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  • gaz
    09-17 02:34 PM
    unregistered sex offenders and illegals

    Another amendment from the King.....

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  • bestia
    12-05 01:52 AM
    Hi I've been a NC victim for almost 3 years. I have heard all kinds of speculations on the real reason behind USCIS/FBI decision,like the amount of the tax you pay, your political view, your education level,etc. all influence the result. Could that be true or it's just purely a bureaucratic backlog? Something interesting to think about I guess.

    Oh, come on. I think situation is much more simple than that. I wonder if FBI really got ONE bad guy among H1b poor souls. FBI perfectly knows that it's just stupid to suspect a person who lived on same place for years, personally went to fingerprinting, submitted all kinda information about himself and humbly waiting for GC in being some "threat".

    Because of that FBI considers us "low priority", simply - they don't care about us. But the law requires them to check us, so those who got "no match" automatically pass without any human intervention. But those who by some reason "matched" are awaiting for some FBI dude to push couple of buttons on his computer. But since FBI dude will be first considering more important things to do, those couple of "button presses" might take couple of years.

    This is how I see it. If that's true, then ironically if some of H1bs would be involved in drug trafficking, prostitution or would really posses any threat - namechecks would be going really quick.

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  • trueguy
    08-25 04:11 PM
    There is a spillover of 22000 visas from FB to EB starting Sep 01 2008. Does anybody know how this spillover is divided between EB1/EB2/EB3?

    Can we expect 28.6% of this spillover in EB3? Just like we get 28.6% of annual quota?

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  • santb1975
    03-13 08:49 PM
    Do you belong to a state chapter?
    if you don't can you please join a state chapter?
    If a state chapter does not exist in your area can you form one?
    Can you recruit new members to be part of state chapters?
    Can you motivate newbies to be active?
    Can you meet your Local Lawmakers and talk about your issues?
    Can you make a contribution to IV?
    Can you motivate other IV'ans to contribute?

    Please put ome thoughts on the above and come up with Ideas?. If you need help please PM any of us and we will be happy to help you.

    Sure. Like I stated before, I have been educating people about IV here for quite some time now. Let me know what needs to be done. If you all can share your experiences, I can work on it.


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  • WaitingYaar
    11-05 10:05 PM
    No LUD since Jan 2007 on I-485 application.

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  • PresidentO
    05-14 09:47 AM
    I am thankful to everyone who read or responded even if you don't agree. Taking it a step furthur there are couple of things that stand out which i think again show how we twist every fact to our advantage.

    1) US need immigration to grow and prosper. wel agreed, but who are we to preach. Its for American to figure it out. We don't care for our mother land i:e India but we are first to point out how US will be worse off if it stops immigration. I really doubt the intention here. You know, we care more bout US then India and once we get our GC we probably wont care much bout US either.

    >> You coward. This is a democracy and the constitution of US allows any one on the land of the United states to speak up and make their case with the US government. You dont need to be a citizen. You and your typical boot licking mentality. Not all of us are selfish maggots as you are and think only about ourselves. We do care about the US. Just dont think that every one is exactly like you in his/her attitude towards US. Preferences are different from caring. Just because one has chosen to immigrate to a different country does not mean that the person does not care for his/her motherland. By your logic, the laloo prasad', Gandhi's, Advani/Modi/Naidu etc all do care for India. LMAO. Will you please shut the f up? <<

    2) Saying its a fight for rights and if we don't fight we are cowards. well i agree we are all cowards not because we are not fighting to bring forward all mighty priority dates but because we showed our backs to our own country. We went to public funded IIT and other institutions and then ran away from our nation at first chance. So yes, in a way we are all cowards here.

    >> Ok Mr IIT, Stop generalizing again. There are people who paid different kinds of amounts as tuition fee to get a degree. Last time I checked IIT's accept a paltry 3000 students together. Definitely not 300,000. Again, just because you chose to immigrate does not mean that you have showed your back to your own country. If you consider so, please turn the back again and go home. This is a place for individuals who want to immigrate to the US. Not for scums who want to dilute and defeat the whole purpose. You are entitled to your opinions. If you want to take the masses back home, go do it on your turf. <<

    3) USCIS should be fair to India. If you look closely, USCIS rules are not country specific. Quota applies to every country, but only India, Mexico and china exhaust theirs. Does tell u something doesn't it.

