Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • FSL
    08-21 06:44 PM
    Hello Everyone great community here and very useful information.

    Received the email from Cris I-140 approved today.

    I just would like to know how long it should generally take for I-485 approval. Now visa's were current when I file I485. What is the status now do I have to wait for visa's to be current again? Sorry for lack of knowledge GC process takes so long sometimes its good to just forget about it :)

    Here is the data:

    H1 8th year still current :)
    EAD 07/07
    AP 07/07
    PD AUG 2003 EB3 Retro
    I-140 Approved Today
    FP 10/07
    I-485 pending since 07/07 ???????????????????
    AC21 Invoked 04/08

    Anyone in the same boat? Appriciate any responces.

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  • sagar_nyc
    11-25 09:10 PM
    try to look for dates in late night/ early morning , i think that time they open new slots and it gets fillled up quick
    What do one have to do to get a visa appointment in one of the US embassy's in Canada?

    I have been trying to get a visa appt for last 6 weeks and I just could not. Any ideas are welcome. Please advice.

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  • actaccord
    01-17 12:43 PM
    comes up in next two years (or till unemployment goes down) will not be +ve for immigration community. Now immigration topic is of political score point not like before where there is reasonable debate was happening.

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  • apb
    08-30 06:41 PM
    If there is a anti immigration material in any website, instead of pointing a link to it, it is better to copy paste the content here. This way we can avoid HITs to the website. The reverse could be done for pro-immigrant news/articles etc where the link will help us to post comments on the news website directly.
    Of course there are some sites where registration is required and you can copy the content in that case for the benefit of others.


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  • georgemonster
    04-26 07:54 PM
    yep me like too. I was expecting one of those Richard D James little girls though, from come to daddy.
    Good Good.

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  • chrisclick
    08-22 08:47 AM
    Agree with blazes.... A lime for LimeLine ;)


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  • ragz4u
    03-27 10:32 AM
    Anyone wanting to follow the live updates from the Judiciary Committee hearings on Immigration, please go here

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  • admin
    02-10 05:58 PM
    The House of Representatives Committee on Government Reform held a full committee hearing on February 9, 2006, to address issues important to U.S.
    national interests especially with reference to the recent American Competitiveness Initiative. Here is the report on it.


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  • EndlessWait
    07-09 10:41 AM
    Any homies in the da house..make some noise!.

    Lets pick a date July 14th?

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  • rsrikant
    12-15 11:00 AM

    I wanted to now how you guys are going about AP and I94 renewals.

    If we use AP to come to US, then our I-94 is valid only for 1 year i.e till AP expires.. So, if we apply for AP renewal, what will happen to I-94? Do we need to renew it? If yes, what is the procedure?

    And, If we have a valid H4 visa for 2 more years but started working on EAD, when we enter into US, do we need to use AP for sure or can use H4 as it is still valid? If we use H4, will our EAD become invalid?

    Please let me know.



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  • rajpath
    01-10 03:15 AM
    Hi All,

    Please share your experience. This is quite urgent. My H1B(8+ year) is expiring, and my company is willing to file H1B with Engg manager role. My previous H1B or extension was files for software engineer. My GC(EB2) is filed as Software engineer, with PD as Jan 2006.

    1) Now is it ok to file H1B with new title? What if H1B gets rejected?
    2) How does this title change affect GC? Can the GC be cancelled because the title has changed or H1B gets rejected? The engg manager role is similar to software engneer role, except people responsiblities.
    3) If the H1B gets accepted, then is there still a danger to GC? Do they verify GC papers before approving H1B?

    Thank you, Raja

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  • omega
    06-25 02:18 PM
    I am panning to file I 485 before July 31st. Also I am planning to go on vacation to India around Aug 10th. The trip to India is unavoidable.

    Experts please answer the following question:

    1) Both me and my wife are on H1 and it has to be stamped. Will I 485 Filing have any adverse impact on the H1 Stamping ?

    2) Will leaving the country for vacation without the I 485 receipt have any impact on the I 485 process.



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  • sepoy321
    05-20 05:59 AM
    My case

    I-140 Approved 2008
    I-485 pending [ concurrent filing]
    Have valid EAD [me and wife] but never used it. Still on H1B and H4 respectively.

    I am on second term H1B which expires on Oct-2010.
    Project is ending and I have to find new job. Current company applied for EAD renewel last week. But didn't want to spend for H1B renewal since I might change jobs. I am planning to invoke AC21 and shift to similar job. I want to know what is the last date for me to renew/port my H1B ?

    My wife used her Advance Parole for travel [but did not use EAD for job], does that mean she is not in H4 anymore ?

    Thank you friends. Any advise would be appreciated.

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  • anairda
    05-24 08:04 PM
    If your labor is not approved by June 09, you can extend H1-B based on pending labor for more than 1 year. If it will be approved before June, you will be able to apply I-140 premium processing and then extend H1.


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  • prdgl
    02-13 10:06 PM
    Thanks a lot. This is more in depth and I am not understood how these things work.

    So if I have MS+ 0 then I think I have to post my ad for JobZone 5. In that case, my SVP will be 7 because MS = 4 yrs and 0 expr = nothing. So i will not exceed SVP 7.

    So is the combination,

    JobZone 5 with an SVP 7 will work for MS+0 ?

    Also for a software developer or related work, i don't see JobZone5. What kind of positions suit for JobZone 5 in SOFTWARE DEVELOPER'S world ?

    Anybody know about these things ? please drop in your thoughts


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  • gsarkar
    02-18 07:27 AM
    Dear members,
    I am working in India. I have an L1 petition which is valid from sep 2004 through sep 2007 from my company. When I went for visa stamping in 2004 the visa officer gave me a visa valid from sep 2004 through Nov 2005. This meant that I could enter US only in the first year of my petition but continue to stay legally in US on an I-94 through Sep 2007. As of today, I may have to leave for US in March 2007 on this L1 and my question is that if I go for a renewal at the US consulate will they renew my visa for a petition that will expire in Sep 2007. Considering that there are only 7 valid months left on the petition.
    Thanks a lot.


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  • gclife
    07-06 01:05 PM
    what is the best way to do a change of address with uscis for pending applications ? I tried online changing ar-11 and for each individual case nothing seems to be getting in effect, my FP notice still gets forwarded to the old address. I also even called the uscis customer service and changed it , still no luck. any one had similar experiences ? please advise on what to do .

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  • AstroZombie916
    09-13 03:30 PM
    Ok, heres the problem. When i got to export my animation, it always slows down on the eighth frame exactly when its doing the ravid thing. I mean it will take 5-10 per frame until it gets to the eighth frame, then it takes about 20 minutes a frame...why? Is there anything im doing wrong???

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  • gk_2000
    05-01 02:46 AM
    Thank you supes.. may Batman, Spiderman, lizardman, ordinary man, every man follow your suit and keep immigration in front page :-)

    06-30 12:02 AM
    if i were you, at this stage of GC drama. hold on another week and see how the GC drama continues. Then plan on your career. We have already messed our career with GC drama. So wait for a week before making any employer change...

    11-03 10:05 PM
    I can vouch for Jeremy here. He has some pretty nice skills, and wont run away with the money or anything. If u want proof of his AS skills, ask for his Isometric 3d engine. its amazing :)

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