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  • Vexir
    06-14 11:35 PM
    it's a "skin" if you were to wrap the thing celophane with your design you wouldn't see the wheel or the screen... I say play with the screen, the button but not the wheel. besides, you would rub it off in one day and then it would reaaly look like arse.

    Obviously you've never seen an iPod skin. It does actually have holes in it for the click wheel and screen.

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  • whatamidoinghere
    02-12 06:22 PM
    visves, Longq, alisa...

    We have a difference of opinion on how the law is interpreted....

    I believe that visves interpretation is correct....But there is always a small chance that longq does followup with a lawsuit, USCIS would budge...

    if longq wants to gather some EB2 India/China and have a crack at suing USCIS as a personal level....( i.e.not using IV's resources).....I guess no one can stop him...I am EB3/India....So that suing does not benefit me anyway...

    The common denominator for all of us is increasing the total numbers......

    If members want to pursue certain things on their own at personal level..I cannot do anything ...after all it is a free country...

    There are other quirky ways the law is getting interpreted. Why are India, China, Phil, Mex singled out in the Visa bulletin and reported separately? Where I work there are as many Russian programmers as Indians and Chinese. Judging from how long it is taking my Russian colleagues to get their green cards even they are retrogressed because it takes them more than 5 years. But because they are bunched with ROW, they are Current in EB2 and can apply for 485 and their spouses can get EAD and work.

    If it is only 2800 visas per category per country.. lets be real.. even UK, Pakistan and other countries will be sending more than that number per year. But they are all bunched in EB2 ROW and can happily apply for EAD for their spouses. Not only that, they can even participate in the diversity visa lottery from which we are excluded.

    The problem is that we are trying to ask for too much and nothing will happen. First we have to get them to be transparent about how they interpret the law and make them release more data. We dont even know if we are being treated fairly. It is also unacceptable that we dont know how long we have to wait before our spouses can work. If we dont have correct data what are we actually fighting for?

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  • shreekarthik
    01-31 06:47 PM
    confused now

    No this is not rumor but that it is "imminent" is what AILA says as rumor. It could take a couple of months or couple of weeks to be published in the federal register.

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  • vactorboy29
    06-11 04:26 PM
    --> --> --> --> --> --> --> -->
    Myself car1 car2 car3 car4 car5 car6 car7

    As describe by you above scenario .how come even your fault when car 7 or all other front car come stand still or go below road posted speed. I would argue that car7 is the initiator and reason to disturb traffic not you even if hit from back side and cause ripple effect. I would say car7 is at major fault and you should defend your case and sue all upfront car drivers for not violating traffic rules and causing this much inconvenience.


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  • GKBest
    09-30 01:24 AM
    Hi there,

    I received the exact same Email notice from USCIS as you on Sept. 28, 2007. I'm confused! I got my H1B 7th year extention approved in Feb. 2006. What happened to this case?

    What are your priority dates? They may now be working on your GC application.

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  • gsc999
    07-11 08:43 PM
    I just got to this forum through some means and saw this thread. I work at Oracle and so I have sent it to the Oracle mailing lists for their support
    Vinoddas: thanks for forwarding our message.

    Can you also help with putting some flyers at Oracle food canteen? I have been there once. Lot of foot traffic. Please PM me your e-mail address. I will send you the soft copy of the flyer.


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  • krishmunn
    04-18 02:20 PM
    My M.C.A was 3 years. this will help?


    Yes thsi helps if the job requirement is Masters

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  • ita
    08-25 01:05 PM
    what about the home loans from ICICI bank.
    Which bank would be best bet to apply for home loans?
    Appreciate suggestion in this context.

    Thank you.


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  • GCAmigo
    02-06 11:56 AM
    It is not just wife's work permit problem. If you don't have GC and your kids are entering the college, they are not eligible for any scholarships are student loans. So you have to bear all the expenses from your pocket or you have to take a personal loan at a higher interest from some financial institution
    will supposedly be resolved via the proposed 'DREAM' Act.. yeah right everything is a big pipe dream...

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  • chanduv23
    04-28 01:30 PM
    Have there been any updates on this case that you are at liberty to share?

    Thanks in advance.

    Yes, I am also interested to find out what is happening.


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  • natrajs
    03-13 01:31 PM
    This my copyright and very much pertain to our situation:
    I left my world in search of prosperity
    The prosperity is taking an eternity
    My struggle is long and daunting
    Making it more and more frustrating

    Life at times seems uncontrollable
    Flowing with the time unstoppable
    Graying hairs testify for the feeling
    Fat belly making me further unappealing

    Sometimes I think of going back
    Try to gather the courage that I lack
    But the world I left is not the same any more.
    And the world I am in, has lost its lure.

