 2010. My case was transferred from Texas center to Newark, NJ in 2008. I haven't heard anything from the Newark office since my date becoming current and it's over a month now. Is this normal? Please advise.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • gk_2000
    11-19 02:08 PM
    There is this para from Ron Gotcher's web-site:

    Typically, visa backlogs are reduced by issuing visas and thus removing people from the demand list. In this case, the movement is due to decreased demand � people with approved petitions on the waiting list simply aren�t applying for visas.

    (Whole article here: Home - Information from the December Visa Bulletin (http://www.immigration-information.com/forums/content/190-information-december-visa-bulletin.html))

    The article says that dates have moved forward because the people whose dates are current, have not applied for their visas

    And suppose we could do the same -- if no one applies the gc even once the PD is current, there will be forward movement.... then WHAM! In one go, all could apply

    Anyway, just a thought (or you may call pipe dream :) )


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  • mamsie1
    07-14 12:28 PM
    I have an H1B approval from USCIS, and I am trying to go to Canada for the initial visa stamping. But then i have a problem. I initially entered the country as a visitor, and married a citizen, but only after my I-94 had expired for about a week. (My petition is still pending. The company I am working for could not wait for my greencard, since its already been years since I started that process, so they went ahead and applied for the H1B visa for me). I heard that it is a problem to do the visa stamping in Canada if you have been out of status before. Is it advisable to go to Canada for the visa stamping?

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  • some_guy
    10-17 05:42 PM
    My application reached on July 17th but still no receipts received. Called USCIS saying its already 90 days. They took my data and gave me a referal number and asked me to call back after 1 month again... :(

    They dint even check whether my data is entered into the system or not.


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  • ravi98
    04-28 08:05 AM
    Here's a thought!
    Why not install a microchip into every elected official, so that they are never ever tempted to do anything wrong ............. this way they truly will be working for the american people instead of themselves.

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  • vishwak
    02-11 12:59 PM
    Already he is doing Business.

    Whats wrong in doing another business.....


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  • Blog Feeds
    01-05 08:10 AM
    When historians try and get in to the nitty gritty of how the Republican Party went the way of the Whigs, they might have a chapter on the GOP's pushing of this issue. There is ZERO chance birthright citizenship is going to be stripped from the Constitution. The reason it is being considered is to score points with far right wackos and don't they always vote Republican anyway? Ah, but in the days when the wackos can dump a moderate GOP member in a primary, there's really no choice is there? A lot of thoughtful conservatives are pretty conflicted on...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2011/01/and-here-we-go-birthright-citizenship-latest-immigration-wedge-issue-to-move-front-and-center.html)

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  • raghug
    05-14 04:02 PM
    hi, my wife's ead expired in 2008 and did not get it renewed as she is a housewife and is not going to work. we got her ap renewed thouht and travelled out of usa. my question is when we re-enter usa will the port of entry officials ask for a valid ead for my wife for allowing re-entry. or just valid ap is enough for re-entry.


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  • f1togc
    12-18 05:07 PM
    are you ROW?

    pls check the monthly US visa bulletin for priority dates info.

    EB3 ROW 01MAY05
    EB3 India 01OCT01


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  • uslegals
    01-10 09:02 AM
    Admin - please block this SPAM from "Occamnben"..


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  • rajeshkrv
    02-17 09:39 AM

    what is the process of recapturing the days which i did not spend in US on this H1.
    ie vacation etc

    I'm approaching my sixth year completion, Labor is pending with DOL

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  • foobar2001
    02-09 01:10 AM
    My friend is an F1 student (citizen of India) who has been in the US for 3 years as a grad student. She has paid US taxes on stipend/fellowship received from US university while pursuing grad studies (filing taxes as a non resident in US, since the first 5 years on F1 are not counted towards substantial presence test).

    Does she need to also pay taxes on this stipend in india, or report this income in india? AFAIK, no taxes need to be paid in India on this US stipend, but I couldnt find any authoritative reference online.

    Am asking, since someone I know recently got a letter from IT dept in india saying that the US authorities reported $10K of income when that person was a student (this was a fellowship from the university) - and the letter goes on to ask the person to meet someone at the indian IT department.



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  • hlangmo
    June 11th, 2005, 10:13 AM
    Here are a few pics from a boat trip i had yesterday.

    Hope you like them

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  • nomi
    12-28 03:58 PM
    Hi , My wife is on h4 visa and I want to file H1B for her and she has It experience of 3 years .Please guide whats the procedure .

    It should be same the way you get your H1 visa.

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  • Blog Feeds
    07-28 06:10 PM
    From DHS Deputy Press Secretary Matt Chandler: �The court�s decision to enjoin most of SB1070 correctly affirms the federal government�s responsibilities in enforcing our nation's immigration laws. Over the past eighteen months, this Administration has dedicated unprecedented resources to secure the border, and we will continue to work to take decisive action to disrupt criminal organizations and the networks they exploit. DHS will enforce federal immigration laws in Arizona and around the country in smart, effective ways that focus our resources on criminal aliens who pose a public safety threat and employers who knowingly hire illegal labor, as well as...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/07/dhs-weighs-in-on-boltons-decision.html)

    04-07 04:04 PM
    If you have receipt # you can check the status on uscis.gov, you can also call their 1-800 # to check what's going on with this application.

    Blog Feeds
    10-26 11:52 PM
    Regular readers of this blog know that I get upset easily when I hear about how anti-immigration policies negatively impact military families. Soldiers who put their lives on the line to preserve the American way of life deserve better. The Los Angeles Times writes about Frances Barrios, the wife of US Army Spc. Jack Barrios, a soldier just back from Iraq. The Guatemalan-born Frances is facing deportation because she entered the US illegally. She came when she was just six years old. Frances and Jack have a one year old daughter and a three year old son. Jack is suffering...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2009/10/its-about-respecting-the-american-soldier.html)

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