    >> Thank you for showing your two feet in your mouth. Those are not USCIS rules Mr Ignorant. Those are the rules set by the US Congress as a part of the INA act. Your logic of speaking for country caps only shows that you have no idea of the head/tail of the country caps system. Lets apply the country caps on F1/H1B as well and take your sorry a$$ to where it came from <<

    Finally, Thank you for your smart and intelligent attempt to dilute the members' focus. First you start off by saying that we have no allegiance to our home land and finally you deduce that country caps are OK.

    Inference: You are some psycho who is concerned that the glass ceiling of country caps in employment based system will be shattered sooner or later.


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  • anandrajesh
    03-26 04:04 PM
    how long after the soft LUDs did you get the hard LUD (RFE)?
    And what was the RFE for?
    I had a soft LUD on 3/19/09.
    Nothing has happened since.
    Thanks for your time.

    Same here. Applied for AP. Got a soft LUD on my I-485 on Mar 25, 2009, got my AP approved on Mar 26, 2009. Does this mean they checked my 485 application prior approving my AP? or are they pre-adjucating my application? Will wait for a week or 2 to see if i receive any RFEs.

    My PD is EB-3 I, Mar 2004 and no way closer to being current.

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  • gctest
    10-04 03:47 PM
    i have a fan following...yay
    and i will keep writing "lower case i" coz it bothers you so much :D:D:D

    Guess what the latest news is :D:D:D

    gctest is a perfect jackass, think he is also a complete fraud.

    If you look at his posts, initially he said despite holding a doctorate and being around since 1996, he is EB2. So far so good.

    Then he says his dependents got approved on his EB2, while his case is rotting (????:D)

    The story changes dramatically after you point out if he is the real cream of the crop, he should have been easily qualified for EB1.
    The latest, breaking news is that he's from a top-notch research univ and has approved 140 in EB1 but still he's gonna fight for what's fair and against what's unfair (:D:D:D:D:D)

    Everything is made up, because the story changes all the time, when you attack him. I think the truth of the matter is he's EB2 and he's lying about EB1.

    His case never ever qualified for EB1 (publishing some academic trash doesn't qualify you for anything, see my earlier post on this thread regarding this), so he's completely sore and has lost his mind.


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  • annsheila79
    04-19 10:21 AM
    but please do let us know once you talk to a lawyer and get it evaluated.


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  • shirish
    06-19 10:21 AM
    As per my research and talking to customer service of few american and india insurance companies, You are partly right that no one covers pre-existing conditions.

    But indian companies like Icici lombard, Bajaj allianz, tata aig etc cover emergency life saving treatment even if it was due to the pre-existing conditions. Which means if one is diabetic, reguler sugar check and doc vists will not be covered but if say patients develops a critical condition (e.g kideny failure etc) then the treatment is covered.

    But american companies do not cover even the emergency treatment.

    Hope this helps
    I have talked to IMG sales rep, he said they won't cover for pre existing conditions. He also said that as far as his knowledge is concerned there is no company out there that covers pre existing conditions when I asked him about it.

    My final assumption is that any insurance we buy anywhere, just covers illnesses that are developed after the coverage starts.

    Any corrections??


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  • gc_rip
    09-14 03:21 PM
    It is very difficult to get a bill passed in House for increasing visa numbers. Be it legal or illegal there is no way House will pass anything that increases visa numbers this election year. I am doubtful even for next year.

    For this year or for now we should just get something like "ability to file 485 even when visa numbers are unavailable". This is something which will provide some relief to all of us and has good chance of going through. Subsequently we can keep trying to get the SKIL bill passed next year.

    Absolutely. Now with PERM and premium 140, if we can file 485, and then hit the snooze button for 10 years -- no problem for me. I know, not everyone will be lucky to board onto the PERM, but atleast it will be relief for most of us.

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  • gimme_GC2006
    08-10 08:28 AM

    I received a sms saying that my case status has been updated (weird they sent it @ 9:25 pm PT). I was like here comes another biometrics appointment... but still let's check the status online. To my surprise and by god's grace, case status was changed to "Card/Document Production" (still cannot believe it). I dunno what triggered this but i did contact my Congressman yesterday. My wife's status has also changed to "decision" - should move to "Card production" soon.

