Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • Krilnon
    04-01 01:12 AM
    ahmed! I think this Dr. must really know what he's doing. :beam:

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  • sunny1000
    08-31 08:59 PM

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  • gcseeker2002
    09-25 03:42 PM
    How do I find out who gave me the "RED" reputation, I am a harmless person not making any personal comments on anybody in this forum, wonder why someone gave the red to me . Can someone pls let me know how to find out who gave me the red, can anybody do this to anyone or has this been done by admin ?

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  • theshiningsun
    02-06 10:15 AM
    hi attorneys,

    if the LCA for H1 extn is approved, approx. how long does it take for the H1 extn petition to be approved?

    thx in advance.


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  • sundarpn
    07-01 01:44 AM
    is it Ok to share copy of one's 140 or 485 document copies when checking into feasibility of AC21?

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  • obelix
    08-27 07:16 PM
    Those who were able to upgrade to premium processing before Jul 2, did you get a new receipt number for the upgrade? Or was the old receipt number valid?


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  • eb3retro
    05-19 12:09 PM
    can we join this to make it as EB3 I&C together. Can we approach the attorney.I am sure lots of eb3 folks would love to pitch in..any thoughts???

    Class LawAction Suit filled on USCIS for EB3China.

    whatever is the outcome of this i really applaud the brave move made by whoever is behind this.

    more details : ChinaEB3Litigation (


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  • pappu
    02-01 11:31 AM
    The thread is being closed. Do not start a new thread when there is already a thread on the same topic.


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  • gcpadmavyuh
    09-17 12:59 AM

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  • transpass
    09-21 12:43 PM

    I have a question regarding travel while on AOS. We are on H1 and H4 (primary and dependent) but do not have the H1 and H4 visa stamps. Planning to use AP.

    When we leave the country, do we need to drop the H1/H4 I-94 stubs from the current visa approval forms OR the I-94 stubs issued during last entry? Ofcourse the I-94 nums on current visa approval forms and on visas last entered are the same, but different visa statuses when last entered US.



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  • anilsal
    07-21 07:38 AM

    Please post case details in appropriate tracker threads. Please do not ask questions on tracker threads (they will be deleted).

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  • Digitalosophy
    03-10 12:10 PM
    FYI.... Vash has helped me with a ton of php/mySQL, which i am very thankful for. He really knows his stuff, so yall can take my word as well. ;)


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  • amitga
    02-26 03:46 PM
    If I have I140 approved and I have 3 year extention after my 6 years on H1B. Can I get H1B transferred to a new employer and then start my Labour all over again.

    If anybody has done this please send me a PM.

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  • shukkoor007
    11-05 08:21 AM
    I am an Indian, currently working in Saudi Arabia. Just paid my IV fee to NVC, and waiting for Package-3. As far I understand regards to Police Clearance Certificate, I need to get Police Clearance from
    1. Indian embassy from Saudi Arabia (as Saudi PCC are not available for third country citizen residing in the kingdom) and
    2. Local and District police stations from India, where I stayed more than 06 months.
    As per Indian embassy web site to apply for PCC, need Letter from Embassy which has asked for Police Clearance Certificate (where from I can get this letter??)
    I heard from my friends, its very hard to get PCC form local and District police office in India for NRI�s (anybody experienced similar situation, please just guide us/ is it take time?? )

    One more doubt , is it possible get police clearance without Package-3 (? Any special form for PCC in Package-3)

    Thanks you very much for your help & guidance in advance.


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  • svr_76
    06-10 01:41 PM

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  • kirupa
    02-28 05:00 PM
    Added :)


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  • myimmiv
    06-07 09:24 PM
    Waiting for some response...

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  • Blog Feeds
    12-28 04:50 AM
    According to CNN, America could be facing a nursing shortage that will worsen exponentially as the population grows older. The problem: Baby boomers are getting older and will require more care than ever, taxing an already strained nursing system.

    Barry Pactor, international director of global health care for consulting company HCL International, agrees that more nurses should be trained within the U.S. system. But as a short term solution for this "huge shortage," he said the U.S. government should loosen immigration restrictions on foreign health care workers. "I don't see this as foreign nurses taking American jobs, because these are vacancies that already exist and cannot be [filled] by nurses currently in training," he said. "We'd be filling in the gaps until the training can catch up with the demand."

    Read More... (

    More... (

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  • suni
    08-27 12:56 PM
    My friend H1B is expiring this month end but she has valid EAD wth her.When we are planning to use EAD from H1B,what is the procedure for that?Do we have to send any forms to INS for this change of status??

    Blog Feeds
    05-05 06:50 AM
    While Congress has the ultimate responsibility to determine immigration law, the American Immigration Council reminds the President that he has substantial authority to make fixes to the immigration system within the confines of current immigration law. From AIC director Ben Johnson: Ben Johnson, Executive Director of the American Immigration Council, noted upon release of the memo: �Ultimately, responsibility for failing to reform our dysfunctional immigration system rests on Congress. However, it is rarely the case that a President�s hands are tied by existing law�and where the President disagrees with current law, his or her policy choices regarding the implementation of...

    More... (

    12-16 04:28 PM
    it should not take more than 2 weeks..

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