    I am on the crossroad of my life
    One is forward, one is left and other is right.
    I don�t like the choices shown
    May be I would have to create a world of my own


    Very Nice, Keep it up

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  • signin241
    07-26 07:35 PM
    // 2006 PD filers dont worry abt spouse 485. Your PD would become available only after couple of years. My PD is Sept 2005 and I dont anticipate to get my GC within 2yrs. For reference look at the PERM data that is published, you would get a good idea. //

    So, we (who are not married and PD 2006/2007 EB2) file 485 now and wait for our PD to come CURRENT again to file our spouse 485. We'll maintain our
    H1B and bring her here on H4 and then wait for the PD to become CURRENT.
    If she decides to go on H1 or F1, then we'll be able to invoke our EAD and change employers if needed, else what's the use even applying for 485 alone if we don't want to use the EAD at all ??


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  • sc3
    08-13 05:52 PM

    The Mexico F2A and Employment Third preference cut-off dates are �unavailable� for both August and September, since those FY-2008 annual limits have been reached. The Visa Office had originally anticipated that this would be a temporary situation. Then with the start of the new fiscal year in October the cut-off dates would have returned to those which had applied during June. However, continued heavy demand in those categories may require the establishment of cut-off dates which are earlier than those which had applied in June. A formal decision determination of the October cut-off dates will not be possible until early September.

    This is really bad news indeed. USCIS is screwing us up big time. How can they see a demand for the numbers when there is no one applying for the past 3 months?

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  • Vexir
    06-16 06:17 AM
    True dat. I say the regulation should be stricter!


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  • bigboy007
    04-27 12:14 AM
    Not sure about the increase in fees here is what i have seen comparing it to INA and subsections...

    1. Higher wage requirements defs being added to definitions seciton in INA [Immigration and Nationality Act], Requirement of Internet posting, wage determination.

    2. 90 Days being replaced as 180 days for non displacement option

    3. No consulting for H1B employees based on the Recruitment (F) section.

    4. SEC 102. I states if no. of employees > 50 , sum of [H1B, L(1,2)(L1A, L1 , L2 Perdef 101(a)(15)(L)))] should not exceed 50% of No. of employees. No more H1B's

    5. Sec 111. mispresentation period increased to 24 months from 12 months, USCIS will conduct audits for all employers if no. of employees > 100 and no. of H1 employees > 15% , Publish publicly those reports

    6. Failure to meet a condition increase from 1000 to 2000 , failure for misrepresentation increased from 5000 to 10000. Employer will be liable for employees lost wages and benefits.

    7. illegal : H1B non immigrant to pay a penalty for ceasing an employment with employer before the agreed date, failure to provide common benefits health , life , disability , insurance , retirement , savings, cash/noncash bonus etc...

    8. with in 90 days of enacting S887 , secretary of labor will provide website to post these positions on labor department website.

    9. stream line of job classifications and roles with 1 year of enacting of S887...

    10. DOL can hire 200+ employees to fill these requirements ;)

    + l1's I have not gone through....

    Newer version is - as should've been expected - more protectionist than before.

    1) It prohibits H1B workers from working in contract positions.There is a redundant provision for the L1 visa as well (there is already a law which does this for L1). However it doesn't prevent American companies from keeping these contract workers in India or elsewhere and co-ordinate the work through web-conferencing, video conferencing, VPN/VNC etc.

    2) It increases H1B fees by another 1000 dollars. There will be the added cost of advertising on DOL website. Also, the legal costs of navigating the audits. It also enables Tort attorneys to sue the companies on behalf of labor unions such as IEEE-USA, PG, Bright Future Jobs, Zazona etc. In essence it makes the whole visa program unviable. American companies cannot participate in the visa program without letting the DOL and the Tort attorneys poking their noses in the daily functioning of Corporate America. Imagine which company will apply for H1B when you'll have ads airing on TV from Tort attorneys - 'Have you been displaced by H1B worker? Call 1-800-TORT-ATTORNEY'?

    3) It has a whole gamut of so-called 'H1B/L1B worker protections'. Unless and until the complaining foreign worker's visa status/GC status is protected against employer retaliation, these provisions will remain only on paper, as foreigner workers facing the prospect of forced departure from the country will not complain - extra worker protections or not. They might as well scrap these provisions and save some trees in the process!

