Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • sounakc
    05-27 11:46 AM
    Dear Friends,

    I am traveling to canada for a conference. My H1-B is stamped on my old passport valid till 2012. In January 2010 I obtained a new passport from the indian embassy chicago as my old passport was getting expired. I will be traveling with both the passports.

    Is it mandatory to transfer the visa from old to new pasport ?

    Please help,


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  • karthiknv143
    02-07 04:23 PM
    Guess its never or may be part of CIR(which is also never):rolleyes:

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  • GKBest
    10-25 03:09 PM
    Which comes first.....card production ordered or approval sent? Are there cases when they don't update the status online with "approval sent" yet you have physically received the EAD cards. How long does it take to physically receive the cards from the date the status changed to card production ordered?

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  • vpadman
    11-26 06:11 PM
    Has anyone who filed in August received AP yet ?
    If so, please update your AP filing date.


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  • mannan74
    08-27 06:33 PM
    How often does USCIS release Lockbox Receipting Update, I was told it was every monday. Is this true?

    Does anyone have latest update?


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  • chanduy9
    08-15 05:28 PM
    SEP Visa Bulletin is OUT...surprisingly EB2 INDIA 01APR2004, but it was U in the AUG...what is going on....does it mean who ever PD is prior to that date get GC...??


    Am I missing something here..
    I am sorry if I posted this at wrong place..


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  • trs80
    05-25 03:20 PM
    Recently I registered in this website and I found is a great way to express our needs and keep informed about the immigration debate.

    I see that PR and USVI are no listed in the state list. Here live a lot of H and L visa holders.

    Recently my company lawyers told me that they summit my LC application using PERM.
    What is the estimated time to get the Labor Certification?

    Any idea of the GC process time in PR (I think that processing center is Vermont) ?



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  • kgwithnogc
    04-11 01:11 PM
    What is the impact on GC (485 application) approval for a minor Customs violation at the airport?.
    I unintentionally ignored to declare some food that i was bringing and airport customs officer fined me $300.
    Will this impact my 485 application, that i will be filing soon?.
    Ofcourse, i am going to mention in part 3 b.of application and provide the fine receipt.
    Will my GC be denied because of this?.
    Please advice.


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  • smartboy75
    08-26 11:03 PM
    I know ...it sucks ....I have already created a thread for that ...check it out...


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  • gingerhippy69
    10-08 01:34 PM
    hi 2 those who know me and 2 those that don't...

    i finally got my hands on swift 3d....

    Q: what formats can i import into swift 3d?



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  • ameerka_dream
    03-31 08:13 AM
    Giving I-485 benefits to people without current PDs is a bad idea.
    so what 's good idea to you......putting all of EB applicants who are waiting to file 485 in waiting state until you get your GC is a good idea?

    First of all, why are you being worried about this action item being EB1 applicant and you will get your GC in no time...

    I don't think you are from EB1 category...You are selfish mind who holds EAD and doesn't want other EB applicants to come in to 485 waiting line.

    would you have had the same thought if there was no July 07 fiasco and if you would need to wait in the line........selfish minds like you can't stop this action item.

    Stop opposing this item here. &&%^%^%$$#####

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  • aguy
    07-20 06:10 PM

    I am currently on H1b and have accepted an offer for another position which was not advertised. Now, the non-profit will sponsor my h1b. I am wondering if they will have to advertise the position and file a new labor, etc or not.



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  • prasadkadam@yahoo.com
    08-06 11:01 AM
    I have a green card. I have moved to India on 20 Aug 2007. Before going to India I had applied for my re-entry permit (I-131). The re-entry permit is valid from 31 Mar 2008 till 31 Mar 2010.
    On 19 Aug 2009 I will be out of US for 2 years, so if I want to maintain my GC status before which date should I come to US and apply for re-entry permit, 20 Aug 2009 (the date of my US departure) or 31 Mar 2010 (expiration date of my travel document)?

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  • sanz
    06-29 03:15 PM
    my company also got acquired recently and i had gone for stamping. Mine was for renewal. they just looked at the 797 and gave the stamping. i had written the name of the old company in the ds-160 as the h1 document was in their name


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  • amsgc
    09-22 12:28 AM
    That's EB3

    How do we identify EB3 or EB2 category in approved I-140 ?

    In Section , it was written as "Sec. 203 (b) (3) (A) (i) or (ii) ".

    Not able to figure it out.


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  • snakesrocks
    11-18 02:15 PM
    We have applied for the COS (H4 to F1) at California Service Center.

    If you have been in the same boat or know someone who was, please share your information here. Trying to see the approval time trends..

    Application date: October 1st
    Notice date:October 3rd
    Approval date: Still Waiting

    I applied to VSC on Sept 17,2008 and still waiting. USCIS website as of Aug 31,2008 saying processing application as @ Jan 15,2008. Does not know how long the wait can be.


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  • gccovet
    06-16 12:46 PM
    TSC 485 processing date says Aug 17,2007.
    Does it mean, they reviewed almost all cases before Aug 16,2007?

    My receipt date is Aug 13,2007. Notice date is Oct 10,2007.
    So wondering whether they touched my case or still not?

    Means, they reviewd all cases wherever the VISA dates were allocated/available. As you are from India, you have thousands of cases ahead of you.

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  • curana25
    05-17 01:05 PM
    My I 485 is pending since filing in July 2007 (Receipt Date SEPT2007) Priority date in FEB2006 (EB2). I was wondering if I can change employer. I do work for client but sponsor/employer is keep on exploiting my situation, with same employer for almost 10 years now. I am really fade up. My Friend is having business and if client for whom I have been working with through my employer, ready to get new contract with Friend, then Can I change employer ? In fact relative owns business in Laundry. Is it possible , if client ready to sign contract with relative?In that case my end job is same but since through an employer who would be having different business, do not know whether it is a good idea or not ? If yes, what are limitation and demerits, time involved. Please advise.

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  • chanduv23
    11-17 10:12 PM
    If you live in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, and anywhere else in the Upstate NY region, please post here.

    04-14 11:09 PM
    Hello Everyone,

    My wife is trying to process visitor Visa for her parents and she has a problem with her mothers name in the Passport as it reads just the short name instead of her Full name.

    I'm wondering if the Affidavit would be sufficient while going for Visa or would this still be a problem?

    If affidavit is sufficient, can someone please kindly share the sample affidavit if you have one?

    Appreciate your immediate response...!


    07-23 04:11 PM
    USCIS has just published this notice that answers a few queries and raises a lot of questions ?


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