    My suggestion to all of you - please don't lose patience and do whatever you can from your end to expedite your case. It's your GC and you've to make sure you get it. Contact I/O, infopass and congressman/senator. Don't expect anything from your lawyers as they only care about money and it is in their best interest to see your case pending (more RFEs, EADs, APs, etc).

    Thanks and all the best to all of you out there still waiting for your GC.


    That is the exact response I got for my SR.

    I have contacted our congressman's office yesterday for help..lets see how it goes.
    I gave my 2nd finger prints on july 28th.

    So far nothing. :mad:


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  • chintu25
    07-14 12:41 PM

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  • WeShallOvercome
    07-12 11:34 AM

    There is a rumor going around now. One of my colleagues here claims that he got a call from his attorney that there is going to be a new bulletin for july, released either tomorrow or on Monday. Can someone talk to their attorney and confirm this?

    I'm unable to reach my attorney now.

    Man, this is becoming unbearable now. Although it seems to be the right thing given the news that USCIS has returned some visa numbers to DOS, I think they won't do it for the fear of looking like fools and humiliation of their mistakes publicly


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  • eb3_nepa
    12-03 05:31 PM
    How long do we July 2nd Filers have to wait before we can call ourselves "victims"?

    I know some people have been waiting for years together hence my question.

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  • gc28262
    01-28 03:56 PM
    I don't think AILA is fighting this memo on the grounds that it is illegal because of the fact that E-E relationship is illegally defined by USCIS, but they are fighting on the grounds that it is illegal because such directives should come in the form of laws!

    Simply put, they are telling USCIS to follow the laws passed by the Congress without providing their own interpretation. This could very well apply to AC21!

    After re-reading AILA's response, it appears to me that they actually don't have a strong case to say that the "EE relationship" definition is illegal. They are going with the argument that a precedence has been set for 50 years, and that is one of the main reasons why USCIS should continue to interpret the EE relationship that way. I'm not sure how strong a case this can be.

    Re-read AILA memo once again. You haven't noticed the main point yet. Precedence is not their main point. Precedent just provides an additional support. E-E is the most controversial item in the USCIS memo which also is illegal.


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  • Praveen20
    09-17 02:00 PM
    I guess republicans have devised this strategy to proposing different amendments as a delaying tactics so that none of these bills will be get approved.


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  • RadioactveChimp
    05-30 11:53 PM
    eh I don't think so, it's just gonna be cool. I was thinking maybe a "jean jacket" design or maybe the "inside" to make it look clear. Those are both pretty dumb.

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  • bk2010
    05-09 10:02 PM

    The company I am working with doing business for 40 years (less than 40 employee) and as per my lawyer, financially very good. I hired the lawyer and employer directly gave him financial docs. I am only one person with H-1 in this company's history and working for 4 years. Got labor approval on PERM EB2 (MS+1) and did concurrent filing with I-140 premium processing.

    I received RFE regarding company's ability to pay. We sent tax files for FY 2005 (contains oct '05 to Oct '06) for being PD of Nov '06 and W2 for 2006 which showed 6k more than offered wage. Company started paying me offered wage one week after the PD and offered wage is 3k more than prevailing wage. RFE specified to show ability to pay by showing 2006 tax return or audited financial statement by 12 weeks. Any of this will not work as tax file will be prepred on Nov '07 for FY 2006 and audited finan. stat. costs a lot of money. My company has no clue and just planning to write a letter that they will not able to provide before Nov 07 and already submitted tax file upto Oct 06 which could be enough to find the financial status. They talk to their CPA and he advised to do so.

    I am really not very fimilar with all these issues. What should I do as company is not able to provide above 2 things that USCIS asked for? Can I send my paychecks even started getting paid offered wage after one week?

    Appreciate you feedback. Thanks,

    07-20 11:28 AM
    There is a R2i or return to india forum on msn groups. they have a finance thread that discusses the finanacial aspects of returning to india and other finance related issues. You will find all your answers there.

    guys - i want to start a new forum on 401K ..

    want to discuss what happens to people who have 401k contribution and want to go back to india

    do we have to withdraw the 401K when we leave or can we withdraw it at a later date..

    can some one start a new thread since i cannot figure out how.. thank you

    04-09 02:08 AM
    4/8/09 - soft LUD today for self, spouse & child
    8/13/08 soft LUD after updating address and invoking AC21
    9/20/07 fist status on i_485

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