Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • EndlessWait
    05-24 01:30 PM
    looks like i spelled it right

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  • sundar99
    02-22 10:00 AM
    Hi Sobers,

    Outstanding efforts. Also, not sure if you all agree ? if we get the NASCOM email id for karnik, perhaps we shud emphasise the SOCIAL SEC contribution made by us so that, they do not forget us at the last minute, since H1 issues will be followed up more religiously.

    Should we send out emails to karnik and crowd ?

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  • sanjaymm
    11-04 07:46 AM

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  • franklin
    07-13 04:03 AM
    The bad news is.... I can only find the Mandarin link! It was broadcast in English too

    This was set up by another Bay Area organization that primarily has Chinese members. They invited us to speak as well, which was incredibly nice of them. :D


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  • gk_2000
    04-18 10:03 PM
    Here are my case details as well.

    Came to US in Aug 1999 on F-1 after B.Tech. Graduated with MS (Telecom) in Dec 2000. Joined a major telecom firm immediately after graduation. My first EB-3 labor was filed in Dec 2001 (Non-RIR) but employer withdrew it because of lay-offs. Employer filed again in Nov'03 (Non-RIR again) and it was approved in March 2007 (after RIR conversion in Jan 2007) by Dallas BEC, followed by I-140 approval (March 2007) and I-485 filing in July 2007. Though my job required a MS degree, my employer could not file in EB-2 as there were people in my team with just Bachelors degree when they joined the company 10-15 yrs ago and lawyer did not advise employer to file in EB-2 as EB-3 was current those days......After surviving 12 rounds of lay-offs, no job security whatsoever throughout and fed up with EB3 process, I changed jobs after 8.5 yrs (July 2009) and my new job required a minimum of MS + 6 yrs of experience and fortunately my new employer (another large company) had no issues re-starting the process again. I work in Mobile Communications R&D (developing networks which support smart phones (2G/3G and now 4G-LTE technology) have been in this field since Jan 2001) and here are my EB-2 case details:

    Joined new employer in July 2009
    PERM Prep work took 6 months
    EB2 PERM filed: March 30th, 2010 (MS + 6 yrs or BS + 8 yrs as min requirements)
    EB2 PERM approved: Aug 11th, 2010
    EB2 I-140 filed: Aug 27th, 2010 (Premium Processing, EB3 I-140 approval copy enclosed with request to Port EB3 PD)
    EB2 I-140 and I-485 approved concurrently on Sep 3rd, 2010
    Cards received Sep 7th, 2010

    Hope this helps.

    Truly borderline EB1. Congrats!

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  • paskal
    07-18 11:55 AM
    Based on my understanding once 485 is filed, one can only get one year H1b extension it does not matter if one uses EAD/AP.

    i thought it had to do with visa numbers being unavailable rather than 485 filing
    we should check on this


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  • bkarnik
    09-17 01:52 PM
    still on HR6020

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  • deletedUser459
    06-15 12:12 AM
    carbon :thumb:


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  • laborinbacklog
    05-24 09:45 PM
    Do you guys really think this bill will become a law that too in its current state and the added amendments? I seriously doubt it. If it is then dont you think the corporate business lobby that has fought really hard to increase the h1 b's to 115000 would have just sat mum while the H1 B fees were increased? I think this bill is just getting too absurd to become into law. I dont know but it would be interesting to hear what the businesses have to say with the increase in h1b fees.

    May be I am totally wrong but just thought of posting this because I have been reading so many depressing posts from everyone. Have hope and faith. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. At this point we need to strategise, which I am sure IV is doing it excellently. We may need to make a few compromises but try to make friends with others who are lobbying.

    Please dont bombard me. Its just my thought. Please ignore this post if it offends you.


    Can we lobby to add an ammendum to pay huge penalities($50K) when all the current GC holders apply for Citizenships.