    4) It retains the provision that H1B/L1 worker must be provided all originals for H1B, Green Card etc. However this will be moot, as there won't be many H1B/L1 workers left in the US to take the benefit. They would already have moved to their home countries, brining the salaries down in their home countries die to excess supply. This combined with technical enablers are going to make outsourcing HOT. I think it's a good time to invest in the stocks of these outsourcing companies. Their returns are going to increase exponentially in a year. I am not surprised, if these companies send a 'Thank You' note to Senators Durbin and Grassley for making such a windfall possible.

    If this year only 44,000 visas were used after half a month, wait until this law passes. There will already 10,000 or less visa applications. On a short term basis wages will sky-rocket, when companies are already struggling to make the ends meet. This will definitely make the usage of technological innovations such as the ones mentioned in point 1 more appealing to the companies. In the long run Outsourcing will become cheaper and more attractive.

    Faced with accute worker shortage and unreasonably high-salaries driven scarcity in an economy under recession, Companies will have only 3 options. 1) Announce bankruptcy and get out of business salvaging what they can 2) Leverage technology to do outsourcing circumventing the need for visas 3) Beg the government for another 'Stimulus' and more borrowed money from the Chinese to pay the salaries.

    This will hit hard the humanitarian immigration for refugees, asylees etc. USCIS is a government department run on visa application fees. As H1B fee-base reduces US government will have to appropriate more funds to USCIS to keep these programs running. The cost of these programmes will increasingly be borne by the American tax-payer. As jobs keep getting outsourced at a much faster speed tax-base formed by these H1B/L1 workers will shift to other economies benefiting them, the government will have to increases the taxes to make up for the difference. No doubt this will increase the tax burden on an average American - even those who had nothing to do with H1B, pro- or against.

    The day this law passes will be a great day for Outsourcing, and a sad day for America.

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  • gc28262
    11-02 04:11 PM

    There are lot of anti-immigrants on this forum. You can identify them by their agendas. Don't try to reply to those morons. Get on to their forums and reply if you feel like replying.

    Don't waste your energy replying to them on this forum.

    Please analyze the posts from "villamonte6100 (". He is one of them.


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  • gccovet
    06-06 03:10 PM

    Just finished calling all of them. Was very easy. 9-11 minutes top.

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  • thakurrajiv
    07-30 04:23 PM
    Does optionexpress platform provide any special advantages related to option trading in terms of strategy analysis etc? I have etrade and I am not sure if i am missing anything

    It is the cost. I think optionexpress charges 9.99 flat fee for any number of contracts. Most other well known brokers will charge some flat fee + per contract fee.
    When I researched this is the cheapest I could find for individual options trading.

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  • c9411010
    07-20 10:52 AM
    guys - i want to start a new forum on 401K ..

    want to discuss what happens to people who have 401k contribution and want to go back to india

    do we have to withdraw the 401K when we leave or can we withdraw it at a later date..

    can some one start a new thread since i cannot figure out how.. thank you

    10-03 11:20 AM
    Is that a mandatory criterion to express an opinion? If so, then you should have obliged to it first. Simple. :)

    Maybe he doesn't give a shit about the profile. What's your point?

    I questioned GC test and I dont understand why are you responding for every question in this forum ... If you have free time do some voulnteer work ..god may forgive your ignorance ...

    07-17 10:09 PM
    The entire July fiasco and fix is nothing but a GRAND DISTRACTION.

    Let us go back to the June bulletin. The numbers became current and leaped by many months JUST AS the Immigration Bill was being debated. This resulted in the EB folks feeling temporarily elated and quite distracted with delusion.

    Then, comes the July bulletin. Making ALL numbers available made everyone ecstastic and completely distracted. This just as the debate was winding down.

    Again, two key 'relief points' that magically appeared just when the legal workers' needs could have been further highlighted. Net effect, the relative pain and position was REDUCED, so it appears that the problem was being fixed and hence not that urgent.

    Next, comes the EB bulletin fiasco. This completely derailed the community. The fix and elation in the past few hours has resulted in all celebrating a pyrrhic victory that will completely derail the discussion on EB issues.

    Like ripples in a pond, the net effect of these events has led to a complete refocus of priorities such that even temporary fixes are being toasted and celebrated.

    I am not suggesting that there is no silver lining in these clouds. The flower campaign, rallies etc have all been positive moves.

    Instead of celebrating ad nauseum and thanking each other and wondering how to send thank you notes... let us FOCUS ON THE REAL PAIN POINTS and PRIORITIES ... the end goal is a predictable system and process for Green Cards.

    Any interim relief, while truly and deeply appreciated, cannot be sold as the end product in order to buy our collective silence.

    I request the IV Core and others to please continue to highlight the need to get EB Green Card processing professionalized and predictable, in order to ensure that the respect for the law is reciprocated in equal measure.

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