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  • nixstor
    07-28 11:44 AM
    PMP is a good idea. But is that what you exactly want to do? Figure out. I work with PM's every day and in my company it is a pre requisite for every PM to have PMP on Resume before the Hiring Managers look at their Resumes. How ever, I personally feel that the project manager's job is mundane. Some times I even wonder whether these guys know any thing other than putting some M$ docs and ppt shyt together (doesnt hold good for all PM's) with all the info they gleaned from their managers and others in project. Is it that difficult? May be, this is happening in my company only or I am being blind because they do get paid in 6 digits. But it will definitely help you grow in an organization esp in the managerial ladder. You gotta lose something to get something. I am seriously considering taking up GMAT prep but my situation holds me back as my wife cant work.. blah blah.. What ever.


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  • satishku_2000
    08-01 01:38 PM

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  • vbkris77
    03-10 05:00 PM
    Sorry, I realized it late.. Thanks for sharing.. If CIS is telling right info to senator, I think EB2 India should be current next year


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  • shree19772000
    02-06 01:08 PM
    I think core should ignore some of the comments from people who have no trust in IV. I know how it feels when someone undermines your genuine effort. People who cannot help can atleast support and encourage the core team by just being positive. I do not mean to offend anyone.

    Please be united and do whatever you can, towards this common cause.

    Thanks everyone....

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  • waiting_4_gc
    07-18 12:21 PM
    check the latest release on July 17.pdf. I am not sure how many applications are rejected on july 2nd ...If one did not recieve rejected package it means,they are going to honor the application as long as initial evidence is right.

    USCIS Announces Revised Processing Procedures for Adjustment of Status Applications (41KB PDF)
    July 17, 2007 - U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced that, beginning immediately, it will accept employment-based applications to adjust status (Form I-485) filed by aliens whose priority dates are current under the July Visa Bulletin, No. 107. USCIS will accept applications filed not later than August 17, 2007.

    I agree with you. USCIS withdrew VB#108 (revised Visa bulletin which came out on July,2nd).So, They should accept our applications, if they were properly filed but the update didnt clearly mention that they accept applications which were filed in the first week of July.So, there is still some ambiguity exists.


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  • ramaonline
    03-22 12:12 PM
    AC21 is a law but certain provisions of AC21 have been introduced in separate memos.
    Job portability under AC21 is also part of a guidance / memo - so if any AC21 case goes for hearing in an immigration court, any change of employers while 485 is pending is considered illegal. This is not very common though.

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  • sayantan76
    05-24 12:02 AM
    i think he may want to be the ceo of iv.

    here are my 2 cents..

    its nice to talk endlessly about what went wrong and bitch about it till the morning. one thing we all need to realise is this : we are going to have failures. period. just like we have had failures in the past. this is not going to be easy where you win every single legislation. 10% hit rate is success enough given the opposition and difficulties we face. so now, given that our batting average is going to be low, the question is this : everytime we have a failure, if people are going to sit on their butt, smoking their pipe dreams and doing monday morning quarterbacking about what part was wrong, then shouldn't they also volunteer to their local IV section to make it better? lets face it, if you really think something can be done better, then volunteer to the local IV branch and do it. everybody can benefit. but if all you are going to be doing is sitting here and posting negative messages, then you hurt everybody, starting with you. the opposition is much better organized, has more money and has great influences on the political inside. if you are not providing any constructive or organizational help, causing people to be distracted and causing IV core to lose their focus, and if you are not willing to volunteer to make it better, then in my opinion its best to step aside, be quiet and let the people in charge do it. again, if you are not helping, then you hurt everybody starting with you.

    in this case, like paskal mentioned, if you think the phone calls were not important, then you haven't seen the victory message from numbersusa where they talked about the deluge of phone calls that were made by their supporters and how crucial it was in throwing out the visa recapture amendment. if anything, perhaps we could have gotten better organized with the calls. But I suspect things also moved much faster than anyone anticipated, including IV core.

    lets focus our energies and support IV core and ourselves.

    just presenting a possible reason why what paskal proposed in his post does not work well in IV.......its not a question of whether phone calls are important or not....its a question of making a significant number of forum stakeholders (and not 1-2%) get to act on any raising/ calling efforts etc....

    i genuinely believe that the core members go above and beyond whats expected to do what they are doing for IV - its truly remarkable...they all have busy lives and it takes great conviction and dedication to take the time out and do this...but why are the people still not responding despite the obvious pitfalls of not acting on GC related initiatives.......

    maybe its lethargy, inaction, indifference etc.......but we should be open to considering that just maybe, a vast and silent majority of IVians do not feel a sense of representation in the organization and hence do not react as enthusiastically as they should........legitimacy among the constituents often comes with representation

    why did most kingdoms around the world perish and give way to democracies......bcos the kings taxed the public based on their whims and fancies......elected govts may do the same but people still pay up and if they dont agree - they know they have a choice at the next elections.......

    and no, i dont deserve to be the CEO - neither do i have a performance track record nor credibility here......should not stop me from voicing a contrarion view though


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  • marlon2006
    06-09 11:14 AM
    I think the idea is that we need to sell ourselves. I was the other day debating on and believe me, that was a tough exchange. Several US IT pros (mid management, engineering, etc) arguing that they are highly qualified and got laid off and cannot find a high paying job anymore. I had to sell myself and argue that our skills are needed, etc. I believe that we are still needed in this country and it is not all that easy to find "good" IT professionals. That's why we are here. However, I am very concious about the number of folks who Americans are willing to let in without hurting them.

    "Demand" and "right" will work up to the point in which we don't irate Americans. America has been sympathetic to immigrants in good part thanks to the capacity that America has to accomodate us here. If an excessive number of immigrants get in and that alarm citizens, I can tell you this country will become as unsympathetic to immigrants as many European countries are.

    LogicLife is doing a good thing by being so positive. Let's continue to sell our skills in a professional manner. Just be careful with the idea of "demanding" and "rights" though :)

    So you guys are saying that because you are on a H1B you are working harder than others? Let me tell you that working hard does not guarantee your job. I have seen hard workers laid off left and right, be it US citizens, green card holders or H1Bs. In fact one of my GC friends said that it is a constant fear for him to be employed at all times, he was unemployed for 10 months after the dot com bust. That changed him completely, he said what will I do with my GC, can I feed my kids with a GC? I need a job. So it is everyone's perspective. I look at him and say at least you have a GC, he says at least you have a job. :)

    I still think that GC is not a right. It is a privilege, as is a driving license. You have to pass the drivers test to get a license. Logiclife's message from centuries back about anyone being able to move to another country does not work in today's world. There were no visit visas needed to get to India or China for example in those years, but why is it a requirement to have a visa to visit India now? Things have changed.

    BTW, I do think we should do what we can to improve the immigration process, but if nothing gets done its not the end of the world. We can "ask", "request" Congress to change laws. But surely you are not saying we "demand" for our rights to have a GC?

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  • garamchai2go
    12-13 10:18 AM
    I was also in same situation. My stamping was done on 6th Dec and so far I did not get the passport. Vfs website says "Your passport has not been handed over to VFS. Kindly contact our regional call centres for further queries." I just sent an email to '' and '' ..Waiting for their reply..

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  • JazzByTheBay
    12-13 05:40 PM
    What I've said is: IF you think....

    If you don't think that way, this doesn't apply. :)

    So please stop taking it personally and stop getting all worked up about it... :)


    I do not appreciate you pretending to know what I think of everyone in here and their work. (Which just for the record I appreciate very much!)
    Simply put: I did not and do not think of anyone in here as an idiot.

    So please refrain from saying that in future.

    07-02 02:42 PM
    With due respects, dude, this is one thing an individual should fight for himself, how will some other employee benefit if you sue your employer and win?..

    I do not think small time bad desi employers are hiring illegals. They are doing everything right as per law, it is just that the law is in favor of the employers and the immigration delays further gives them leeway to try their dirty tricks.

    Having said that, I appreciate your post informing affected employees on how to file a case. It will be useful for people who have a case against their employers. Please keep us posted on the outcome, I am sure it will motivate a lot of us.

    Buddy when I was talking about illegals I was not talking about IT jobs or desi employers though I know desi's run lots of other businesses like grocery store, resturants, which required non-professional workers.

    If the employer see ICE/DOL taking action against another employer and making an example out of it s/he will think twice about doing the same thing. Look at what happened with Fragomen. Though it is too early to say if Fragomen was involved in wrong doing, I am sure other immigration firms are already reviewing their procedure/guidance to make themselves compliant with the law/procedure.

    04-28 02:32 PM
    Gave 50$ to IV

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